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Butcherblock Mountains

Drop Rates
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Items Dropped
   Lay on Hands II (Master)
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   Arcane Symphony II (Adept)
   Armor of Nature III (Adept)
   Armor of Seasons III (Adept)
   Battle Tactics II (Adept)
   Berserk Rage IV (Adept)
   Converge II (Adept)
   Crippling Arrow II (Adept)
   Daro's Dull Blade III (Adept)
   Death Mark II (Adept)
   Disheartening Descant II (Adept)
   Feysteel Relic
   Gel Sealed Document
   Grim Sorcerer II (Adept)
   Harm Touch II (Adept)
   Healing Fate II (Adept)
   Holy Armor III (Adept)
   Intercept III (Adept)
   Kidney Stab III (Adept)
   Knee Break III (Adept)
   Lanet's Excruciating Scream II (Adept)
   Lay on Hands II (Adept)
   Makeshift Arrows II (Adept)
   Mana Intromission (Adept)
   Masked Strike III (Adept)
   Mend IV (Adept)
   Murderous Rake II (Adept)
   Northmarch Tunic
   Noxious Symphony II (Adept)
   Opal Amulet
   Opal Scrying Stone
   Peerless Predator II (Adept)
   Personae Reflection IV (Adept)
   Rapidity II (Adept)
   Robe of the Iron Hills
   Roundhouse III (Adept)
   Roundhouse Kick III (Adept)
   Runic Armor III (Adept)
   Sacred Armor III (Adept)
   Sacrifice (Adept)
   Sentinel II (Adept)
   Shadow Slip II (Adept)
   Shenanigans II (Adept)
   Shroud of Armor III (Adept)
   Sinister Countenance II (Adept)
   small polished bone
   Sneak Attack III (Adept)
   Soulrend III (Adept)
   Ursine Avatar II (Adept)
   Velocity II (Adept)
   Warden of the Forest II (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 4
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 33
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 34
   Advanced Armorer Volume 33
   Advanced Armorer Volume 34
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 33
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 34
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 33
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 34
   Advanced Sage Volume 33
   Advanced Sage Volume 34
   Advanced Tailor Volume 33
   Advanced Tailor Volume 34
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 33
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 34
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 33
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 34
   Basilisk Hide Helmet
   Blueprint: Magnetized Generator
   Fervent Gauntlets
   Mossy Agate Stud
   Peanut Brittle
   amber charm
   ancient decorated chalice
   ancient silver coin
   Bonepile (Bruiser)
   Coin of Swindled Wares
   Crusade II (Adept)
   crystal bottle of perfume
   Empowered Terror Activator
   Faro' Nuk Marauder Activator
   flask of pond water
   Glacial Lance V (Adept)
   glass eye
   Iksar Skeleton (Berserker)
   Iksar Skeleton (Brigand)
   Iksar Skeleton (Bruiser)
   Iksar Skeleton (Coercer)
   Iksar Skeleton (Dirge)
   Iksar Skeleton (Necromancer)
   Iksar Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Iksar Skeleton (Templar)
   Massacre II (Adept)
   medal of valor
   Polished Arcanist's Circlet
   Pugilist's Steadfast Gi
   Pupil's Fine Cloth Hand Wraps of the Bonebreaker
   Sarnak-Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Skeleton (Mystic)
   Skeleton (Paladin)
   Skeleton (Ranger)
   Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Skeleton (Swashbuckler)
   Skeleton (Templar)
   Skeleton (Troubador)
   Skeleton (Warlock)
   Skeleton (Wizard)
   skeleton love note
   small bag of muriate of potash
   Void Shard

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