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\aITEM 2059729739 -61750897:Intimidation IV (Adept)\/a

Dropped by
an elder Thulian zealot (The Sanctum of Fear)
an Orillian executioner (The Sanctorium)
Korav Traxul (Rivervale)
Qzyk the Conqueror (Spirits of the Lost)

Confirmed Location
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Death Mark III (Master)
   Gauntlets of Conquering
   Girdle of Conquering
   Makeshift Arrows III (Master)
   reinforced brigandine shoulder pads
   reinforced leather boots
   reinforced leather pants
   reinforced leather shoulder pads
   reinforced leather tunic
   reinforced leather wristguards
   rubicite chainmail boots
   rubicite chainmail coif
   rubicite chainmail gloves
   rubicite chainmail mantle
   Rubicite Platemail Breastplate
   Rubicite Platemail Gauntlets
   Rubicite Platemail Helm
   Rubicite Platemail Legplates
   Rubicite Platemail Tonlets
   velvet blouse
   Velvet Cowl
   velvet mitts
   Velvet Slippers
   augmented leather pelt
   Bum Rush IV (Adept)
   Chaos Anthem II (Adept)
   constructor's cap
   Cunning Defense III (Adept)
   Death Mark III (Adept)
   ebon cluster
   figwart root
   Focus Aim III (Adept)
   Hidden Shot III (Adept)
   Knee Break IV (Adept)
   Quicksand IV (Adept)
   rhodium cluster
   rough ruby
   rubicite vanguard cuirass
   Rubicite Vanguard Spaulders
   severed cedar
   Shenanigans III (Adept)
   Synergism II (Adept)
   thulzite embroidered cap
   thulzite ringmail bracers
   thulzite ringmail mantle
   thulzite vanguard gauntlets
   thulzite woven pants
   woven reinforced wristguards
   Wrath Stance IV (Adept)
   Barrage V (Adept)
   Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Spaulders of Woven Shadow
   Braided Drake-Hide Circlet
   Catalyst's Spellwoven Epaulets of Channeling
   Catalyst's Spellwoven Leggings of Channeling
   Cone of the Walker
   Corruptor's Spire Shard
   Cruel Cube of Deflection
   Cutthroat's Fashioned Chain Leggings
   Disciple's Dark Silk Leg Wraps of the Dragon
   Diviner's Ghostly Spaulders of Visions
   Etched Drake-Hide Circlet
   Orb of Foolhardy Greed
   Perfectly Balanced Round Shield
   Prodigy's Runed Gloves
   rough ruby
   Shield of Departed Generals
   Shield of the Pure Obsession
   Skirmisher's Bloodstained Legplates of the Ardent
   Skirmisher's Bloodstained Pauldrons of the Ardent
   Sphere of Becoming
   strengthened leather belt
   strengthened leather sheath
   Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Greaves of Judgment
   Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Pauldrons of Judgment
   Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Pants of the Wild
   Watcher's Rare Hide Shoulder Pads of the Wild
   Woven Drake-Hide Circlet
   Wristguards of the Feral Stalker

Item submitted by antesolem on 2014-04-05 23:42:27

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