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LootDB EverQuest II Item Encyclopedia

Database contains 119357 items submitted by the player community

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Named MobsRegular Mobs
Denbrough the Drowneda ghastly windtrotter, a necrofazed brute, a necrofiend, a risen deadwood, an undeadly buzzard

Regular Items
   "Bad Blood" Romance Novel
   "How to Fight Fire With Fire"
   A Blind Field Mouse
   A Broken Coffin Handle
   A Non-kicking Snake
   A One-Winged Fruit Bat
   A Pet Flea
   A Pet Rock
   A Tiny Toothless Dog
   A Torn Formal Shirt
   Adamantine Crowbar
   Aligned Ore
   Amboyna Burl
   Amsonia Roots
   Auntie Grimm's Gnarled Broom
   bag of grave soil
   Ballentree's Ornamented Broom
   Baptista Root
   Blood-Stained Linen Napkin
   Bottle of Bloodwine
   Brass Apprentice's Cauldron
   Carved Effigy of Trushar
   Cauldron Used as a Cooking Pot
   Chieftain Tribal Mask new
   Crescent Moon Medallion
   Deino Hide
   Dirty Canvas Tarp
   Discarded Slipper
   Drowned Dagger
   Drowned Ring
   Drowned Spear
   Elaborate Burial Mask
   Elaborate Ritual Cauldron
   Embalming Fluid
   Engraved Neck Torque
   flakes of spikey bones
   flask of embalming fluids
   Forlorn Ore
   Francine's Heather Broom
   Granny Doomtree's Vine-Covered Broom
   Gravediggers Gone Wild
   Green Fog is Bad
   Greytusk Hide
   Jungle Kumquat
   Kamapor Tea
   Large Iron Cauldron
   Lavinnia's Low-Flying Training Broom
   Leaky Old Cauldron
   Mahngavi Mango
   Mob on a Node
   Narra Wood
   Palovina's Claw-Scarred Broom
   Pristine Kyv Hunting Knife new
   Pristine Ringed Horn
   Pristine Saurian Incisor
   Pristine Silver Dagger new
   Pteradon Meat
   Pygmy Skeleton
   Redfin Pickerel
   Reginald's Racing Broom
   Roll of Mummy Wrappings
   Shards of Painted Pottery
   Shuttered Lantern
   Star Diopside
   Stray Body Parts
   Strong Rope
   Svarni Silverfin
   Tasty Zombie Gruel
   That's Not a Tame Deino
   Uncle Cletus' Frosty Broom
   Undead Research Notes
   Unpowered Tor Rune, Ceni
   Unpowered Tor Rune, Gyfe
   Unpowered Tor Rune, Neod
   Unpowered Tor Rune, Wyna
   vampire bone shards
   Vetrovilyte Amulet
   Vetrovilyte Insignia Ring new
   Vetrovilyte Scrying Stone
   Virdell's Pile of Bones
   Wandering Bandits
   Wild Rhino Meat
   Wild Rice
   Winsome Witches
   Wooden Spade
   Zombie Casket

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