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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 96394 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Blob of Corrupted Blood, Herep'Hilos, Homunculis, Kadara'Mola, Perah'Celsis, Zaina Zumurruda forlorn lab worker, a frenzied empowered terror, a long dead librarian, a malformed pustula, a massacred lab worker, a phantasmic scientist, a savage escaped specimen, a slain lab worker, a strange residue, a tortured lab worker, an angry lab assistant, an angy lab assistant, an awakened tome, an empowered terror, an essence of anger, an unfathomable horror

Legendary ItemsTreasured ItemsRegular Items
   Blood Coated Leggings
   Book Sorting Gloves
   Bracelet of Altered Flesh
   Buckler of Dissecting
   Created Flesh Guard
   Guard of Razor Deflection
   Healer's Touch
   Hood of the Visionary
   Kryvac's Iron Ring
   Lab Assistant Robes
   Leggings of Pure Madness
   Lump of Flesh
   Ring of Experimentation
   Ring of the Creation
   a golem animating force
   a golem obedience chain
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   a bookminion dogear
   Act of War V (Adept)
   an accumulation of plasma
   an Erudin amulet
   Assault VII (Adept)
   Aura of Void V (Adept)
   Autumn's Kiss VII (Adept)
   Ball of Fire VI (Adept)
   Bash VIII (Adept)
   Blackguard VI (Adept)
   Bone Golem (Shadowknight)
   Bracelet of Lost Sanity
   broken sword hilt
   Bum Rush VII (Master)
   Chaos Anthem V (Master)
   Chestguard of the Librarian
   Cloak of Defensive Knowledge
   Crescent Strike VII (Master)
   Crippling Arrow VI (Master)
   crystaline water barrel
   Damp Key
   Daro's Dull Blade VII (Adept)
   Deadly Focus IV (Adept)
   deadly hemotoxic beetle
   Deadly Shot VII (Adept)
   Devout Sacrament VI (Master)
   Disorientation VII (Adept)
   Doctor's Scalpel
   doomflesh tree frog
   Echoes of the Ancients VI (Adept)
   elaborate Ca'Na armored belt
   elaborate Ca'Na chestplate
   elaborate Ca'Na tailspike
   erudite garden rake
   Essence Shift VII (Adept)
   Eviscerate VII (Master)
   Five Rings VI (Adept)
   gilded watering bucket
   golem core
   Gorad's Bangle
   hand operated trephine
   Hangman's Noose VII (Adept)
   Healstorm VII (Adept)
   Heretic's Doom VI (Adept)
   Hold the Line VII (Adept)
   Holy Circle VII (Adept)
   Hoop of Acidic Flesh
   Hoop of Unfathomable Horrors
   Incinerate VIII (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress VIII (Adept)
   Inquest IV (Adept)
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Nature
   Lesser Essence of Radiance
   Lifetap VI (Adept)
   Litany V (Adept)
   Maddening Swarm IV (Adept)
   Manatap V (Master)
   Mark of Manaar
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Nature's Renewal V (Adept)
   Onayan ceremonial urn
   Onayan coral necklace
   Operating Coif
   Oration of Sacrifice III (Adept)
   Plague VIII (Adept)
   Prismatic Chaos VI (Adept)
   Pummel VII (Adept)
   Rejuvenating Celebration V (Master)
   Ring of Ice V (Adept)
   Ring of Perah'Celsis
   rusty bone saw
   Shroud of Bertoxxulous VI (Adept)
   Snap of the Wrist VII (Master)
   Snipe VII (Adept)
   Soulrot IX (Adept)
   Spinechiller Blood X (Adept)
   Starnova V (Master)
   Unholy Hunger VII (Adept)
   void-soaked flower
   Wand of the Wanderer

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