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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 108794 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Brown Beard, Feroc, Fleetfeet, Gnasher, Kret'Sash, Mefirst, Obulon, Qlark, Salty, Scoria, Stonebeak, Tel'Kadesh, Warslik, Yurrtleea Barrens bandit, a Barrens poacher, a Bloody Tooth battlemaster, a Bloody Tooth biletongue, a Bloody Tooth bloodtracer, a Bloody Tooth hextracer, a Bloody Tooth remnant, a Bloody Tooth skirmisher, a Bloody Tooth soothsayer, a Bloody Tooth warrior, a Bloody Tooth witchdoctor, a Chalp bludgeoner, a Chalp crusher, a Chalp seer, a Chalp stomper, a deadly stoneleer, a deathly spined succulent, a drake of the grove, a ferocious chokidai, a forest slug, a frontier centipede, a frontier riverfly, a Kly lookout, a kromdul forest giant, a luclinite cluster, a magma elemental, a magmitre sludge, a pyrocrux, a Sel'Nok infiltrator, a stray sokokar, a Syllokk zealot, a toothed gnasher, a Twark grub, a Warslik's mountain giant, an ashblaze drake, an iksar abductor, an iksar anchorite, an iksar exile, an iksar lookout, an iksar marauder, an iksar pariah, an ironbelly rabbit, an Obulus remnant, an Obulus slag slug

Regular Items
   a thorned twarkian rose
   acrid herb
   Ambiguous Wing Pattern
   an insect wing
   Anamorphic Crawly Feinter
   Ancient Kromdul Ring
   Ancient Pine Pendant
   Ancient Spear of Gimme Gimme
   Arcannium Wax Sealed Document
   astringent herb
   bag of gypsum
   Battered Sun Dial
   Bead of Cae'Dal Prayer
   Bead of Fortification
   Bead of Khalee'Sri Dream
   Bead of New Discovery
   Bead of Rendering Sand
   Bead of Valinor Hope
   Beneficial Bond Circlet
   Blade of Scoria
   Bloom Fall Drop
   Bog Dirt Moss Pile
   Bulky Root Tendril
   Buried Pedestal Fragment
   Burning Core Seed
   Carved Kromdul Coin
   Casting Crag Ore
   Centipede Chitin Bracers
   Centipede Chitin Helm
   centipede legs
   centipede legs
   cerulean umbrite shard
   chin shield scale
   Chipped Cae'Dal Rune Stone
   chipping bone dust
   chokidai bone
   Close Proximity Circlet
   cockatrice beak
   cockatrice meat
   cockatrice talon
   Cone Bearing Seed Pendant
   Consort's Buried Curse Scheme
   Consort's Child Swapping Scheme
   Consort's Frame for Murder Scheme
   Consort's Jealous Slap Scheme
   Consort's Poisoned Teatime Scheme
   Consort's Ruler Seduction Scheme
   Cooled Lava Seed
   Covered Ash Seed
   Cracked Cae'Dal Rune Stone
   Cracked Wine Amphora
   Crisscross Wing Pattern
   Crumbly Chunk Fragment
   Daggr of Qlark
   Dangly Crawly Baiter
   Dark Shadow Drake
   Delicately Rounded Stone
   Detailed Wing Pattern
   devourer fang
   Dirty Cae'Dal Scroll
   Discarded Seedling List
   dragonfly compound eye
   drake precious horn
   Dramatic Scenery Petal
   Drifting Rain Drop
   Embraced Desert Plate
   emerald skin trail
   Empty Canteen
   Evergreen Pure Pendant
   Exiled Marauder's Boots
   Exiled Marauder's Bow
   Exiled Marauder's Bracers
   Face to Face Circlet
   Fallen Leaf Fiber
   Fist of Scoria
   Fist of Tel'Kadesh
   Flame Resistant Seed
   flask of deep water
   Flattened Crawly Stamper
   Flattened Grass Thread
   Fleetfeet's Accolade
   Floating Tiny Petal
   Floral Fern Moss Pile
   Forearms of Qlark
   Fractured Stone Fragment
   Frond Foliage Moss Pile
   Garden Drake's Plate Hands
   Garden Drake's Spaulders
   Gardener's Samples
   Gardener's Supply Pack
   Gathered Grain Ore
   Gently Fluttering Petal
   Gently Melted Stone
   giant dusty eyelash
   Giggly Crawly Chirper
   Ginormous load of scrap
   Glistening Gravel Ore
   Glittervein Relic
   Glowing Cae'Dal Rune Stone
   Gnashe-Hide Gloves
   Gnasher Skull Helm
   Gnasher-Hide Sash
   gnawed bone
   goblin battle harness
   goblin bloody maw
   Goblin Lost Envoy Package
   Goblin Lost Mark of Merging
   Goblin Lost Mountain Stone
   Goblin Lost Negotiation Note
   Goblin Lost Peace Offering
   Goblin Lost Traded Toe
   Gracefully Landing Petal
   Grand Frontier Plate
   Greenmist Archaic Crest
   Greenmist Forgotten Token
   Greenmist Former Badge
   Greenmist Knighted Staff
   Greenmist Precious Ringlet
   Greenmist Symbolic Hairpiece
   Hallowed Water Plate
   Harmoniously Sanded Stone
   Hood of Qlark
   Idea Abstraction Piece
   intact lustrous sokokar hide
   Intangible Concept Piece
   iridescent slime
   Iron-Hot Torque
   Kret'Sash's Blade of Dismembering
   Kromdul Accolade
   Kromdul Axe Blade
   Kromdul Gloves of Casting
   Kromdul Ward of Captivity
   Kromdul Ward of Destruction
   Kromdul Ward of Freedom
   Kromdul Ward of Seclusion
   Kromdul Ward of Suspicion
   Kromdul Ward of Warslik
   Land and Sea Plate
   large intact chokidai armor plate
   large intact chokidai tail spike
   Leaning Palm Stalk
   leathery shadeleaf
   Lively Whirling Petal
   Logical Deduction Piece
   lonesome lily
   Lost Bloody Gloves
   Lowland Moss Pile
   Lucky Garden Decoration
   Luclinite Amulet
   luclinite nodule
   Luclinite Scrying Stone
   luclinite shard
   Lumicite Amulet
   Lumicite Scrying Stone
   lustrous Obulus drake pelt
   Magically Bended Stone
   Mefirst's Club
   Mental Focus Piece
   Mineral Metal Ore
   Miniscule Wing Pattern
   Morning Dew Drop
   Multicolored Wing Pattern
   Nibbly Crawly Clicker
   Night Mist Drop
   Obulon's Blade
   Obulon's Wand
   Overblown Wing Pattern
   Passing Storm Drop
   Patchy Moss Strand
   Pauldrons of Qlark
   Peaceful Coexistence Circlet
   Perfectly Crafted Stone
   Phosphoric Crawly Spitter
   poisoned succulent needle
   Polished Statue Fragment
   Polished Turtle Shell Bracers
   Polished Turtle Shell Buckler
   Potions, Transcendence of Life and Death Volume II Page 01
   Potions, Transcendence of Life and Death Volume II Page 02
   Potions, Transcendence of Life and Death Volume II Page 03
   Potions, Transcendence of Life and Death Volume II Page 04
   Potions, Transcendence of Life and Death Volume II Page 05
   Pristine Cae'Dal Scroll
   Pristine Cae'Dal Tome
   Problem Division Piece
   Promontory Pebble Ore
   pyre umbrite shard
   razor-sharp skyfire drake talon
   Resistant Rock Ore
   Respect of Stone Circlet
   Reverence of Sand Circlet
   rusty nail
   Salty Cloth Shoulders
   Sanctified Sun Plate
   Sanded Smooth Fragment
   sarnak ghost ashy smear
   Sathir's Crying Whistle
   Sathirs Alter-Vision Scopes
   Sathirs Destiny Goblet
   Sathirs Fated Card
   Sathirs Miraculous Cord
   Sathirs Spiritual Compass
   Scorching Steam Seed
   Scoria Steam Drop
   Sensitive Time Piece
   shadeweave root
   shadow quartz
   shadowstone ore
   Simmering Lone Seed
   Skillfully Carved Stone
   Skyward Angelic Petal
   Slightly Dull Spear
   Slug-Eye Earring
   Slug-Flesh Belt
   Slug-Flesh Shoulders
   Sorrowful Wake Pendant
   sparkly ember of fire
   Spear of Coalescing Vapors
   Spiked Succulent Arm
   spiky sokokar tail
   Spinet Succulent Feet
   Spiney Succulent Boots
   stinky shrub
   Stonebeak's Pouch of Feathers
   Stoneleer Boots
   Stoneleer Forearms
   Stoneleer Slayer
   stoneleer wing meat
   succulent leaf flesh
   Succulent Needle
   swirling succulent appendage eye
   Tentacle Trident Icon
   Toppled Head Fragment
   Torn Cae'Dal Scroll
   Tortoise Shell Staff
   tough vine
   Tree Mire Moss Pile
   unblemished quadrolite
   Unbound Vine Cord
   vestigial slug shell
   Wailing Oracle Plate
   Warslik rabbit foot
   Warslik's Helm
   Wasted Scale Pendant
   Web Mesh Moss Pile
   weeping willow wood
   Withered Flower Pendant
   Workman's Dusty Crumb
   Workman's Metalic Crumb
   Workman's Spikey Crumb
   Workman's Splintered Crumb
   Workman's Sprinkled Crumb
   Workman's Tool Crumb
   Worn Cae'Dal Tome

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