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\aITEM 661534023 439510224:Emperor's Slippers of Concentration\/a

Dropped by
a Rubble-rabble rouser (Kunzar Jungle)
An Undead Jailer (Karnor's Castle)
Purplequill (Fens of Nathsar)

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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Ancestral Mettle V (Master)
   Armor of Nature VI (Master)
   Bruising III (Master)
   Death Cloud VI (Master)
   Heresy II (Master)
   Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem V (Master)
   Spirit of the Bat III (Master)
   Vehemence V (Master)
   Ferrous Iron Kickers
   Jailer's Rope Belt
   Nathsarian Guard of the Wise
   Nathsarian Pauldrons
   Nathsarian Ring of the Mighty
   Priestly Guard of the Fens
   Stretched Sinew Bow
   Torque of the Nathsar
   Tribal Nathsarian Weave
   Act of War IV (Adept)
   Aery Hunter IV (Adept)
   Arcane Amulet of the Knight
   Arcane Amulet of the Sun
   Arcane Amulet of the Tempest
   Arcane Amulet of the Tree
   Arcane Armguards of Concentration
   Arcane Armguards of Knowledge
   Arcane Armguards of Mirrors
   Arcane Armguards of Prophets
   Arcane Armguards of Storms
   Arcane Armguards of Survival
   Arcane Armguards of the Guardian
   Arcane Armguards of the Tree
   Arcane Band of Battle
   Arcane Band of Beasts
   Arcane Band of Clouds
   Arcane Band of Elements
   Arcane Band of Light
   Arcane Band of Prophets
   Arcane Band of the Deep
   Arcane Band of the Gambler
   Arcane Band of the Nimble
   Arcane Band of the Tempest
   Arcane Belt of Grace
   Arcane Belt of Knowledge
   Arcane Belt of Mirrors
   Arcane Belt of Storms
   Arcane Belt of Survival
   Arcane Belt of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Belt of the Nimble
   Arcane Belt of the Soldier
   Arcane Belt of the Sun
   Arcane Belt of the Tree
   Arcane Boots of Battle
   Arcane Boots of Knowledge
   Arcane Boots of Light
   Arcane Boots of Mirrors
   Arcane Boots of Prophets
   Arcane Boots of the Guardian
   Arcane Boots of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Boots of the Soldier
   Arcane Boots of the Stoic
   Arcane Boots of the Sun
   Arcane Boots of Vision
   Arcane Bow of Survival
   Arcane Bow of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Bow of the Oceans
   Arcane Bow of the Tempest
   Arcane Bow of Vision
   Arcane Bracers of Beasts
   Arcane Bracers of the Gambler
   Arcane Bracers of the Tempest
   Arcane Breastplate of Elements
   Arcane Breastplate of Knowledge
   Arcane Breastplate of Prophets
   Arcane Breastplate of Survival
   Arcane Breastplate of the Deep
   Arcane Breastplate of the Nimble
   Arcane Breastplate of Vision
   Arcane Buckler of Fangs
   Arcane Buckler of Prophets
   Arcane Buckler of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Chaps of Concentration
   Arcane Chaps of Grace
   Arcane Chaps of Light
   Arcane Chaps of Prophets
   Arcane Chaps of the Deep
   Arcane Chaps of the Soldier
   Arcane Chaps of the Stoic
   Arcane Chaps of the Tempest
   Arcane Chaps of the Tree
   Arcane Collar of Clouds
   Arcane Collar of Storms
   Arcane Collar of the Guardian
   Arcane Collar of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Collar of the Soldier
   Arcane Cowl of Beasts
   Arcane Cowl of Devotion
   Arcane Cowl of Fangs
   Arcane Cowl of the Soldier
   Arcane Dagger of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Dagger of the Sun
   Arcane Earring of Battle
   Arcane Earring of Knowledge
   Arcane Earring of the Knight
   Arcane Earring of the Oceans
   Arcane Earring of the Sun
   Arcane Gauntlets of Clouds
   Arcane Gauntlets of Concentration
   Arcane Gauntlets of Devotion
   Arcane Gauntlets of Grace
   Arcane Gauntlets of Survival
   Arcane Gauntlets of the Knight
   Arcane Gauntlets of the Oceans
   Arcane Gauntlets of the Soldier
   Arcane Gloves of Beasts
   Arcane Gloves of Concentration
   Arcane Gloves of Devotion
   Arcane Gloves of Mirrors
   Arcane Gloves of Storms
   Arcane Gloves of the Nimble
   Arcane Gloves of the Stoic
   Arcane Gloves of the Tempest
   Arcane Gloves of the Tree
   Arcane Great Spear of Clouds
   Arcane Great Spear of Elements
   Arcane Great Spear of Knowledge
   Arcane Great Spear of Storms
   Arcane Great Spear of the Deep
   Arcane Great Spear of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Great Spear of the Knight
   Arcane Great Spear of the Stoic
   Arcane Great Staff of Grace
   Arcane Great Staff of Light
   Arcane Great Staff of Prophets
   Arcane Great Staff of the Soldier
   Arcane Great Staff of Vision
   Arcane Great-axe of the Gambler
   Arcane Great-axe of the Nimble
   Arcane Great-axe of the Tree
   Arcane Greaves of Battle
   Arcane Greaves of Devotion
   Arcane Greaves of Fangs
   Arcane Greaves of Grace
   Arcane Greaves of Mirrors
   Arcane Greaves of the Oceans
   Arcane Greaves of the Soldier
   Arcane Greaves of the Tree
   Arcane Handguards of the Guardian
   Arcane Handguards of the Nimble
   Arcane Helm of Beasts
   Arcane Helm of Clouds
   Arcane Helm of Storms
   Arcane Helm of the Deep
   Arcane Helm of the Gambler
   Arcane Helm of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Hood of Elements
   Arcane Hood of the Deep
   Arcane Hood of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Knuckles of Concentration
   Arcane Knuckles of Fangs
   Arcane Knuckles of Grace
   Arcane Knuckles of the Guardian
   Arcane Knuckles of the Oceans
   Arcane Leggings of Clouds
   Arcane Leggings of Concentration
   Arcane Leggings of Light
   Arcane Leggings of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Leggings of the Oceans
   Arcane Leggings of the Tempest
   Arcane Leggings of Vision
   Arcane Mantle of Grace
   Arcane Mantle of Storms
   Arcane Mantle of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Mantle of the Sun
   Arcane Mantle of Vision
   Arcane Mitts of Devotion
   Arcane Mitts of Grace
   Arcane Mitts of the Guardian
   Arcane Mitts of the Knight
   Arcane Mitts of the Nimble
   Arcane Mitts of the Tempest
   Arcane Mitts of Vision
   Arcane Pantaloons of Beasts
   Arcane Pantaloons of Clouds
   Arcane Pantaloons of Grace
   Arcane Pantaloons of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Pouch of Concentration
   Arcane Pouch of Grace
   Arcane Pouch of Mirrors
   Arcane Pouch of Storms
   Arcane Pouch of the Deep
   Arcane Pouch of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Pouch of the Knight
   Arcane Pouch of the Tempest
   Arcane Ring of Concentration
   Arcane Ring of Grace
   Arcane Ring of Mirrors
   Arcane Ring of Survival
   Arcane Ring of the Guardian
   Arcane Ring of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Ring of the Nimble
   Arcane Ring of the Soldier
   Arcane Ring of the Sun
   Arcane Ring of Vision
   Arcane Robe of Beasts
   Arcane Robe of the Gambler
   Arcane Robe of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Roundshield of Beasts
   Arcane Roundshield of Survival
   Arcane Roundshield of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Roundshield of the Knight
   Arcane Sabatons of Devotion
   Arcane Sabatons of Grace
   Arcane Sabatons of Light
   Arcane Sabatons of Survival
   Arcane Sabatons of the Soldier
   Arcane Sandals of Light
   Arcane Sandals of Survival
   Arcane Sandals of the Gambler
   Arcane Sandals of the Tree
   Arcane Shortsword of Beasts
   Arcane Shortsword of Light
   Arcane Shortsword of the Guardian
   Arcane Shortsword of Vision
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Battle
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Clouds
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Elements
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Fangs
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Knowledge
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Light
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Mirrors
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of the Deep
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of the Nimble
   Arcane Skullcap of Clouds
   Arcane Skullcap of Devotion
   Arcane Skullcap of Grace
   Arcane Skullcap of Survival
   Arcane Skullcap of the Guardian
   Arcane Skullcap of the Soldier
   Arcane Skullcap of the Stoic
   Arcane Skullcap of Vision
   Arcane Sleeves of Clouds
   Arcane Sleeves of Elements
   Arcane Sleeves of Knowledge
   Arcane Sleeves of Mirrors
   Arcane Sleeves of Storms
   Arcane Sleeves of the Guardian
   Arcane Slippers of Devotion
   Arcane Slippers of Grace
   Arcane Slippers of the Gambler
   Arcane Spaulders of Knowledge
   Arcane Spaulders of Light
   Arcane Spaulders of the Knight
   Arcane Spaulders of the Oceans
   Arcane Staff of Fangs
   Arcane Staff of the Guardian
   Arcane Staff of Vision
   Arcane Symbol of Elements
   Arcane Symbol of the Sun
   Arcane Symbol of the Tempest
   Arcane Towershield of Devotion
   Arcane Towershield of Fangs
   Arcane Towershield of Mirrors
   Arcane Towershield of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Towershield of the Oceans
   Arcane Tunic of Battle
   Arcane Tunic of Beasts
   Arcane Tunic of Elements
   Arcane Tunic of Survival
   Arcane Tunic of the Sun
   Arcane Tunic of the Tree
   Arcane Tunic of Vision
   Arcane Vambraces of Grace
   Arcane Vambraces of the Gambler
   Arcane Vambraces of the Nimble
   Arcane Vambraces of the Oceans
   Arcane Vambraces of the Tempest
   Arcane Vambraces of Vision
   Arcane Vest of Light
   Arcane Vest of Storms
   Arcane Vest of the Deep
   Arcane Vest of the Soldier
   Aria of Magic V (Adept)
   Aspect of Darkness VI (Adept)
   Assault VI (Adept)
   Berserk Rage VII (Adept)
   Beryllium Relic
   Black Jack V (Adept)
   Black Widow Stance III (Adept)
   Blood Rage V (Adept)
   Bloodbath VI (Adept)
   Bodyguard VI (Adept)
   Boon of the Damned V (Adept)
   Burynai Patch of Fur
   Burynai Tooth
   Chains of Torment VI (Adept)
   Crescent Strike VI (Adept)
   Death Cloud VI (Adept)
   Death Mark V (Adept)
   Demoralizing Processional II (Adept)
   Desperate Thrust III (Adept)
   Drolvarg Brain
   Drolvarg Ear
   Drolvarg Patch of Fur
   Drolvarg Paw
   Emberstrike VII (Adept)
   Emerald Amulet
   Emerald Scrying Stone
   Emperor's Amulet of Battle
   Emperor's Amulet of Concentration
   Emperor's Amulet of Grace
   Emperor's Amulet of Storms
   Emperor's Armguards of Elements
   Emperor's Armguards of Mirrors
   Emperor's Armguards of Storms
   Emperor's Armguards of the Sun
   Emperor's Band of the Soldier
   Emperor's Band of the Sun
   Emperor's Belt of Grace
   Emperor's Belt of Light
   Emperor's Belt of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Belt of Vision
   Emperor's Boots of Elements
   Emperor's Boots of Light
   Emperor's Boots of Survival
   Emperor's Boots of the Soldier
   Emperor's Boots of Vision
   Emperor's Bow of Battle
   Emperor's Bow of Concentration
   Emperor's Bow of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Bow of the Oceans
   Emperor's Bow of the Soldier
   Emperor's Bow of the Tempest
   Emperor's Bracers of Battle
   Emperor's Bracers of Concentration
   Emperor's Bracers of Elements
   Emperor's Bracers of Mirrors
   Emperor's Bracers of the Knight
   Emperor's Bracers of the Sun
   Emperor's Breastplate of Concentration
   Emperor's Breastplate of Grace
   Emperor's Breastplate of Knowledge
   Emperor's Breastplate of Light
   Emperor's Breastplate of the Soldier
   Emperor's Buckler of the Tree
   Emperor's Buckler of Vision
   Emperor's Chaps of Storms
   Emperor's Chaps of the Deep
   Emperor's Chaps of the Guardian
   Emperor's Chaps of the Stoic
   Emperor's Collar of the Gambler
   Emperor's Collar of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Collar of the Nimble
   Emperor's Collar of the Soldier
   Emperor's Collar of the Tempest
   Emperor's Cowl of Fangs
   Emperor's Cowl of Mirrors
   Emperor's Cowl of the Deep
   Emperor's Cowl of the Guardian
   Emperor's Cowl of the Knight
   Emperor's Dagger of Elements
   Emperor's Dagger of Grace
   Emperor's Dagger of the Stoic
   Emperor's Dagger of the Tempest
   Emperor's Earring of Battle
   Emperor's Earring of Beasts
   Emperor's Earring of Clouds
   Emperor's Earring of Concentration
   Emperor's Earring of Storms
   Emperor's Earring of the Knight
   Emperor's Earring of the Soldier
   Emperor's Earring of the Stoic
   Emperor's Gauntlets of Devotion
   Emperor's Gauntlets of the Guardian
   Emperor's Gauntlets of the Oceans
   Emperor's Gauntlets of the Soldier
   Emperor's Gloves of Storms
   Emperor's Great Spear of Beasts
   Emperor's Great Spear of Elements
   Emperor's Great Staff of Devotion
   Emperor's Great Staff of Elements
   Emperor's Great Staff of Grace
   Emperor's Great Staff of Knowledge
   Emperor's Great Staff of Mirrors
   Emperor's Great-axe of Battle
   Emperor's Great-axe of Elements
   Emperor's Great-axe of Knowledge
   Emperor's Great-axe of Mirrors
   Emperor's Greaves of Light
   Emperor's Greaves of the Gambler
   Emperor's Greaves of the Sun
   Emperor's Greaves of the Tempest
   Emperor's Greaves of the Tree
   Emperor's Greaves of Vision
   Emperor's Handguards of Clouds
   Emperor's Handguards of Knowledge
   Emperor's Handguards of Mirrors
   Emperor's Handguards of Prophets
   Emperor's Handguards of Survival
   Emperor's Helm of Prophets
   Emperor's Helm of the Knight
   Emperor's Helm of the Sun
   Emperor's Hood of Concentration
   Emperor's Hood of Devotion
   Emperor's Hood of Elements
   Emperor's Hood of Mirrors
   Emperor's Hood of the Knight
   Emperor's Hood of the Tempest
   Emperor's Knuckles of Elements
   Emperor's Knuckles of Prophets
   Emperor's Knuckles of the Deep
   Emperor's Knuckles of the Knight
   Emperor's Knuckles of the Stoic
   Emperor's Knuckles of Vision
   Emperor's Leggings of Battle
   Emperor's Leggings of Clouds
   Emperor's Leggings of Grace
   Emperor's Leggings of Survival
   Emperor's Leggings of the Nimble
   Emperor's Leggings of the Stoic
   Emperor's Mantle of Light
   Emperor's Mantle of the Tree
   Emperor's Mitts of Devotion
   Emperor's Mitts of Grace
   Emperor's Mitts of Light
   Emperor's Mitts of Mirrors
   Emperor's Mitts of the Oceans
   Emperor's Mitts of the Soldier
   Emperor's Pantaloons of Concentration
   Emperor's Pantaloons of Grace
   Emperor's Pantaloons of the Soldier
   Emperor's Pouch of Elements
   Emperor's Pouch of Prophets
   Emperor's Pouch of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Pouch of the Knight
   Emperor's Pouch of the Stoic
   Emperor's Pouch of the Tree
   Emperor's Pouch of Vision
   Emperor's Ring of Storms
   Emperor's Ring of the Knight
   Emperor's Ring of the Oceans
   Emperor's Ring of the Soldier
   Emperor's Ring of the Stoic
   Emperor's Robe of the Knight
   Emperor's Roundshield of Battle
   Emperor's Roundshield of Devotion
   Emperor's Roundshield of Grace
   Emperor's Roundshield of the Gambler
   Emperor's Sabatons of Beasts
   Emperor's Sabatons of Prophets
   Emperor's Sabatons of the Deep
   Emperor's Sabatons of the Oceans
   Emperor's Shortsword of Battle
   Emperor's Shortsword of Storms
   Emperor's Shortsword of Survival
   Emperor's Shortsword of the Gambler
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of Devotion
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of Grace
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of Knowledge
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of the Guardian
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of the Oceans
   Emperor's Skullcap of Storms
   Emperor's Sleeves of Battle
   Emperor's Sleeves of Light
   Emperor's Sleeves of Storms
   Emperor's Sleeves of the Deep
   Emperor's Sleeves of the Gambler
   Emperor's Sleeves of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Slippers of Devotion
   Emperor's Slippers of Fangs
   Emperor's Slippers of Survival
   Emperor's Slippers of the Guardian
   Emperor's Slippers of the Knight
   Emperor's Slippers of the Stoic
   Emperor's Slippers of the Sun
   Emperor's Spaulders of Battle
   Emperor's Spaulders of Beasts
   Emperor's Spaulders of Clouds
   Emperor's Spaulders of Survival
   Emperor's Spaulders of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Spaulders of the Oceans
   Emperor's Staff of Storms
   Emperor's Staff of the Guardian
   Emperor's Staff of the Sun
   Emperor's Symbol of Grace
   Emperor's Symbol of Storms
   Emperor's Symbol of the Oceans
   Emperor's Symbol of the Tempest
   Emperor's Towershield of Clouds
   Emperor's Towershield of Prophets
   Emperor's Towershield of the Deep
   Emperor's Towershield of the Gambler
   Emperor's Towershield of the Sun
   Emperor's Towershield of Vision
   Emperor's Tunic of Battle
   Emperor's Tunic of Mirrors
   Emperor's Tunic of the Gambler
   Emperor's Tunic of the Guardian
   Emperor's Tunic of the Soldier
   Emperor's Vambraces of Devotion
   Emperor's Vambraces of Prophets
   Emperor's Vambraces of the Stoic
   Emperor's Vambraces of the Sun
   Emperor's Vest of Light
   Fanatic's Faith V (Adept)
   Faywax Sealed Document
   Fervent Faith II (Adept)
   Flow Like Wind VI (Adept)
   Glacial Wind V (Adept)
   Glory III (Adept)
   Gouge V (Adept)
   Hamstring V (Adept)
   Holy Armor VI (Adept)
   Holy Circle VI (Adept)
   Inquest III (Adept)
   large meaty bone
   Lightning Fists V (Adept)
   Lightning Strike VII (Adept)
   Magma Chamber VI (Adept)
   Mana Trickle IV (Adept)
   Meliorate VIII (Adept)
   Miracle Shot IV (Adept)
   Overpower VI (Adept)
   Power Cleave V (Adept)
   Power of Mind VI (Adept)
   Shroud of Armor VI (Adept)
   Snaring Shot III (Adept)
   Tarven's Crippling Crescendo VI (Adept)
   Torpor II (Adept)
   Torture VI (Adept)
   Uppercut IV (Adept)
   Vampire Bats IV (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 8
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 72
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 75
   Advanced Armorer Volume 75
   Advanced Armorer Volume 79
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 71
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 75
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 79
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 75
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 76
   Advanced Sage Volume 74
   Advanced Sage Volume 75
   Advanced Tailor Volume 72
   Advanced Tailor Volume 75
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 75
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 79
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 72
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 75
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 77
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 8
   Enigma of the Provisioner Volume 8
   Enigma of the Weaponsmith Volume 8
   Enigma of Transmuting Advanced Volume 8
   Earthkeeper's Winter Weave Leather Boots
   Zongshi's Fallen Leaves Foot Wraps
   a sphinx eye amulet
   Absolution V (Adept)
   Ancient Burynai Shaman's Orb
   Ancient Cabilisian Barbute
   Ancient Cabilisian Drape
   Ancient Cabilisian Sabatons
   Ancient Cabilisian Shackle
   Ancient Cabilisian Sword
   Ball of Tiny Steel Links
   Barbute of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Bathezid Outrider's Lost Blocker
   Bathezid Outrider's Lost Cleaver
   Bathezid Outrider's Lost Earstud
   Bracelet of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Chain Boots of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Chain Boots of Instinctual Maiming
   chipped ivory mask
   Cloak of Instinctual Maiming
   Club of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Cockatrice (Brigand)
   Cockatrice Claw Trinket
   Cockatrice Feathered Pantaloons
   cockatrice meat
   Coif of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Coif of Instinctual Maiming
   Dagger of Instinctual Maiming
   Double-Cross VI (Adept)
   Drape of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Drolvarg (Berserker)
   Drolvarg (Shadowknight)
   drolvarg hard candy
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of Storms
   Enchanted Glob of Swamp Muck
   flask of enchanted water
   Gleaming Rhino Hoof
   Impure Kunzar Essence
   Leather Boots of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Leather Helm of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   Legends of Norrath Rare Card: Runnyeye Cook
   Minister's Solemn Ceremony Plate Boots
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Prayer of Healing VI (Adept)
   Provoke VII (Adept)
   razor-sharp cockatrice beak
   Rhino Bone Fighting Staff
   Rhino Bone Ulak
   Ruin Pillager's Foot Wraps
   Ruin Pillager's Skullcap
   Sabatons of Ancestral Bellywhumping
   small bag of compost
   small pristine cockatrice tail feather
   statue of Veeshan
   Succulent Husk Bracelet
   Succulent Husk Cape
   Succulent Husk Cowl
   Succulent Husk Slippers
   tattered pegasus cloak
   Wand of the Succulent Slayer
   Wristlet of Instinctual Maiming

Item submitted by Uzaga on 2009-01-03 02:42:32

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