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\aITEM 550908402 2126767267:Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Magic\/a

Dropped by
Aga-Yagaba (Forlorn Gist: Nightmares of Old [Solo])
Esmerelda Everghast (Mahngavi Wastes: Phantasmal Shades [Solo])
Hinokawu (Karuupa Jungle: Predator's Perch [Solo])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Assassinate VIII (Adept)
   Asylum XI (Adept)
   bag of grave soil
   Bargained Monger's Barbute
   Bargained Monger's Hood
   Bargained Supplier's Armwraps
   Bargained Supplier's Bracers
   Bargained Supplier's Cuffs
   Bargained Supplier's Vambraces
   Bartered Monger's Breeches
   Bartered Monger's Greaves
   Bartered Monger's Pants
   Black Jack X (Adept)
   Bloodbound Adamant Defiance
   Bloodbound Adamant Resolve
   Bloodbound Astral Dominion
   Bloodbound Blinding Gleam
   Bloodbound Rune of Expedience
   Bloodbound Rune of Expedience
   Bloodbound Rune: Blissful Thought
   Bloodbound Rune: Force Projection
   Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Thought
   Bracelet of the Devoured
   Ceremonial Blade XI (Adept)
   Cohort's Belt of Foresight
   Cohort's Bow of Stratagem
   Cohort's Breastplate of Stratagem
   Cohort's Chain Greaves of Stratagem
   Cohort's Chain Shirt of Stratagem
   Cohort's Charm of Insight
   Cohort's Cloth Greaves of Stratagem
   Cohort's Crossbow of Stratagem
   Cohort's Leather Greaves of Stratagem
   Cohort's Leather Tunic of Stratagem
   Cohort's Mace of Insight
   Cohort's Plate Greaves of Stratagem
   Cohort's Robe of Stratagem
   Cohort's Staff of Insight
   Cohort's Transmutation Stone
   Consort's Chain Boots of Foresight
   Consort's Cloth Boots of Foresight
   Consort's Greatspear of Stratagem
   Consort's Leather Boots of Foresight
   Consort's Mace of Stratagem
   Consort's Plate Boots of Foresight
   Devour Vitae X (Adept)
   Dreadfell Chain Bracer of Insight
   Dreadfell Chain Greaves of Foresight
   Dreadfell Cloth Greaves of Foresight
   Dreadfell Leather Greaves of Foresight
   Dreadfell Plate Greaves of Foresight
   Dreadfell Transmutation Stone
   En Garde VII (Adept)
   flask of embalming fluids
   Floramyst Wolf
   Forlorn Rune of Zeal
   Fuliginous Whip X (Adept)
   Gilalia Skyblaze
   Glory VIII (Adept)
   Honor Guard Accolade of Arcane Power
   Honor Guard Breastplate of Arcane Power
   Honor Guard Breastplate of Corporeal Might
   Honor Guard Breastplate of Intervention
   Honor Guard Plate Barbute of Arcane Power
   Honor Guard Plate Boots of Arcane Power
   Honor Guard Plate Boots of Corporeal Might
   Honor Guard Plate Boots of Intervention
   Honor Guard Plate Gauntlets of Corporeal Might
   Honor Guard Plate Gauntlets of Intervention
   Honor Guard Plate Greaves of Arcane Power
   Honor Guard Plate Greaves of Corporeal Might
   Honor Guard Plate Greaves of Intervention
   Hostage X (Master)
   Illusory Allies VII (Adept)
   Infusion of Qua'ddathul
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Accolade
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Boots
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Bracers
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Breastplate
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Gauntlets
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Helm
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Plate Greaves
   Karuupa Hedgewizard Plate Pauldrons
   Lich VIII (Adept)
   Mahngavi Mercenary Accolade
   Mahngavi Mercenary Boots
   Mahngavi Mercenary Bracers
   Mahngavi Mercenary Breastplate
   Mahngavi Mercenary Helm
   Mahngavi Mercenary Plate Greaves
   Mahngavi Mercenary Plate Pauldrons
   Mercenary: Bellika Dollietanka
   Mercenary: Frunk
   Prismatic Chaos X (Adept)
   Regimented Cloth Gauntlets of Insight
   Regimented Leather Gauntlets of Insight
   Regimented Plate Gauntlets of Insight
   Sailback Gnawer
   Selo's Accelerando VIII (Adept)
   Shroud of Mettle
   Sleight of Hand VI (Adept)
   Thunderous Overture X (Master)
   Vacrul Stalker's Hard Plate Bracers
   Vacrul Stalker's Linked Chain Bracers
   Vetrovian Adorner's Primer Volume II
   Vetrovian Adorner's Primer Volume III
   Vetrovian Adorner's Primer Volume IV
   Vetrovian Crafter's Primer Volume I
   Vetrovian Crafter's Primer Volume IV
   Vetrovilyte Insignia Ring
   Vetrovilyte Relic
   Visions of Vetrovia Manarock
   Visions of Vetrovia Rainstone

Item submitted by hallann on 2021-12-02 09:46:22

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