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Items Dropped
   One Hundred Hand Punch III (Master)
   a giant ear
   a giant finger
   a giant toe
   a giant tooth
   a giant whisker
   Beeswax Sealed Document
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Adept)
   Destructive Rage III (Adept)
   Disheartening Descant III (Adept)
   ebon platemail legplates
   Ebon Relic
   Giant Idol
   Grim Sorcerer III (Adept)
   large polished bone
   Revivication (Adept)
   Roundhouse IV (Adept)
   Ruby Amulet
   Sacred Armor IV (Adept)
   Sentinel III (Adept)
   Sinister Countenance III (Adept)
   Sneak Attack IV (Adept)
   Tormenting Conversion (Adept)
   Velocity III (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 5
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 47
   Advanced Armorer Volume 48
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 48
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 47
   Advanced Tailor Volume 48
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 47
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 48
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 47
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 48
   Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 5
   "Age of Monuments"
   "Age of Scale"
   "The Words of Freedom"
   a giants beard
   ancient gold coin
   ancient note of runes
   Band of Slyness
   Brien - Clan Icereaver - Page 4
   Ebon Vanguard Gauntlets
   exquisite burnt silk sash
   flask of fresh water
   giant hard candy
   giant meat
   golden emblem
   Good Eatin' - Page 10
   Good Eatin' - Page 12
   In Search of the Wooly Mammoth - Page 11
   In Search of the Wooly Mammoth - Page 5
   Instructor's Silverspun Gi of the Serpent
   Loop of Slyness
   rough linen shawl
   seared cog
   small bag of diatomaceous earth
   Statuette of Satrinah
   The Contentment - Page 10
   The Contentment - Page 12
   The Dying - Page 6
   The First Battle - Page 1
   The Growing - Page 10
   The Growing - Page 2
   Treespeaker's Pure Rosewood Shoulder Pads of the Stargazer
   Woven Arcane Armband
   Woven Martial Armband

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