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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 127084 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Ador Frigidbeard, Alangria, Commander Keg, Grilik the Blacksmith, Gyrok Deepfreeze, Igrah Coldfist, Kerhn Chillwind, Kitamer, Knubed, Reviler Guardian, Reviler Keeper, Terook Skullsplitter, The Vision of Voxa frigid abomination, a Frostpaw pack hound, a Kromise Curn defender, a Kromise Curn fury, a Kromise Curn seer, a Kromise Curn templar, a Kromise Curn watchman, a Kromise Deacon watchman, a Kromise pack tamer, a Kromise Rem cassok, a Kromise Rem pugilist, a Kromise Rem watchman, a Kromise Trapper, a Kromise Virh armsmen, a Kromise Virh mender, a Kromise Virh savage, a Kromise Virh sentry, a taken Kromise beater, an animated glacier, an Icegill sitter, an Icegill Tink, an Ikro Kromise champion, an Ikro Kromise cleric, an Ikro Kromise protector

Fabled ItemsLegendary ItemsTreasured ItemsUncommon ItemsRegular Items
   Aegis of Alacrity
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Master)
   Defrauders Dirk
   Iceloom Neckguard
   Iridescent Scale Cuirass
   Iridescent Scale Helm
   Iridescent Scale Tonlets
   Iridescent Spear of Ice
   Runic Armor IV (Master)
   Stone Imbued Chestguard
   Unyielding Benediction (Master)
   Willow Wisp III (Master)
   Ador's Band
   Amulet of Terook
   Badge of Gyrok
   Coldfist Bracelet
   Commander Keg's Pinky Ring
   Kerhnskin Girdle
   Reviler Guardian Shard Blade
   The Spear of Gyrok
   a giant ear
   a giant finger
   a giant toe
   a giant tooth
   a giant whisker
   a golem corporeal shell
   a golem obedience chain
   a golem sentience leash
   Abomination IV (Adept)
   Ador's Axe
   Ancient Ebon Battle Axe
   Ancient Ebon Katana
   Asylum III (Adept)
   augmented leather belt
   augmented leather pelt
   augmented leather skullcap
   black ebon platemail wristguards
   Blacksmith's Stud
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Adept)
   Cataclysm IV (Adept)
   Cedarwood Wand
   Chillwind's Cape
   Coldfist Leggings
   Commander's Cuffs
   Deepfreeze Cudgel
   Deepfreeze Defender
   Ebon Spatha
   Forest Spirit III (Adept)
   Frigidbeard's Falchion
   Frozen Palm IV (Adept)
   Greater Sword of Frost
   Greatflail of Kavruul
   Gyrok's Crest
   Hamstring III (Adept)
   Healstorm III (Adept)
   Hold the Line IV (Adept)
   Iceforged Girdle
   Igrah's Eye
   Indicolite Relic
   Keg's Cleaver
   Kerhn's Wand
   Kitamer's Canine
   large polished bone
   Meliorate VI (Adept)
   Miracle Shot II (Adept)
   Moderate III (Adept)
   Nightshade II (Adept)
   Prayer of Healing IV (Adept)
   Restoration V (Adept)
   Reviler Guardian Hide Breastplate
   Reviler Guardian Hide Pauldrons
   rhodium cluster
   Righteousness IV (Adept)
   Ruby Scrying Stone
   Sacred Armor IV (Adept)
   Shield of Permafrost
   Silent Threat V (Adept)
   Skullsplitter's Footwraps
   Skullsplitter's Leggings
   Smoldering Fists IV (Adept)
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Storm of Arrows (Adept)
   Sucker Punch II (Adept)
   Torture IV (Adept)
   Tranquil Vision III (Adept)
   Trapper's Mitts
   Trapper's Staff
   Undergrowth (Adept)
   Vehement Skin (Adept)
   Woven Mithril Robe
   Advanced Adornments Volume 5
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 47
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 48
   Advanced Armorer Volume 45
   Advanced Armorer Volume 47
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 45
   Advanced Sage Volume 45
   Advanced Sage Volume 46
   Advanced Sage Volume 47
   Advanced Tailor Volume 46
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 46
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 46
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 47
   Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots
   "Age of Turmoil"
   a giants beard
   a giants beard
   bloodstone ring
   Bone Spike of the Unidentified Creature
   canine saliva
   Catalyst's Spellwoven Shoes of Channeling
   Donnghail - Clan McNaggle - Page 4
   Donnghail - Clan McNaggle - Page 12
   Ebon Vanguard Gauntlets
   flask of fresh water
   flask of pure water
   fulginate knuckles
   giant meat
   giant meat
   glimmering stone fragment
   Hardened Ice Kite Shield
   Icebound Knuckles
   impure chunk of arcane stone
   impure chunk of arcane stone
   Instructor's Silverspun Gi of the Serpent
   Ovate's Dream Seeker Hauberk of Manifestation
   Powerful Blood of the Wolf
   Powerful Reactant
   Recurve of Unreal Accuracy
   rough linen shawl
   Sea-Worn Cutlass
   seared cog
   small bag of diatomaceous earth
   Steamfont Healer's Belt
   Steamfont Medium's Shroud
   strengthened leather bandolier
   strengthened leather pelt
   The Dying - Page 6
   The Last Battle - Page 12
   Treespeaker's Pure Rosewood Tunic of the Stargazer
   Vine Net V (Adept)
   Whittled Treant Bark Circlet
   Wolf (Templar)

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