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\aITEM 813802930 -1731937918:Bragallich Tel'llach - Curuvar\/a

Dropped by
a Gorowyn archimage (Chardok)
a Gorowyn high priest (Chardok)
a Gorowyn knight sentinel (Chardok)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Bathezid Brigade Greaves
   elemental binding of water
   Mutegenica Manacle
   Nak'azar Brigade Bracers
   Nak'azar Brigade Collar
   Tsinisite Belt
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Bragallich Tel'llach - Aicanaro
   Bragallich Tel'llach - Anto
   Bragallich Tel'llach - Parma
   Deklium Relic
   Di'Zok Claw
   Di'Zok Heart
   Di'Zok Horn
   Di'Zok Skin
   Di'Zok Tail
   Draconic Amulet of Battle
   Draconic Amulet of Fangs
   Draconic Amulet of the Sun
   Draconic Armguards of Mirrors
   Draconic Armguards of Storms
   Draconic Armguards of Survival
   Draconic Armguards of the Soldier
   Draconic Band of Prophets
   Draconic Band of the Knight
   Draconic Band of the Oceans
   Draconic Belt of Clouds
   Draconic Belt of Grace
   Draconic Belt of Survival
   Draconic Belt of the Guardian
   Draconic Belt of the Sun
   Draconic Belt of the Tree
   Draconic Boots of Survival
   Draconic Boots of the Nimble
   Draconic Bow of the Gambler
   Draconic Bow of the Soldier
   Draconic Bracers of Light
   Draconic Bracers of the Nimble
   Draconic Bracers of the Soldier
   Draconic Breastplate of the Deep
   Draconic Breastplate of the Nimble
   Draconic Breastplate of the Sun
   Draconic Breastplate of Vision
   Draconic Buckler of Concentration
   Draconic Buckler of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Buckler of the Nimble
   Draconic Buckler of the Tempest
   Draconic Buckler of the Tree
   Draconic Buckler of Vision
   Draconic Chaps of Knowledge
   Draconic Chaps of the Deep
   Draconic Chaps of the Guardian
   Draconic Chaps of the Nimble
   Draconic Chaps of the Stoic
   Draconic Chaps of Vision
   Draconic Collar of Fangs
   Draconic Collar of Mirrors
   Draconic Collar of Storms
   Draconic Collar of Survival
   Draconic Collar of the Deep
   Draconic Collar of the Guardian
   Draconic Collar of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Collar of the Nimble
   Draconic Cowl of Fangs
   Draconic Cowl of the Deep
   Draconic Cowl of the Gambler
   Draconic Dagger of Beasts
   Draconic Dagger of Knowledge
   Draconic Dagger of Light
   Draconic Dagger of Storms
   Draconic Dagger of the Soldier
   Draconic Earring of Grace
   Draconic Earring of Knowledge
   Draconic Earring of Light
   Draconic Earring of Prophets
   Draconic Earring of the Guardian
   Draconic Earring of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Earring of the Nimble
   Draconic Earring of the Tempest
   Draconic Gauntlets of Battle
   Draconic Gloves of Battle
   Draconic Gloves of Concentration
   Draconic Gloves of Prophets
   Draconic Gloves of Survival
   Draconic Gloves of the Tempest
   Draconic Great Spear of Clouds
   Draconic Great Spear of Storms
   Draconic Great Staff of Beasts
   Draconic Great Staff of the Knight
   Draconic Great Staff of the Stoic
   Draconic Great-axe of Concentration
   Draconic Great-axe of Grace
   Draconic Great-axe of Light
   Draconic Great-axe of Storms
   Draconic Greaves of Storms
   Draconic Handguards of Fangs
   Draconic Handguards of Storms
   Draconic Handguards of the Deep
   Draconic Handguards of the Knight
   Draconic Handguards of the Soldier
   Draconic Helm of Beasts
   Draconic Helm of Prophets
   Draconic Helm of the Guardian
   Draconic Helm of Vision
   Draconic Hood of the Sun
   Draconic Hood of the Tree
   Draconic Knuckles of Prophets
   Draconic Knuckles of the Guardian
   Draconic Knuckles of the Soldier
   Draconic Leggings of Survival
   Draconic Leggings of the Knight
   Draconic Leggings of the Oceans
   Draconic Leggings of the Sun
   Draconic Leggings of the Tempest
   Draconic Mantle of Concentration
   Draconic Mantle of Elements
   Draconic Mantle of Grace
   Draconic Mantle of Knowledge
   Draconic Mantle of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Mitts of Light
   Draconic Mitts of Mirrors
   Draconic Mitts of the Soldier
   Draconic Pantaloons of Concentration
   Draconic Pantaloons of the Guardian
   Draconic Pantaloons of the Tempest
   Draconic Pouch of Beasts
   Draconic Pouch of Light
   Draconic Pouch of the Gambler
   Draconic Pouch of the Oceans
   Draconic Pouch of the Soldier
   Draconic Pouch of the Tree
   Draconic Ring of Knowledge
   Draconic Ring of Prophets
   Draconic Robe of Light
   Draconic Robe of the Oceans
   Draconic Robe of Vision
   Draconic Roundshield of the Deep
   Draconic Roundshield of the Guardian
   Draconic Roundshield of the Soldier
   Draconic Roundshield of the Tree
   Draconic Roundshield of Vision
   Draconic Sabatons of Concentration
   Draconic Sabatons of Knowledge
   Draconic Sabatons of the Deep
   Draconic Sabatons of the Gambler
   Draconic Sandals of Mirrors
   Draconic Sandals of Prophets
   Draconic Sandals of Survival
   Draconic Sandals of the Sun
   Draconic Shortsword of Devotion
   Draconic Shortsword of the Guardian
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of Clouds
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of the Guardian
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of the Sun
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of the Tempest
   Draconic Skullcap of Grace
   Draconic Skullcap of Prophets
   Draconic Skullcap of the Soldier
   Draconic Sleeves of Concentration
   Draconic Sleeves of Light
   Draconic Sleeves of Storms
   Draconic Sleeves of the Oceans
   Draconic Slippers of Knowledge
   Draconic Slippers of Storms
   Draconic Slippers of the Deep
   Draconic Slippers of the Tempest
   Draconic Spaulders of Storms
   Draconic Spaulders of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Spaulders of the Knight
   Draconic Spaulders of the Oceans
   Draconic Spaulders of the Stoic
   Draconic Spaulders of the Sun
   Draconic Staff of Grace
   Draconic Staff of Mirrors
   Draconic Symbol of Battle
   Draconic Symbol of Knowledge
   Draconic Symbol of the Knight
   Draconic Symbol of Vision
   Draconic Towershield of Clouds
   Draconic Towershield of Mirrors
   Draconic Tunic of Battle
   Draconic Tunic of Clouds
   Draconic Tunic of Prophets
   Draconic Vambraces of Elements
   Draconic Vambraces of Fangs
   Draconic Vambraces of Prophets
   Draconic Vambraces of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Vambraces of the Nimble
   Draconic Vambraces of the Soldier
   Draconic Vest of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Amulet of Survival
   Grandmaster's Armguards of Fangs
   Grandmaster's Armguards of Storms
   Grandmaster's Band of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Belt of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Belt of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Belt of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Boots of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Bow of Light
   Grandmaster's Bow of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Bracers of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Buckler of Grace
   Grandmaster's Buckler of Storms
   Grandmaster's Buckler of Survival
   Grandmaster's Buckler of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Buckler of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Chaps of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Collar of Survival
   Grandmaster's Cowl of the Oceans
   Grandmaster's Dagger of Survival
   Grandmaster's Dagger of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Earring of Storms
   Grandmaster's Gauntlets of Battle
   Grandmaster's Gloves of Grace
   Grandmaster's Gloves of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Gloves of the Tempest
   Grandmaster's Great Spear of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Great Spear of Vision
   Grandmaster's Great Staff of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Great-axe of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Greaves of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Greaves of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Handguards of Concentration
   Grandmaster's Handguards of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Hood of Elements
   Grandmaster's Hood of Storms
   Grandmaster's Hood of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Knuckles of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Knuckles of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Leggings of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Mantle of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Mitts of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Mitts of Vision
   Grandmaster's Pantaloons of Concentration
   Grandmaster's Pantaloons of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Ring of Knowledge
   Grandmaster's Ring of the Knight
   Grandmaster's Ring of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Robe of Concentration
   Grandmaster's Robe of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Robe of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Robe of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Robe of the Tempest
   Grandmaster's Robe of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of Battle
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of Concentration
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of Light
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Sabatons of Clouds
   Grandmaster's Sabatons of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Shoulder Pads of Battle
   Grandmaster's Shoulder Pads of Grace
   Grandmaster's Shoulder Pads of Vision
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of Survival
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of Vision
   Grandmaster's Sleeves of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Sleeves of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Slippers of Grace
   Grandmaster's Slippers of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Slippers of the Knight
   Grandmaster's Slippers of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Spaulders of Beasts
   Grandmaster's Spaulders of Grace
   Grandmaster's Spaulders of the Knight
   Grandmaster's Staff of Fangs
   Grandmaster's Staff of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Symbol of Knowledge
   Grandmaster's Symbol of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Towershield of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Tunic of Survival
   Grandmaster's Vambraces of Elements
   Grandmaster's Vambraces of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Vest of the Nimble
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   reflective smoldering shard
   Advanced Adornments Volume 8
   Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer
   Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands
   Enigma of the Armorer Volume 8
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 8
   Enigma of the Jeweler Volume 8
   Enigma of the Provisioner Volume 8
   a Di'Zok sarnak beak
   a Di'Zok sarnak claw
   a Di'Zok sarnak tail
   a fishman scale amulet
   Band of Warring Minds
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Cuirass
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Pauldrons
   Chimera Feathered Bangle
   Chimera Feathered Shackle
   Chimera Feathered Wristlet
   Crest of the Warring Mind
   Di'Zok Gall Bladder
   Enervated Dirk of Erudin
   Frontiersman's Runic Mace
   glass flower
   Kedge Gills
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lesser Essence of Nature
   Loop of Warring Minds
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Tunic
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   sarnak hard candy
   Savant's Phantasmic Silk Robe
   Sundered Neckguard
   Sundered Pendant
   tentacle statue
   Transcendent Focus
   Ultera's Band of Destruction
   Ultera's Band of Restoring
   Ulteran Diamond Sharpened Dirk
   Ulteran Shortbow
   Uncivilized Claws of Ferocity
   Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Spaulders
   Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Tunic

Item submitted by Khazur on 2009-01-24 11:53:37

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