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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Caella of the Pearl, Gen'ra, Overlord Talan, Persecutor Barid, Priestess Denerva Vah'lis, Psyllon'Risa siren enchantress, a siren temptress, a waxy Urchin

Treasured ItemsRegular Items
   a siren scale
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   a venomous spine
   Armor of Seasons VIII (Master)
   Astral Dominion
   Awaken Grave VI (Master)
   bag of gypsum
   Bangle of the March
   Bolstered Attributes
   Bolstered Endurance
   Caella's Pearl Strand
   Caella's Pearlescent Hoops
   Caella's Pearlescent Spike
   Chain Gloves of the Grotto
   Chain Shoulders of the Grotto
   Cloth Gloves of the Grotto
   Cloth Shoulders of the Grotto
   Cry Havoc
   Cunning Defense VII (Master)
   Cyclical Battering
   Deceptive Discretion
   Descent of Drinal
   Draconic Etyma
   Dragon Rage VI (Master)
   Dreadful Wrath V (Master)
   Empyrean Cipher
   Empyrean Lands
   Epiphany VII (Master)
   Evaded Reaper
   Fanatical Healing IX (Master)
   Favor of the Wild VII (Master)
   Field of War
   Focused Destruction
   Forest Spirit VII (Master)
   Foundations of Adamant
   Frigid Gift VI (Master)
   Frozen Palm VIII (Master)
   Gem of the Tactical Genius
   Gemmed Wristlet of Siphoning
   glass flower
   gnawed bone
   Graceful Shackle of the Deeps
   Greater Essence of Fire
   Greater Essence of Pestilence
   Greater Essence of Radiance
   Greater Essence of Runes
   Greater Essence of Shadow
   Greater Spirit
   Hawk Attack III (Master)
   Hydra's Skull Trinket
   Immaculate Scenario
   Invective V (Master)
   Leather Gloves of the Grotto
   Leather Shoulders of the Grotto
   Major Essence of Acid
   Major Essence of Pestilence
   Major Essence of Radiance
   Massacre VII (Master)
   Master of the Hunt VII (Master)
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Murderous Rake VII (Master)
   One Hundred Hand Punch VII (Master)
   Overbearing Onslaught
   Overlord Talan's Head
   Pair of Ancient Gold Flecked Rubies
   Paralyzing Strike VI (Master)
   Perpetual Flow
   Personae Reflection IX (Master)
   Plate Gloves of the Grotto
   Plate Shoulders of the Grotto
   prime astral material
   Psyllon'Ris' Head
   Renewing Bulwark
   Restorative Counter
   Ring of Fire IV (Master)
   Ritual Healing IX (Master)
   Sandstorm V (Master)
   Sapping Tavalan Bangle
   Shank VI (Master)
   Spell Curse V (Master)
   Spirit of the Jester
   Split-Second Salvation
   Storm Animus
   Sublime Prismatic Adornment Dislodger
   Sublime Viciousness
   Talan's Casting Necklace
   Talan's Fighting Necklace
   Tavalan Blessed Choker
   Tavalan Blessed Torque
   Tavalan Scaled Gorget
   Tavalan Steel Necklace
   Tenacity of War
   Thuri's Doleful Thrust IX (Master)
   Truespirit's Legacy
   Undying Devotion
   Utter Annihilation
   waxy urchin roe
   Wild Swings
   Winds of Obol
   Winds of Permafrost VI (Master)
   Woven Kelp Wristlet

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