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\aITEM 1760842020 1614947649:Advanced Carpenter Volume 47\/a

Dropped by
a bubbling ooze (The Temple of Cazic-Thule)
a Cinderfoot guard (Solusek's Eye)
a Cinderfoot lookout (Solusek's Eye)
a distracted Sootfoot lookout (Lavastorm)
a djinn guardian (A Memory of Sand)
a doleful listlessness (Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor)
a fallen Solusek diviner (Solusek's Eye)
a fallen Solusek orebender (Solusek's Eye)
a fallen Solusek scryer (Solusek's Eye)
a fire imp (Lavastorm)
a Frostpaw pack hound (Permafrost)
a frozen gale (Everfrost)
a frozen sentinel (Drayek's Chamber)
a glacial construct (Everfrost)
a glacier bear (Everfrost)
a glyphskull skeleton (The Sinking Sands)
a Guardian of D'Ina (The Icy Keep (Hard))
a hellhound ravager (The Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance)
a Kromise pack tamer (Permafrost)
a Kromise Virh sentry (Permafrost)
a lesser mummy (The Sinking Sands)
a loot lurch (The Sinking Sands)
a Numbfoot hunter (Everfrost)
a Rujarkian highwayman (The Sinking Sands)
a Sol Ro keeper (Lavastorm)
a Sol Ro seeker (Lavastorm)
a solumite titan (Solusek's Eye)
a Sootfoot sage (Lavastorm)
a spectre (The Sinking Sands)
a stone spider (Solusek's Eye)
a stone spider hatchling (Solusek's Eye)
a suffering fury (Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor)
a Thulian torturer (The Temple of Cazic-Thule)
a wild bee (Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor)
a wooly mammoth calf (Everfrost)
a wooly silk slinger (Everfrost)
a wooly spider (Everfrost)
an Albino Prowler (The Sinking Sands)
an animated glacier (Permafrost)
an efreeti soulslaver (Solusek's Eye)
an Eventide punisher (The Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance)
an ice fright (Everfrost)
an ice sentry (The Icy Dig)
an icegill fisher (Everfrost)
an Icegill master (Permafrost)
an icegill oracle (Everfrost)
an icegill whelp (Everfrost)
an icy shiver (Everfrost)
an iron soulshredder (The Obelisk of Lost Souls)
Chieftain Iceburn (Everfrost)
Commander Keg (Permafrost)
Gyrok Deepfreeze (Permafrost)
Igrah Coldfist (Permafrost)
Terook Skullsplitter (Permafrost)
The Tesch Val Fanatic (Sundered Splitpaw: Delving into the Darkness)
Volesterus the Viridian (Steamfont Mountains)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Abhorrent Seal (Master)
   Abuse IV (Master)
   Aegolism IV (Master)
   Allegretto III (Master)
   Ancestral Avatar (Master)
   Ancestral Avenger (Master)
   Ancestral Mettle III (Master)
   Ancestral Savior (Master)
   Arcane Symphony III (Master)
   Armor of Nature IV (Master)
   Aura of Void II (Master)
   Avoid Blame III (Master)
   Bane of Warding II (Master)
   Battery and Assault IV (Master)
   Battle Tactics III (Master)
   Bladeweaver III (Master)
   Blaze of Faith II (Master)
   Bloodcoil V (Master)
   Bloody Ritual III (Master)
   Bob and Weave III (Master)
   Boon of the Damned III (Master)
   Brainburst V (Master)
   Brainshock V (Master)
   Brambles III (Master)
   Breeze III (Master)
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Master)
   Bum Rush IV (Master)
   Cannibalize Thoughts II (Master)
   Carrion Warding III (Master)
   Cataclysm IV (Master)
   Chaos III (Master)
   Clarion V (Master)
   Cleave Flesh III (Master)
   Concussion III (Master)
   Construct of Order II (Master)
   Controlled Rage II (Master)
   Converge III (Master)
   Crusade III (Master)
   Dancing Blade IV (Master)
   Dark Javelin of the Seeker
   Dashing Swathe III (Master)
   Dawnstrike V (Master)
   Deadly Shot IV (Master)
   Death Mark III (Master)
   Defensive Haven III (Master)
   Demonstration of Faith III (Master)
   Destructive Rage III (Master)
   Devious Evasion III (Master)
   Devout Sacrament II (Master)
   Disheartening Descant III (Master)
   Disorientation III (Master)
   Double Blast III (Master)
   Emberstrike V (Master)
   Entangle II (Master)
   Epiphany III (Master)
   Evade IV (Master)
   Favor of the Wild III (Master)
   Feast II (Master)
   Feign Death III (Master)
   Feral Tenacity (Master)
   Fiery Magician III (Master)
   Flameshield II (Master)
   Flash of Steel V (Master)
   Forced Obedience III (Master)
   Frenzy (Master)
   Garsin's Funeral March II (Master)
   Gift of Bertoxxulous II (Master)
   Glacial Wind III (Master)
   Glory (Master)
   Glowing Cap of Dementia
   Graceful Avoidance III (Master)
   Grim Sorcerer III (Master)
   Grisly Protection III (Master)
   Harm Touch III (Master)
   Hateful Slam III (Master)
   Heretic's Doom II (Master)
   Holdup IV (Master)
   Holy Strike II (Master)
   Hunter's Instinct III (Master)
   Immobilizing Lunge III (Master)
   Impale III (Master)
   Invocation V (Master)
   Iron Will II (Master)
   Jael's Dreadful Deprivation III (Master)
   Jael's Mysterious Mettle III (Master)
   Judgement IV (Master)
   Jugular Slice III (Master)
   Kidney Stab IV (Master)
   Knee Break IV (Master)
   Lay on Hands III (Master)
   Lightning Fists III (Master)
   Lightning Palm III (Master)
   Litany II (Master)
   Lockdown IV (Master)
   Lucky Gambit IV (Master)
   Lunar Attendant (Master)
   Maddening Swarm (Master)
   Makeshift Arrows III (Master)
   Mana Trickle II (Master)
   Mark of Divinity III (Master)
   Massacre III (Master)
   Meliorate VI (Master)
   Mend V (Master)
   Meteor Fist IV (Master)
   Mock V (Master)
   Murderous Rake III (Master)
   Natural Selection III (Master)
   Nature's Elixir V (Master)
   Nature's Embrace V (Master)
   Nature's Renewal (Master)
   Never Surrender III (Master)
   Nightcrawlers Enchanted Bloomers
   Nightshade II (Master)
   One Hundred Hand Punch III (Master)
   Painbringer IV (Master)
   Painful Lamentations III (Master)
   Pandemic IV (Master)
   Paralyzing Strike II (Master)
   Peerless Predator III (Master)
   Penitent Kick IV (Master)
   Personae Reflection V (Master)
   Pledge of Armament III (Master)
   Precise Strike II (Master)
   Protoflame (Master)
   Quicksand IV (Master)
   Rapidity III (Master)
   Refusal of Atonement II (Master)
   Regalia (Master)
   Revivication (Master)
   Rock Skin (Master)
   Roundhouse Kick IV (Master)
   Runic Armor IV (Master)
   Rupture IV (Master)
   Sacrifice II (Master)
   Sentinel III (Master)
   Shadow Slip III (Master)
   Shanghai V (Master)
   Shank II (Master)
   Shenanigans III (Master)
   Shroud of Armor IV (Master)
   Shrug Off III (Master)
   Signet of Intellect III (Master)
   Silence III (Master)
   Sinister Countenance III (Master)
   Siphon Strength II (Master)
   Slurred Insult V (Master)
   Speechless III (Master)
   Spell Curse (Master)
   Stunning Blow II (Master)
   Stunning Roar II (Master)
   Stupefy III (Master)
   Surge of Ro II (Master)
   Swarthy Deception III (Master)
   Tap Essence II (Master)
   Terror Chant III (Master)
   Thunderous Overture II (Master)
   Thuri's Doleful Thrust V (Master)
   Tranquil Vision III (Master)
   Triple Shot II (Master)
   Ultraviolet Beam VI (Master)
   Unholy Covenant IV (Master)
   Unholy Strength III (Master)
   Unyielding Benediction (Master)
   Ursine Avatar III (Master)
   Vacuum Field IV (Master)
   Vehemence III (Master)
   Vital Intercession IV (Master)
   Void Contract III (Master)
   Warden of the Forest III (Master)
   Whirling Blades III (Master)
   Willow Wisp III (Master)
   Word of Redemption III (Master)
   Wrath of the Ancients II (Master)
   Amulet of Terook
   Badge of Gyrok
   Blackened Waist Wrap
   Coldfist Bracelet
   Commander Keg's Pinky Ring
   Frostbitten Armlinks
   Frostbitten Foreguard
   Frostbitten Straps
   Molten Copper Bracelet
   The Spear of Gyrok
   ebon scimitar
   ebon scourge
   ebon spatha
   fulginate knuckles
   fulginate scimitar
   fulginate scourge
   a djinn clavicle
   a djinn hand
   a djinn humerus
   a djinn smoke wisp
   a djinn topknot
   a ghost emotion resonance
   a ghost ethereal strand
   a ghost phantasmal echo
   a ghost remnant memory
   a ghost vile plasm
   a giant ear
   a giant finger
   a giant toe
   a giant tooth
   a giant whisker
   a gnoll tooth
   a goblin claw
   a goblin ear
   a goblin eye
   a goblin spine
   a goblin tooth
   a golem animating force
   a golem corporeal shell
   a golem motive prism
   a golem obedience chain
   a golem sentience leash
   a hellhound puppy
   a lizardman claw
   a lizardman eye
   a lizardman scale
   a lizardman tail
   a lizardman tooth
   A Reanimated Heart
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   Abandoned Fury IV (Adept)
   Abhorrent Seal (Adept)
   Abolishment (Adept)
   Abomination IV (Adept)
   Absolute Corruption II (Adept)
   Absolution III (Adept)
   Abuse IV (Adept)
   Acid V (Adept)
   Act of War II (Adept)
   Aegolism IV (Adept)
   Aery Hunter II (Adept)
   Aggressive Defense II (Adept)
   Allegretto III (Adept)
   Alleviation III (Adept)
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ambush V (Adept)
   Amends III (Adept)
   an efreeti ancient promise
   an efreeti broken shackle
   an efreeti oily essence
   an efreeti shattered lamp
   an efreeti silken sash
   an elemental binding rune
   an elemental essence well
   an elemental fascination rune
   an elemental planar seed
   an elemental summoned core
   an orc ear
   an orc eye
   an orc skin
   an orc spine
   an orc tooth
   Ancestral Avatar (Adept)
   Ancestral Avenger (Adept)
   Ancestral Savior (Adept)
   Ancestral Ward IV (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud IV (Adept)
   Antiquated Cloth Sleeves
   Apocalypse (Adept)
   Arcane Symphony III (Adept)
   Arctic Blast III (Adept)
   Aria of Magic II (Adept)
   Aria of Magic III (Adept)
   Armor of Nature IV (Adept)
   Armor of Seasons IV (Adept)
   Armored IV (Adept)
   Aspect of Genius IV (Adept)
   Asylum III (Adept)
   augmented leather pants
   augmented leather pelt
   augmented leather skullcap
   augmented leather tunic
   augmented leather whip
   Aura of Void II (Adept)
   Avoid Blame III (Adept)
   Awaken Grave II (Adept)
   Backstab V (Adept)
   Bane of Warding II (Adept)
   Bangle of Offense
   Bash IV (Adept)
   Battery and Assault IV (Adept)
   Battle Cry III (Adept)
   Battle Tactics III (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   Beatdown IV (Adept)
   Beeswax Sealed Document
   Befuddle (Adept)
   Befuddle III (Adept)
   Beg for Mercy II (Adept)
   Berserk Rage V (Adept)
   Bewilderment III (Adept)
   Black Widow Stance (Adept)
   Blackguard III (Adept)
   Bladeweaver III (Adept)
   Blaze of Faith II (Adept)
   Bloodcloud III (Adept)
   Bloodcoil V (Adept)
   Bloodlust III (Adept)
   Bloody Reminder III (Adept)
   Bloody Ritual III (Adept)
   Bob and Weave III (Adept)
   Body Like Mountain II (Adept)
   Bone Tablet
   Boon of the Damned III (Adept)
   Breeze III (Adept)
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Adept)
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad III (Adept)
   Bruising (Adept)
   Brutality III (Adept)
   Bum Rush IV (Adept)
   Caller's Hoop
   Cannibalize Thoughts II (Adept)
   Carrion Warding III (Adept)
   Cease III (Adept)
   cedarwood wand
   Chainmail Gloves of Dark Whispers
   Chains of Torment IV (Adept)
   Challenge (Adept)
   Champions Belt
   Chaos Anthem II (Adept)
   Charm V (Adept)
   Chitinous Chestguard
   Chromatic Storm IV (Adept)
   Clarion V (Adept)
   Cleave Flesh (Adept)
   Cleave Flesh III (Adept)
   Coldfist Leggings
   Commander's Cuffs
   Concussion III (Adept)
   Construct of Order II (Adept)
   constructor's sleeves
   constructor's vest
   Controlled Rage III (Adept)
   Converge III (Adept)
   Coral Amulet
   Coral Scrying Stone
   Crescent Strike II (Adept)
   Crippling Arrow III (Adept)
   Crouching Tiger IV (Adept)
   Crusade III (Adept)
   Crystal Sphere
   Crystallize Soul II (Adept)
   Cunning Defense III (Adept)
   Curse of Void II (Adept)
   Daelis' Dance of Blades III (Adept)
   Dancing Blade IV (Adept)
   Daring Advance III (Adept)
   Dark Blade IV (Adept)
   Dark Nebula IV (Adept)
   Daro's Dull Blade IV (Adept)
   Dashing Swathe III (Adept)
   Dawnstrike V (Adept)
   Deadly Focus (Adept)
   Death Cloud IV (Adept)
   Death Mark III (Adept)
   Death Swarm V (Adept)
   Death's Door III (Adept)
   Debilitate (Adept)
   Deceit (Adept)
   Deepfreeze Cudgel
   Deepfreeze Defender
   Defensive Haven III (Adept)
   Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Footpads
   Defiled Sanguine Buckler
   Deklium Relic
   Demolish (Adept)
   Demonstration of Faith III (Adept)
   Depressing Chant III (Adept)
   Desperate Thrust (Adept)
   Destructive Rage III (Adept)
   Deteriorate IV (Adept)
   Devastation Fist II (Adept)
   Devious Evasion III (Adept)
   Devoted Resolve (Adept)
   Dire Balm VI (Adept)
   Disarming Grin II (Adept)
   Disheartening Descant III (Adept)
   Dismay III (Adept)
   Disorientation III (Adept)
   Dissolve VI (Adept)
   Distortion II (Adept)
   Double Blast III (Adept)
   Dragon Rage II (Adept)
   Dreadful Wrath (Adept)
   Earring of Flight
   Earthquake III (Adept)
   Ebbing Spirit (Adept)
   ebon bastard sword
   ebon chainmail coif
   ebon cluster
   ebon girdle
   ebon platemail helm
   ebon platemail legplates
   ebon platemail tonlets
   ebon platemail wristguards
   Ebon Relic
   ebon scimitar
   ebon scourge
   ebon spatha
   ebon wizard's dagger
   Echoes of the Ancients II (Adept)
   Elemental Aspect IV (Adept)
   Elemental Concerto (Adept)
   Emberstrike V (Adept)
   Encase III (Adept)
   Enrage IV (Adept)
   Ensnare III (Adept)
   Entangle II (Adept)
   Epiphany III (Adept)
   Essence of the Great Bear III (Adept)
   Essence Shift III (Adept)
   Evade IV (Adept)
   Everburning Flame II (Adept)
   Extract Mana III (Adept)
   Fae Fire II (Adept)
   Fanatic's Faith III (Adept)
   Fanatical Healing V (Adept)
   Fanaticism (Adept)
   Fancy Footwork III (Adept)
   Favor of the Wild III (Adept)
   Fear III (Adept)
   Feast II (Adept)
   Feign Death III (Adept)
   Feysteel Relic
   Fiery Annihilation III (Adept)
   Fiery Annihilation V (Adept)
   Fiery Magician III (Adept)
   figwart root
   Fire Imp's Longbow
   Fire Seed II (Adept)
   Firestorm III (Adept)
   Five Rings III (Adept)
   Flamboyant Strike (Adept)
   Flameshield II (Adept)
   Flameshield III (Adept)
   Flamesilk Robe
   Flametouched Sash
   Flow Like Wind IV (Adept)
   Flurry of Blades II (Adept)
   Focused Intervention (Adept)
   Forced Hesitation IV (Adept)
   Forced Obedience III (Adept)
   Forest Spirit III (Adept)
   Frigid Buckler
   Frozen Palm IV (Adept)
   Frozen Token of E'ci
   fused loam
   Gel Sealed Document
   Geotic Rune III (Adept)
   Giant Idol
   Gift of Bertoxxulous II (Adept)
   Girdle of Legions
   Glacial Wind III (Adept)
   Glass Orb
   Glory (Adept)
   Goblin Territory Marker
   Graceful Avoidance III (Adept)
   Grasp of Bertoxxulous III (Adept)
   Grasping Bones III (Adept)
   Grave Sacrament II (Adept)
   Grim Sorcerer III (Adept)
   Grisly Protection III (Adept)
   Gushing Wound IV (Adept)
   Gut Kick IV (Adept)
   Gyrok's Crest
   Hamstring II (Adept)
   Hamstring III (Adept)
   Harbinger IV (Adept)
   Hard Rock Blocker
   Hard Rock Breastplate
   Hard Rock Hammer
   Harm Touch III (Adept)
   Harmony III (Adept)
   Harvest Mana II (Adept)
   Hateful Slam (Adept)
   Head Crush III (Adept)
   Head Shot II (Adept)
   Heal Servant IV (Adept)
   Healing Fate III (Adept)
   Healstorm III (Adept)
   Heretic's Doom II (Adept)
   Heroic Dash III (Adept)
   Hierophantic Genesis (Adept)
   Holdup III (Adept)
   Holy Armor IV (Adept)
   Holy Circle IV (Adept)
   Holy Intercession III (Adept)
   Holy Salvation (Adept)
   Holy Warrior's Band
   Hostage III (Adept)
   Howl of Death II (Adept)
   Hunker Down III (Adept)
   Hunter's Instinct III (Adept)
   Hyran's Seething Sonata II (Adept)
   Ice Comet (Adept)
   Ice Dusted Amulet
   Iceshield III (Adept)
   Ignore Pain V (Adept)
   Igrah's Eye
   Immobilizing Lunge II (Adept)
   Imprecate V (Adept)
   Improvised Weapon II (Adept)
   Indicolite Relic
   Indomitable Will III (Adept)
   Inquest (Adept)
   Insidious Whisper V (Adept)
   Instinct II (Adept)
   Invective (Adept)
   Invocation V (Adept)
   Involuntary Gift II (Adept)
   Iron Bound Gussets
   Iron Will II (Adept)
   Jael's Mysterious Mettle III (Adept)
   Jugular Slice III (Adept)
   Karana's Hold IV (Adept)
   Keg's Cleaver
   Kite Shield of Chaotic Energy
   Knee Break IV (Adept)
   Knight's Stance IV (Adept)
   Kunzite Amulet
   Lanet's Excruciating Scream III (Adept)
   large polished bone
   Lava Hanging
   Lavafied Band
   Lavatouched Gloves
   Lay on Hands III (Adept)
   Lifetap III (Adept)
   Lightning Fists III (Adept)
   Lightning Strike V (Adept)
   linen mitts
   Litany II (Adept)
   Lockdown II (Adept)
   Lockdown IV (Adept)
   Luda's Nefarious Wail IV (Adept)
   Lunar Attendant (Adept)
   Lupine Greathammer
   Maddening Swarm (Adept)
   Maelstrom (Adept)
   Magma Chamber IV (Adept)
   Makeshift Arrows III (Adept)
   Malevolent Diatribe III (Adept)
   Malice IV (Adept)
   Mana Intromission II (Adept)
   Mana Sieve (Adept)
   Mana Trickle II (Adept)
   Manatap II (Adept)
   Manhandle II (Adept)
   Mark of Divinity III (Adept)
   Massacre III (Adept)
   Master of the Hunt III (Adept)
   Master's Intervention (Adept)
   Maul III (Adept)
   Medusa Gaze IV (Adept)
   Meliorate VI (Adept)
   Mend V (Adept)
   Mind's Eye (Adept)
   Ministration VI (Adept)
   Ministration VII (Adept)
   Minor Ruby Transmuter's Slag
   Miracle Shot II (Adept)
   Misfortune's Kiss V (Adept)
   Mock V (Adept)
   Mortal Embrace III (Adept)
   Mountain Stance (Adept)
   Mug IV (Adept)
   Murderous Design (Adept)
   Murderous Rake III (Adept)
   Mutilate III (Adept)
   Natural Selection III (Adept)
   Nature's Elixir II (Adept)
   Nature's Elixir V (Adept)
   Nature's Embrace V (Adept)
   Nature's Renewal (Adept)
   Necklace of Stone
   Necrotic Reconstruction IV (Adept)
   Netherlord (Adept)
   Netherous Bind IV (Adept)
   Never Surrender III (Adept)
   Night Strike V (Adept)
   Nightshade II (Adept)
   Noxious Efflux III (Adept)
   Noxious Symphony III (Adept)
   Nullify III (Adept)
   Oberon (Adept)
   Obliterated Psyche III (Adept)
   Obsidian Breastplate
   Obsidian Choker
   One Hundred Hand Punch III (Adept)
   Opal Amulet
   Opal Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Painbringer IV (Adept)
   Painbringer V (Adept)
   Pandemic IV (Adept)
   Paralyzing Strike II (Adept)
   Paranoia III (Adept)
   Paranoia IV (Adept)
   Peaceful Link II (Adept)
   Peerless Predator III (Adept)
   Penance IV (Adept)
   Penitent Kick IV (Adept)
   Perfect Finesse (Adept)
   Perfect Shrill IV (Adept)
   Personae Reflection V (Adept)
   Phantasmal Awe II (Adept)
   Pious Belt
   Plant II (Adept)
   Pledge of Armament III (Adept)
   Polestar Gloves
   Porcupine (Adept)
   Power of Mind IV (Adept)
   Prayer of Healing IV (Adept)
   Premonition IV (Adept)
   Primal Fury II (Adept)
   Prophetic Ward II (Adept)
   Protoflame (Adept)
   Provoke V (Adept)
   Pummel IV (Adept)
   Purifying Flames (Adept)
   Purifying Flames II (Adept)
   Putrefy III (Adept)
   Quick Strike V (Adept)
   Quicksand IV (Adept)
   Rampage (Adept)
   Rapidity III (Adept)
   Razor Edge III (Adept)
   Rear Shot IV (Adept)
   Refusal of Atonement (Adept)
   Regenerating Spores II (Adept)
   Regrowth IV (Adept)
   Rejuvenating Celebration II (Adept)
   Repentance III (Adept)
   Resolute Faith III (Adept)
   Resolute Flagellant (Adept)
   Restoration V (Adept)
   Revivication (Adept)
   rhodium cluster
   Riana's Relentless Tune III (Adept)
   Ridged Stiletto
   Ring of Ice (Adept)
   Ring of Sanguine Enchantments
   Ring of the Albino
   Rising Dragon III (Adept)
   Ritual Healing V (Adept)
   Roaring Flames II (Adept)
   Rob IV (Adept)
   Rob V (Adept)
   Rock Skin (Adept)
   Root IV (Adept)
   Rough Linked Hauberk
   rough ruby
   Roundhouse IV (Adept)
   Roundhouse Kick IV (Adept)
   rubicite vanguard barbute
   rubicite vanguard cuirass
   Rubicite Vanguard Spaulders
   Ruby Amulet
   Ruby Scrying Stone
   Ruined Ring
   Runic Armor IV (Adept)
   Rupture IV (Adept)
   ruthenium tablet
   Sacred Armor IV (Adept)
   Sacrifice II (Adept)
   Sacrificial Restoration V (Adept)
   Sai of Perpetual Darkness
   Sandra's Deafening Strike II (Adept)
   Sandra's Deafening Strike V (Adept)
   Sash of Perpetual Darkness
   Sash of the Albino
   Savage Assault (Adept)
   Searing Shot IV (Adept)
   Sentinel III (Adept)
   severed cedar
   Shackle IV (Adept)
   Shadow Coil III (Adept)
   Shadow Slip III (Adept)
   Shanghai II (Adept)
   Shanghai V (Adept)
   Shank II (Adept)
   Shenanigans III (Adept)
   Shoulder Charge III (Adept)
   Shout IV (Adept)
   Shroud of Armor IV (Adept)
   Shrug Off III (Adept)
   Sigil of the Cinderfoot
   Sign of Pacification IV (Adept)
   Signet of Intellect III (Adept)
   Silence III (Adept)
   Silent Threat V (Adept)
   Singing Shot III (Adept)
   Sinister Countenance II (Adept)
   Sinister Countenance III (Adept)
   Siphon Strike (Adept)
   Skullsplitter's Footwraps
   Skullsplitter's Leggings
   Slurred Insult V (Adept)
   small decaying bone
   small meaty bone
   small polished bone
   Smoldering Fists IV (Adept)
   Snaring Shot (Adept)
   Sneak Attack IV (Adept)
   Soft Rock Blocker
   Solar Flare VI (Adept)
   Solusek Efreeti Turban
   Solusek Miner's Pick
   Song of Magic IV (Adept)
   Songster's Luck IV (Adept)
   Soulrend IV (Adept)
   Spectre's Scythe
   Speechless III (Adept)
   Spirit of the Mammoth III (Adept)
   Spirits III (Adept)
   Spurious Bravado II (Adept)
   Star Sapphire Amulet
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Starnova (Adept)
   Starnova II (Adept)
   Stealth Assault II (Adept)
   Steelsung Hauberk
   Stone Apprentice Gi
   Storm of Lightning IV (Adept)
   Street Smarts III (Adept)
   Stunning Blow II (Adept)
   Stunning Roar II (Adept)
   Stupefy III (Adept)
   Sucker Punch II (Adept)
   Surge of Ro II (Adept)
   Survival Instincts II (Adept)
   Survival Instincts III (Adept)
   Swarthy Deception III (Adept)
   Sylvan Bloom VI (Adept)
   Symbol of Marzin III (Adept)
   Symbol of Perpetual Darkness
   Synergism II (Adept)
   Tallow Sealed Document
   Tap Essence II (Adept)
   Tarven's Crippling Crescendo IV (Adept)
   Teachings of the Underworld III (Adept)
   Templar's Band
   Tenacity IV (Adept)
   Tendrils of Horror II (Adept)
   Terror Chant III (Adept)
   Theorems II (Adept)
   Thulian Puzzle Box
   Thunderbolt II (Adept)
   Thunderous Overture II (Adept)
   Thuri's Doleful Thrust V (Adept)
   Thuri's Doleful Thrust VI (Adept)
   Titanium Relic
   Tormenting Conversion (Adept)
   Tranquil Vision III (Adept)
   Transfer Life II (Adept)
   Trick Shot III (Adept)
   Tyrant's Pact III (Adept)
   Umbral Warding III (Adept)
   Undergrowth (Adept)
   Unflinching Will IV (Adept)
   Unholy Covenant II (Adept)
   Unholy Covenant IV (Adept)
   Unholy Strength III (Adept)
   Untamed Regeneration III (Adept)
   Unyielding Benediction (Adept)
   Ursine Avatar III (Adept)
   Vacuum Field IV (Adept)
   Vehemence III (Adept)
   Velocity III (Adept)
   Verdant Whisper (Adept)
   Villainy III (Adept)
   Viridian Sash
   Vital Intercession IV (Adept)
   Void Contract III (Adept)
   Wail of the Banshee (Adept)
   Waistband of Haste
   Waking Dragon IV (Adept)
   Wall of Rage III (Adept)
   Ward of the Untamed II (Adept)
   Warden of the Forest III (Adept)
   Warring Deities II (Adept)
   Whirling Blades III (Adept)
   Wild Accretion III (Adept)
   Winds of Permafrost II (Adept)
   woven reinforced boots
   woven reinforced gloves
   woven reinforced skullcap
   woven reinforced wristguards
   Wrath of the Ancients II (Adept)
   Wrath Stance IV (Adept)
   a damaged superb quality elephant hide
   Advanced Adornments Volume 4
   Advanced Adornments Volume 5
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 40
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 41
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 42
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 43
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 44
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 45
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 46
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 47
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 48
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 49
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 51
   Advanced Armorer Volume 40
   Advanced Armorer Volume 41
   Advanced Armorer Volume 42
   Advanced Armorer Volume 43
   Advanced Armorer Volume 44
   Advanced Armorer Volume 45
   Advanced Armorer Volume 46
   Advanced Armorer Volume 47
   Advanced Armorer Volume 48
   Advanced Armorer Volume 49
   Advanced Armorer Volume 50
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 30
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 35
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 36
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 40
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 41
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 42
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 43
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 44
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 45
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 46
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 48
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 49
   advanced craftsman volume 15
   advanced craftsman volume 16
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 36
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 37
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 40
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 41
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 42
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 43
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 45
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 46
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 47
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 48
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 49
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 50
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 52
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 10
   Advanced Sage Volume 21
   Advanced Sage Volume 27
   Advanced Sage Volume 32
   Advanced Sage Volume 36
   Advanced Sage Volume 40
   Advanced Sage Volume 41
   Advanced Sage Volume 42
   Advanced Sage Volume 43
   Advanced Sage Volume 44
   Advanced Sage Volume 45
   Advanced Sage Volume 46
   Advanced Sage Volume 47
   Advanced Sage Volume 48
   Advanced Sage Volume 49
   Advanced Sage Volume 50
   Advanced Sage Volume 51
   Advanced Sage Volume 53
   Advanced Sage Volume 54
   Advanced Sage Volume 58
   Advanced Scholar Volume 17
   Advanced Scholar Volume 18
   Advanced Tailor Volume 21
   Advanced Tailor Volume 34
   Advanced Tailor Volume 40
   Advanced Tailor Volume 41
   Advanced Tailor Volume 42
   Advanced Tailor Volume 43
   Advanced Tailor Volume 44
   Advanced Tailor Volume 45
   Advanced Tailor Volume 46
   Advanced Tailor Volume 47
   Advanced Tailor Volume 48
   Advanced Tailor Volume 49
   Advanced Tailor Volume 52
   Advanced Tailor Volume 53
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 33
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 34
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 37
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 40
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 41
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 42
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 43
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 44
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 45
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 46
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 47
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 48
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 49
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 25
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 37
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 40
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 41
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 42
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 43
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 44
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 45
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 46
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 47
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 48
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 49
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 51
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 54
   Ancient Teachings of: Channel
   Ancient Teachings of: Control Undeath
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Close Mind
   Ancient Teachings of: Nature's Pack
   Ancient Teachings of: Ring of Fire
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Concealment
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Demoralizing Processional
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Storm of Steel
   Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots
   Chocolate Buttons
   Cotton Candy
   Enigma of the Alchemist Volume 5
   Enigma of the Armorer Volume 5
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 5
   Enigma of the Jeweler Volume 5
   Enigma of the Provisioner Volume 5
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 5
   Enigma of the Weaponsmith Volume 5
   Enigma of Transmuting Advanced Volume 5
   fragmented bloodstone
   Gum Ball
   Licorice Rope
   Nutty Chocolate Bar
   ornamental fulginate mirror
   Peanut Brittle
   rusted feyiron strongbox
   smashed ash shield
   Steelslave war totem
   Blackguard's Chain Gloves
   Catalyst's Glyphed Gloves
   Disciple's Hand Wraps
   Skirmisher's Gauntlets
   Theurgist's Blessed Plate Gloves
   "Age of Cataclysms"
   "Age of Monuments"
   "Age of Scale"
   "Age of Turmoil"
   "Destroyer's Folly"
   "How to Serve Mortals - Flowing Thoughts"
   "How to Serve Mortals - Slow Thoughts"
   "Ship's Log - Bountiful Mane"
   "The Amygamalion - The Four That Are We"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Heart"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Map"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Nightmare Creature"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Seafury Buccaneers"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Temple"
   "The Words of Freedom"
   a copper key
   a flickering lightstone
   a flickering lightstone
   a giants beard
   a giants beard
   a glowing lightstone
   a glowing lightstone
   a goblin ear
   a hellhound puppy
   a metal shard
   a mucous encrusted tendril
   a poison gland
   a shard of stone
   a thin blue band
   a thulzite gem
   a vial of adipose liquid
   a vial of drake blood
   a vial of flaming blood
   a vial of spectral essence
   a worn belt
   Aberrant Reactant
   adventurer's diary
   amethyst amulet
   an accumulation of plasma
   an arachnid leg
   an arachnid leg
   an ethereal nerve
   an insect antenna
   an insect antenna
   an insect antenna
   an insect antenna
   an insect antenna
   an insect stinger
   an insect stinger
   an insect stinger
   an insect stinger
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an insect wing
   an ivory tusk
   ancient gold coin
   ancient note of runes
   ancient silver coin
   Ancient Teachings of: Tunare's Watch
   archaic bronze cloak
   arena ticket
   Assault IV (Adept)
   Backless Earring
   Balanced Spikewood Shield
   Band of Slyness
   Barb of the Lava Arrow
   barbarian love note
   battle worn trinket
   Bear (Berserker)
   Bertoxxulan Spectre Activator
   blackened leggings
   Blackguard's Chain Gloves
   Blackguard's Spiked Chain Gloves
   blazing eye
   bloodstone necklace
   bloodstone ring
   blue scarab amulet
   bluecapped mushroom
   Bodyguard IV (Adept)
   Bone Golem (Necromancer)
   Bone Golem (Shadowknight)
   Bone Spike of the Unidentified Creature
   Bonepile (Bruiser)
   Bow of the Titan
   Brien - Clan Icereaver - Page 4
   Brien - Clan Icereaver - Page 7
   brightly glowing tome
   brittle bone chip
   broadcloth blouse
   broadcloth cap
   broadcloth cuffs
   broadcloth mitts
   broadcloth sash
   Brood Cure (Master)
   Bum Rush II (Adept)
   burned silken drape
   canine saliva
   canine saliva
   canopic jar
   Carved Treant Bark Circlet
   Catalyst's Gloves
   Chaos Form (Warlock)
   Chilling Claws III (Adept)
   Clairvoyant's Silver-Threaded Epaulets of Elements
   Clairvoyant's Silver-Threaded Leggings of Genius
   Clairvoyant's Silver-Threaded Robe of Elements
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony III (Adept)
   Clay Golem (Monk)
   Construct's Sacrifice IV (Adept)
   corroded metal gloves
   Covenant's Bow
   craftsman cap
   craftsman cape
   craftsman gloves
   craftsman vest
   Crest of Slyness
   Crest of Tunak
   dark elf hard candy
   Dead Calm III (Adept)
   Dervish (Monk)
   desiccated spectral hand
   dessicated spectral hand
   destroyed amethyst ring
   Devour Vitae II (Adept)
   Devour Vitae II (Master)
   diamondine bangle
   diamondine hoop
   diamondine tablet
   diamondine torque
   Dire Bear (Assassin)
   Dire Bear (Bruiser)
   Dire Bear (Fury)
   Dire Bear (Monk)
   Dire Bear (Mystic)
   Dire Bear (Ranger)
   Disciple's Hand Wraps
   Divine Smite V (Adept)
   Diviner's Handguards
   djinn love note
   Donnghail - Clan McNaggle - Page 4
   Donnghail - Clan McNaggle - Page 12
   Donnghail - Clan McNaggle - Page 6
   dread spider fang
   dwarf hard candy
   Earhoop of Fancy Symbols
   Earring of Fancy Symbols
   Ebon Vanguard Gauntlets
   ebon vanguard gussets
   ebon vanguard spaulders
   Emblem of Slyness
   Empowered Terror Activator
   Engraved Treant Bark Circlet
   Erollisi's Lost Longbow
   erudite love note
   etched leather pelt
   Etched Treant Bark Circlet
   exquisite burnt silk sash
   Exquisitely Carved Stone Club
   fae hard candy
   Faro' Nuk Marauder Activator
   feline incisor
   feline meat
   feyiron warhammer
   Firework: Rose Petal Shower
   flametorn shadowed cloak
   flask of fresh water
   flask of pond water
   flask of pure water
   flickering lightstone
   flickering lightstone
   flickering lightstone
   Focus of Wonders
   fragmented metal
   Frenzied Band of the War Mage
   Frenzied Crest of the War General
   Frenzied Loop of the War Priest
   Frenzied Ringlet of the War Soldier
   froglok hard candy
   Frozen Chain Boots
   Frozen Chain Bracers
   Frozen Chain Coat
   Frozen Chain Coif
   Frozen Chain Gloves
   Frozen Chain Leggings
   Frozen Chain Mantle
   Frozen Halasian Breastplate
   Frozen Halasian Gauntlets
   Frozen Halasian Helm
   Frozen Halasian Legplates
   Frozen Halasian Mantle
   Frozen Halasian Tonlets
   Frozen Halasian Vambraces
   Frozen Pouch of Ice Knives
   Frozen Sai
   Frozen Wolf Fang
   fulginate assault axe
   fulginate brigandine boots
   fulginate brigandine handguards
   fulginate brigandine helm
   fulginate brigandine leggings
   fulginate broadsword
   fulginate chainmail bracers
   fulginate chainmail coat
   fulginate chainmail coif
   fulginate chainmail gloves
   fulginate chainmail leggings
   fulginate chainmail mantle
   fulginate dagger
   fulginate knuckles
   fulginate kukri
   fulginate long sword
   fulginate platemail breastplate
   fulginate platemail gauntlets
   fulginate platemail pauldrons
   fulginate platemail vambraces
   fulginate rapier
   fulginate sai
   fulginate scimitar
   fulginate scourge
   fulginate spatha
   fulginate spear
   fulginate stiletto
   General's Token of Loyalty
   Genie (Assassin)
   Genie (Coercer)
   giant meat
   giant meat
   Glacial Lance VI (Adept)
   glimmering stone fragment
   glowing lightstone
   glowing lightstone
   glowing lightstone
   gnome hard candy
   Gnomish Bow of Unreliable Arrows
   Goblin (Berserker)
   Goblin (Brigand)
   Goblin (Mystic)
   goblin love note
   Goblin-Aqua (Brigand)
   Goblin-Aqua (Coercer)
   Goblin-Sand (Dirge)
   Goblin-Sand (Guardian)
   Goblin-Sand (Templar)
   golden emblem
   golem hard candy
   Good Eatin' - Page 10
   Good Eatin' - Page 11
   Good Eatin' - Page 12
   Greater Blood of the Wolf
   green colored gem shard
   half elf love note
   halfling love note
   Heart of the Teir'Dal
   Heavy Wool Threaded Boots
   Heavy Wool Threaded Cap
   Heavy Wool Threaded Gloves
   Heavy Wool Threaded Pants
   Heavy Wool Threaded Shoulder Pads
   Heavy Wool Threaded Tunic
   Heavy Wool Threaded Wristguards
   high elf hard candy
   Highwayman's Silver-Trimmed Chain Tunic of Silent Death
   Holy Armor II (Adept)
   human love note
   ice threaded cape
   ice threaded sleeves
   icesteel studded leather boots
   icesteel studded leather gloves
   icesteel studded leather pants
   icesteel studded leather shoulder pads
   icesteel studded leather skullcap
   icesteel studded leather tunic
   iksar hard candy
   Iksar Skeleton (Berserker)
   Iksar Skeleton (Brigand)
   Iksar Skeleton (Bruiser)
   Iksar Skeleton (Coercer)
   Iksar Skeleton (Dirge)
   Iksar Skeleton (Necromancer)
   Iksar Skeleton (Warlock)
   Impact of Shattered Stars
   impure chunk of arcane stone
   impure chunk of arcane stone
   In Search of the Wooly Mammoth - Page 11
   In Search of the Wooly Mammoth - Page 5
   In Search of the Wooly Mammoth - Page 6
   Instructor's Silverspun Gi of the Serpent
   Karana Tear
   kerra love note
   Kidney Stab IV (Adept)
   lava-razed sword of skarlon
   Lesser Essence of Acid
   Lesser Essence of Electricity
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lesser Essence of Illusion
   Lesser Essence of Nature
   Lesser Essence of Radiance
   Lesser Essence of Runes
   lizardman hard candy
   Loaminess Keeper Activator
   Local Color - Halas - Page 12
   Local Color - Halas - Page 7
   Local Color - Halas - Page 8
   Loop of Slyness
   melted bronze gloves
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Illusion
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Mummy (Bruiser)
   Mummy (Conjuror)
   Mummy (Shadowknight)
   mummy love note
   Myrmidon's Steel Reinforced Breastplate of the Sentinel
   Myrmidon's Steel Reinforced Pauldrons of the Sentinel
   Mystic's Staff of Soul Communication
   Mystical Bow of the Fallen
   Mystical Chainlinked Neckguard
   Mystical Cloaked Amulet
   Mystical Metalic Rosary
   Nightbringer's Bow
   ogre hard candy
   opaline ring
   Orb of Diamondine Gems
   orc love note
   Orc-Crushbone (Paladin)
   Orc-Snow (Assassin)
   Orc-Snow (Bruiser)
   Orc-Snow (Conjuror)
   Orc-Snow (Fury)
   Orc-Snow (Guardian)
   Orc-Snow (Ranger)
   Orc-Snow (Templar)
   Orc-Snow (Troubador)
   Ovate's Dream Seeker Hauberk of Manifestation
   page, number 12, of Good Eatin'
   Painful Lamentations III (Adept)
   Petamorph Wand: Amber Wisp
   Petamorph Wand: Dragonfly Faerie
   Petamorph Wand: Rose Wisp
   petrified erudite heart
   Polar Bear Claws
   polished amber orb
   Powerful Bear Claw
   Powerful Blood of the Wolf
   Powerful Reactant
   Preacher's Forgotten Rites Plate Barbute of Wellness
   ratonga love note
   Reckless Aide III (Adept)
   Rector's Revered Plate Cuirass of Principle
   Rector's Revered Plate Pauldrons of Principle
   relic of the desert tribes
   Ringlet of Returning Light
   Ro's Blade (Adept)
   rough linen blouse
   rough linen cap
   rough linen mitts
   rough linen pantaloons
   rough linen shawl
   Runic Foil of the Feral Mage
   Rush VI (Adept)
   Sand Strider's Wristguards
   sarnak hard candy
   Savage Ruin III (Adept)
   Sea-Worn Cutlass
   seared cog
   Shard of Love candy
   Shoulder Pads of the Forsaken
   Signet of Returning Light
   singed bronze vambraces
   Skeleton (Mystic)
   Skeleton (Paladin)
   Skeleton (Ranger)
   Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Skeleton (Swashbuckler)
   Skeleton (Templar)
   Skeleton (Troubador)
   Skeleton (Warlock)
   skeleton love note
   Skirmisher's Gauntlets
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of diatomaceous earth
   small bag of muriate of potash
   smoldering mithril torque
   Sneak Attack IV (Master)
   Soft Serpent Skin Gloves
   soot-covered chitin leggings
   Sootfoot Banded Boots
   Sootfoot Banded Handguards
   Sootfoot Banded Helm
   Sootfoot Banded Leggings
   Sootfoot Banded Shoulder Pads
   Sootfoot Banded Wristguards
   Sootfoot Forged Barbute
   Sootfoot Forged Cuirass
   Sootfoot Forged Gauntlets
   Sootfoot Forged Gussets
   Sootfoot Forged Spaulders
   Sorcerer's Wand of Decimation
   Sphere of Aquatic Divination
   Sphere of Loyal Health
   Spider (Assassin)
   Spider (Coercer)
   Spider (Inquisitor)
   Spider (Paladin)
   Spider (Ranger)
   Spider (Shadowknight)
   Spider (Wizard)
   Spinechiller Blood VI (Adept)
   Splitpaw Hide Bracers
   Staff of the Bold
   Staff of Tunare's Tears
   statue of Veeshan
   Statuette of Satrinah
   Steamfont Stalker's Shroud
   strengthened leather bandolier
   strengthened leather belt
   strengthened leather boots
   strengthened leather gloves
   strengthened leather pants
   strengthened leather pelt
   strengthened leather pelt
   strengthened leather pouch
   strengthened leather satchel
   strengthened leather sheath
   strengthened leather shoulder pads
   strengthened leather skullcap
   Strong Blood of the Wolf
   sundered metallic robes
   teakwood bo
   teakwood cudgel
   teakwood fighting batons
   teakwood greatstaff
   The Cleft Dweller - Page 15
   The Contentment - Page 10
   The Contentment - Page 12
   The Contentment - Page 6
   The Dying - Page 5
   The Dying - Page 6
   The First Battle - Page 1
   The First Battle - Page 12
   The First Battle - Page 9
   The Growing - Page 10
   The Growing - Page 11
   The Growing - Page 2
   The Last Battle - Page 12
   The Last Battle - Page 3
   the rune of ahk
   the rune of duak
   the rune of hek
   the rune of kan
   the rune of lect
   the rune of orus
   the rune of phar
   the rune of tal
   the rune of zoda
   Theurgist's Plate Gloves
   Treespeaker's Pure Rosewood Tunic of the Stargazer
   Tundra Hiker's Staff
   Tundra Walker's Cowl
   Tundra Walker's Hood
   Tundra Walker's Mitts
   Tundra Walker's Robe
   Tundra Walker's Slippers
   Ulak of the Unambiguous Threat
   velium hoop
   Vine Net V (Adept)
   Wandering Medium's Torque
   wasp carapace
   wasp carapace
   wasp stinger
   wasp stinger
   wasp wing
   Watcher's Leather Gloves
   Whittled Treant Bark Circlet
   Wolf (Berserker)
   Wolf (Bruiser)
   Wolf (Dirge)
   Wolf (Fury)
   Wolf (Illusionist)
   Wolf (Monk)
   Wolf (Paladin)
   Wolf (Ranger)
   Wolf (Templar)
   wood elf love note
   Woven Arcane Armband
   Woven Armband of the Bear
   Woven Armband of the Fox
   Woven Armband of the Owl
   Woven Armband of the Wolf
   woven augmented boots
   woven augmented gloves
   woven augmented pants
   woven augmented shoulder pads
   woven augmented skullcap
   woven augmented tunic
   woven augmented wristguards
   Woven Blessed Armband
   woven etched gloves
   woven etched shoulderpads
   Woven Marital Armband
   Woven Martial Armband

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