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\aITEM 2145057108 -1419727102:Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands\/a

Dropped by
a Caroeth vindicator (Chardok)
a distracted Erudin librarian (Library of Erudin)
a Drogan slinker (Nu'roga)
a drolvarg bodyguard (Karnor's Castle)
a drolvarg elite (Karnor's Castle)
a Libant wiglere (Evernight Abbey)
a party crashing orc (The City of Freeport)
a Sathirian dignitary (Sebilis)
a Sathirian praetorian (Sebilis)
a spectral nullifier (Obelisk of Ahkzul)
a spurbone skeleton (Kunzar Jungle)
a whirling maelstrom (The Stonebrunt Highlands)
a Yha-lei defender (Chelsith)
a Yha-lei prognosticator (Chelsith)
a Yha-lei sentinel (Chelsith)
an abyssal biter (Obelisk of Ahkzul)
an agitated Augur (Obol Plains)
an ancient reanimator (Kurn's Tower)
an Erudian acolyte (The Stonebrunt Highlands)
Thullosian barsher (Moors of Ykesha)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Band of Tidal Fury
   Black Hide Gloves
   Fulgent Armguards of Sagacity
   Goblin Ritualist Cowl
   Helm of the Scorned High Guard
   Mithrilweave Gloves of the Spirit Destroyer
   Revered Shissar Skullcap
   Runed Bibliothecary Hood
   Shamanic Shoulderpads of Benevolence
   Shattered Night Pendant
   Shissar Scaled Shoulderpads
   Soulsiphon Leggings
   Suction Cupped Tentacle Mitts
   Tome of the Craft Keepers
   Undertow Prone Chain Chaps
   A Dilapidated Journal
   a goblin claw
   a goblin spine
   a goblin tooth
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton sorrow core
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   an orc eye
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Barroom Negotiation VI (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   Beryllium Relic
   Bloodletter (Adept)
   Cataclysm VII (Adept)
   Channel II (Adept)
   Cuss V (Adept)
   Deathward (Adept)
   Defensive Haven VI (Adept)
   Deklium Relic
   Di'Zok Claw
   Di'Zok Heart
   Di'Zok Horn
   Disarming Grin V (Adept)
   Distortion V (Adept)
   Dragon Rage V (Adept)
   Drolvarg Patch of Fur
   Drolvarg Paw
   Emerald Amulet
   Emerald Scrying Stone
   Enrage IV (Adept)
   Eviscerate VI (Adept)
   Faerie Ally (Adept)
   Fanaticism (Adept)
   Faywax Sealed Document
   Furnace of Ro II (Adept)
   Harm Touch V (Adept)
   Heal Servant VII (Adept)
   Hold the Line VI (Adept)
   Holy Salvation IV (Adept)
   Ice Comet III (Adept)
   Immolation VI (Adept)
   Indicolite Relic
   Judgment VII (Adept)
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   Lullaby III (Adept)
   Makeshift Arrows V (Adept)
   Mesmerize VII (Adept)
   Misfortune's Kiss VII (Adept)
   Nightmare VI (Adept)
   Oberon III (Adept)
   Orc Smuggler Requisition
   Paranoia VII (Adept)
   Peel (Adept)
   Puppetmaster (Adept)
   Raging Blow VII (Adept)
   Riana's Relentless Tune VI (Adept)
   Stalk VI (Adept)
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Thieves Guild (Adept)
   Titanium Relic
   Transcendence VI (Adept)
   Umbral Warding VI (Adept)
   Wild Accretion VI (Adept)
   Word of Redemption VI (Adept)
   Yha-lei Eye
   Yha-lei Scale
   Yha-lei Skin
   Yha-lei Tooth
   Yha-lei Webbed Hand
   Advanced Adornments Volume 8
   Advanced Sage Volume 77
   Advanced Tailor Volume 78
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 77
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 78
   Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer
   Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica
   a fishman scale amulet
   a vampiric incisor
   Advanced Adornments Volume 9
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 80
   Advanced Armorer Volume 80
   Advanced Armorer Volume 95
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 80
   Advanced Sage Volume 88
   Advanced Tailor Volume 80
   Advanced Tailor Volume 89
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 80
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 89
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 80
   aged platinum symbol
   Antagonize VII (Adept)
   bag of gypsum
   bag of tundra compost
   Bash VIII (Adept)
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Barbute of Smiting
   Bishop's Faithbringer Plate Cuirass
   Blueprint: Personal Depots
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Moors of Ykesha)
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Odus)
   Boon of the Damned VI (Adept)
   Chimera Feathered Bangle
   chipped ivory mask
   Claws of Ghatachonoth
   Crest of the Warring Mind
   Daring Advance VII (Adept)
   Demonstration of Faith VII (Adept)
   Divine Inspiration VII (Adept)
   Earthen Avatar VIII (Adept)
   Echoes of the Ancients VI (Adept)
   Elemental Concerto IV (Adept)
   Enervated Dirk of Erudin
   Enlightened One's White Lotus Arm Wraps
   Extract Mana VII (Adept)
   flask of enchanted water
   flask of glacial water
   Frontier Monk's Pouch of Destruction
   Glacial Lance IX (Adept)
   Glacial Wind VII (Adept)
   glass flower
   Glowing Stonegrabber Glyph
   Green Mist Orb
   Hemorrhage IX (Adept)
   Hunker Down VII (Master)
   Impale VII (Adept)
   Instinct VI (Adept)
   Jagged Ritual Blade
   large frostbitten bone
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Loop of Warring Minds
   Luclizite Amulet
   Luminary's Jaundiced Bone Hauberk
   Maelstrom Dust
   Meteor Fist VII (Adept)
   Misfortune's Kiss IX (Adept)
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Nightmare VII (Adept)
   Penance VIII (Adept)
   Plague VIII (Adept)
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   Putrefy VIII (Adept)
   Regenerating Spores VI (Adept)
   Retaliate V (Adept)
   Ringlet of Warring Minds
   Rock Skin V (Adept)
   Runescaled Sash of the Seven Seas
   runic book
   Shell-Plated Legguards of Synergy
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of compost
   Sundered Medallion
   Sundered Neckguard
   tattered pegasus cloak
   tentacle statue
   Terror Chant VII (Adept)
   Ultera's Band of Defense
   Ulteran Diamond Sharpened Dirk
   Umbral Warding VII (Adept)
   Vampire (Necromancer)
   Vampire (Swashbuckler)
   Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Spaulders
   Vexing Verses VIII (Adept)
   Virtue VI (Adept)
   wayward hard candy
   Will of the Heavens VII (Adept)
   Yha-Lei (Assassin)
   Yha-Lei (Berserker)
   Yha-Lei (Fury)
   Yha-Lei (Ranger)

Item submitted by Yhvh on 2014-04-03 00:08:41

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