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\aITEM 1380104609 365653886:Lesser Essence of Runes\/a

Dropped by
a beloved retainer (Izshrash'Khar: Stratum of the Protectors [Heroic])
a chamber custodian (Ssrez'Ras: Chamber of Stasis [Heroic])
a corrosive mass (Altar of Abhorrence [Raid])
a Dervish cutthroat (The Commonlands)
a Dhujalm guardian (Kraytoc's Fortress of Rime)
a Doomwing ravager (The Fabled Laboratory of Lord Vyemm)
a Doomwing Skarize centurion (The Fabled Halls of Fate)
a Doomwing soldier (The Fabled Halls of Fate)
a Doomwing transmutilator (The Fabled Halls of Fate)
a dragonmarked cenobite (The Fabled Halls of Fate)
a dragonspawn whelp (The Fabled Halls of Fate)
a Gehein wolfmaster (Harrow's End [Raid])
a giant honey bee (The Fractured Hive [Heroic])
a greater blood daemon (The Vigilant: Rescue)
a greater boulder elemental (Xux'laio's Roost)
a Kromzek deprecator (Iceshard Keep)
a Lujien raker (Harrow's End: Baleful Dominion (Heroic))
a manifestation of rage (Shard of Hate)
a night-fervor Ashlok zealot (Wurmbone's End: Nox Incessit [x)
a Pickclaw bodyguard (High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths [Advanced Solo])
a Pickclaw wonder-waggler (High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths [Heroic])
a rage-afflicted thrashwood (Vesspyr Isles)
a rage-imbued raptor (Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory)
a rage-touched soullight (Vesspyr Isles)
a resummoned amalgum of bones (Temple of Veeshan: Laboratory of Mutation [Heroic])
a Ry'Gorr marauder (Eastern Wastes)
a Scaleborn acolyte (The Fabled Sanctum of the Scaleborn)
a Scorching Flame Titan (Temple of Veeshan: Vulak'Aerr's Dominion [Heroic])
a silent sentinel (The Fabled Sanctum of the Scaleborn)
a skeletal cobra (Temple of Veeshan: Laboratory of Mutation [Heroic])
a Skirth dreadskulk (Obol Plains)
a soothewalker (High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion [Contested])
a stonehard impaler (The Outer Vault)
a Tallonite amahn (The Vigilant: Incursion)
a Tallonite kedon (The Vigilant: Rescue)
a vampire (Castle Mistmoore)
a vile Jun'Rah militant (Ssrez'Ras: Chamber of Stasis [Heroic])
a vile lichfiend (High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion [Contested])
Aegragis the Engineer (Temple of Veeshan: Vulak'Aerr's Dominion [Heroic])
an aerakyn flayer (Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer [Heroic])
an aerakyn sharpshot (Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer [Heroic])
an agitated corpse (The Crypt of Agony)
an Ashlok cenobite (Wurmbone's End)
an emaciated Jun'Rah fanatic (Ssrez'Ras: Chamber of Stasis [Advanced Solo])
an ethereal automaton (The Nexus Core [Heroic])
An Imperial Construct (Izshrash'Khar: Stratum of the Protectors [Heroic])
an unbound tome (High Keep [Heroic])
an undead Ikat'a shaman (Izshrash'Khar: Stratum of the Protectors [Heroic])
Ca'Na elitia (Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella)
Conglomeration of Bones (Temple of Veeshan: Laboratory of Mutation [Heroic])
Ecto Malgum (Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella)
energetic malevolence (Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory)
Grand Armsmith Korin (The Fractured Hive [Heroic])
Lord Vyemm (The Fabled Laboratory of Lord Vyemm)
Luminox (The Nexus Core [Heroic])
Rhul'maldis the Librarian (Mistmyr Manor)
Sergeant Schriber (Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors)
The Axiom of Fear (The Eidolon Jungle)
The Guardian Icon (Ssrez'Ras: Chamber of Stasis [Heroic])
Ziza Cerata (The Fractured Hive [Heroic])

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   a crate containing Vyemm's head
   Ancestral Balm II (Master)
   Ball of Fire IV (Master)
   Bangle of Empowered Horrors
   Bangle of the Depraved Shaman
   Bauble of Healing Deeps
   Blackcoat Chestplate
   Darksong Blade V (Master)
   Doomrage Breastplate
   Dracomancer Vestment
   Dragonrib Club
   Essence of Deep Power
   Excarnate Trapping
   Firebrand Breastplate
   Gaudralek, Sword of the Sky
   Imbued Chainmail Greaves
   Jugular Slice IV (Master)
   Nemesis Vest
   Nightchord Tunic
   Onyx Adamantine Gauntlets
   Satchel of Mutated Flesh
   Silver Bracelet of Rage
   Silver Sword of Rage
   Sledge of Smashing
   Spiritual Circle II (Master)
   Stud of Blackest Obsidian
   Torment VI (Master)
   Vehement Skin III (Master)
   Vyemm's Fang
   Bone Clad Staff
   Bracelet of Haunted Visions
   Doomseer Bracers
   Doomwing Warfork
   Ecto Malgum Sphere
   Malgum Skin Gloves
   McCabe's Double-Dealing Pants
   Midnight Chain Leggings
   Midnight Loop
   Ring of the Oblitora
   Sash of the Spurned
   Silver Entwined Pendant
   The Voevoda's Trinket
   a drakota claw
   a drakota eye
   a drakota scale
   a drakota tongue
   a drakota tooth
   a droag hide
   a droag horn
   a droag jaw
   a droag ribcage
   a droag tooth
   a giant ear
   a golem animating force
   a golem corporeal shell
   a golem motive prism
   a golem obedience chain
   a golem sentience leash
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   a werewolf claw
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   an orc ear
   an orc eye
   an orc skin
   an orc spine
   an orc tooth
   Ancestral Avenger III (Adept)
   Ash Root Cord
   Awakened Scaleguard chain boots
   Awakened Scaleguard chain chestguard
   Awakened Scaleguard chain coif
   Awakened Scaleguard chain gloves
   Awakened Scaleguard chain leggings
   Awakened Scaleguard chain sleeves
   Awakened Scaleguard cloth cap
   Awakened Scaleguard cloth robe
   Awakened Scaleguard cloth sleeves
   Awakened Scaleguard leather boots
   Awakened Scaleguard leather breeches
   Awakened Scaleguard leather hands
   Awakened Scaleguard leather sleeves
   Awakened Scaleguard leather tunic
   Awakened Scaleguard plate boots
   Awakened Scaleguard plate breastplate
   Awakened Scaleguard plate gauntlets
   Awakened Scaleguard plate greaves
   Awakened Scaleguard plate helm
   Awakened Scaleguard plate vambraces
   Azurite Forged Guard
   Azurite Heavy Mace
   Azurite Mageblade
   B'Aelsqui's Sash
   Band of the Coven
   Battery and Assault VI (Adept)
   Beeswax Sealed Document
   Beryllium Relic
   Black Silk Breeches
   Black Silk Doublet
   Black Silk Gloves
   Black Silk Sleeves
   Crumbled Shale Spaulders
   Dark Kindred Hoop
   Dark Siphoning IV (Adept)
   Deadly Focus III (Adept)
   Dustworn Bracer
   Emberstrike V (Adept)
   Emerald Amulet
   Emerald Scrying Stone
   Faned Stygian Axe
   Faywax Sealed Document
   Flamewrought Sealed Document
   Healing Fate V (Adept)
   Hunter's Steelweave Leggings
   large meaty bone
   Moonstone Amulet
   Moonstone Encrusted Blade
   Moonstone Scrying Stone
   Netherealm II (Adept)
   Nightfrost Longbow
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Primal Fury IV (Adept)
   Redhaze Chain Shoulders
   Ruby Amulet
   Signet of the League Arcanists
   Signet of the League Guardians
   Skeletal Grasp III (Adept)
   Storming Tempest II (Adept)
   Stygian Chain Pauldrons
   Stygian Chain Tunic
   Stygian Plate Gauntlets
   Stygian Plate Leggings
   Titanium Relic
   Twice-Traded Beads
   Vehement Skin III (Adept)
   Xegonite Relic
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 67
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 62
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 69
   Advanced Sage Volume 68
   Advanced Tailor Volume 67
   Advanced Tailor Volume 69
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 68
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 69
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 66
   Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica
   Candy Corn
   Chocolate Buttons
   Fruit Flavored Hard Candy
   Nutty Chocolate Bar
   Peanut Brittle
   a battle-worn horn of the Awakened aerakyn
   a binding law of the Horde
   a bookminion dogear
   a draconic sword hilt
   a dragon scale
   a drake scale
   a glistening eye of the Awakened aerakyn
   a glowing brand of the Horde
   a leathery wing of the Awakened aerakyn
   a mystic stone
   a scaled skin sample of the Awakened aerakyn
   a scourge rune
   a seer lore almanac
   a sphinx eye amulet
   a sword hilt of the Sentinel Prime
   a trail map
   a vampiric incisor
   a velium etched circlet
   a vial of drake blood
   a void rune
   Abhorrent Seal V (Master)
   Absolute Corruption VI (Master)
   Acid IX (Master)
   Act of War V (Master)
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 94
   Advanced Armorer Volume 94
   Advanced Armorer Volume 95
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 94
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 95
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 94
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 95
   Advanced Sage Volume 94
   Advanced Sage Volume 95
   Advanced Tailor Volume 95
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 94
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 95
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 94
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 95
   Aegolism VII (Adept)
   Aery Hunter VI (Master)
   an ancestral champions sword
   an Erudin amulet
   an eternal name of the Horde
   an ethereal limb of the Horde
   an illuminated bookminion page
   an oblivion rune
   an unnerving eye of the Horde
   Ancestral Avatar IV (Adept)
   Ancestral Globe of Manifestation
   Ancestral Mettle VII (Master)
   Aqueous Swarm VI (Adept)
   Arctic Blast VI (Adept)
   Armor of Seasons VII (Master)
   ashes of dark rituals
   Assassin's Stud
   avocet talon
   Awakened steel bracers
   Awakened steel dagger
   Awakened steel flight shield
   Awakened steel flight spear
   Awakened steel holy symbol
   Awakened steel longsword
   B'Aelsqui's Sash
   Backstab VIII (Master)
   bag of gypsum
   Band of the Coven
   Band of the Master Summoner
   Bash VIII (Master)
   Battlemaster's Cobalt Breastplate
   Bedeviled Bone Shank
   Belt of Draconic Engineer
   Berserk Rage IX (Master)
   Bertoxxulan Spectre Activator
   Black Silk Breeches
   Black Silk Doublet
   Black Silk Gloves
   Black Silk Sleeves
   blackened cobra fang
   Blasted Control Rod
   Bloodbath VIII (Master)
   Bloodless Stratagem
   Bloodlust V (Adept)
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator (Eidolon Jungle)
   Bone Golem (Necromancer)
   Bone Golem (Shadowknight)
   Bone Reinforced Belt
   Bracelet of Haunted Visions
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet VII (Adept)
   broken sword hilt
   Castigate III (Master)
   Cease VII (Master)
   Cerata's Wax Seal
   Chainmail Helm of the Shadestalker
   Chaos VII (Master)
   Charged Adornment of Aggressiveness
   Charged Adornment of Agility
   Charged Adornment of Blasting
   Charged Adornment of Critical Chance
   Charged Adornment of Defense
   Charged Adornment of Endurance
   Charged Adornment of Energy
   Charged Adornment of Extra Attacks
   Charged Adornment of Haste
   Charged Adornment of Heightened Power
   Charged Adornment of Intelligence
   Charged Adornment of Magical Skill
   Charged Adornment of Mending
   Charged Adornment of Parrying
   Charged Adornment of Raw Power
   Charged Adornment of Reuse
   Charged Adornment of Strength
   Charged Adornment of Swift Casting
   Charged Adornment of Weaponry
   Charged Adornment of Wisdom
   Charm VIII (Master)
   Chilling Claws V (Adept)
   Chimera Feathered Wristlet
   chipped ivory mask
   Clarion VIII (Adept)
   Clay Golem (Monk)
   Construct's Sacrifice VIII (Adept)
   Construct's Sacrifice VIII (Master)
   Corollary of Daring
   Corollary of Spirit
   Corrupted Gnomeskin Cap
   Corrupted Primal Velium Sabatons
   Cracked Crystal Key
   Crippling Arrow VII (Adept)
   Crouching Tiger VII (Master)
   Crumbled Shale Spaulders
   Crusade VII (Adept)
   Cryptic Blazoned Chestguard
   Cryptic Boots of the Fanatic Warrior
   Cryptic Hive Defender's Bracers
   Cryptic Hive Defender's Chain Bracers
   Cryptic Plaguebringer's Robes
   Crystallized Shadow Chainmail Helm
   Crystallized Shadowbeast Plate Helm
   Crystallized Shadowsilk Hood
   Cursed Coin of Graverobbers
   Dark Kindred Hoop
   Dark Nebula VII (Master)
   Dark Shadow Drake
   Deadly Shot VII (Adept)
   Deadly Shot VII (Master)
   Death Swarm VIII (Adept)
   Devastation Fist V (Adept)
   Divine Inspiration VII (Adept)
   Drachnid (Defiler)
   Draconic Forged Blade
   Draconic Forged Breastplate
   Draconic Forged Legguards
   Draconic Forged Pauldrons
   dragon hoard keys
   Drake (Coercer)
   Drake (Conjuror)
   Drake (Defiler)
   Drake (Warlock)
   Droag (Assassin)
   Droag (Berserker)
   Droag (Defiler)
   Droag (Guardian)
   Droag (Mystic)
   Droag (Shadowknight)
   Droag (Wizard)
   droag love note
   Duhjalm Sentinel Activator
   Earthkeeper's Winter Weave Tunic
   Empowered Terror Activator
   Energized Shard
   Engineer's Belt of Ringmail
   Engineer's Ringmail Belt
   Entrance VIII (Master)
   erudite love note
   ethereal strand
   Exquisite Emerald
   Exquisite Malachite
   Fabled Awakened Effigy of Vyemm's Power
   Fabled Vyemm's Mutagenic Heart
   Fabled Writ of Dragon's Grit
   Fanged Lupine Hoop
   Faro' Nuk Marauder Activator
   Faydwer Chain Pattern: Chest
   Faydwer Chain Pattern: Legs
   Faydwer Cloth Pattern: Chest
   Faydwer Cloth Pattern: Legs
   Faydwer Leather Pattern: Chest
   Faydwer Leather Pattern: Legs
   Faydwer Plate Pattern: Chest
   Faydwer Plate Pattern: Legs
   Fervent Faith III (Adept)
   Fervent Faith IV (Master)
   Fiery Annihilation VIII (Adept)
   Flash of Steel IX (Master)
   flask of deep water
   flask of enchanted water
   Flawless Azurite
   Fused Mana Battery
   Fusion III (Adept)
   Gauntlets of Energy
   Gemmed Essence of Thievery
   Girdle of the Engineer
   Give Unto the Gods
   Glacial Flames VI (Adept)
   Glacial Lance XI (Adept)
   Glimpse of Eternity
   Glowing Mutagenic Gemstone
   gnawed bone
   Gnomeskin Cap of the Shadowdweller
   Goblin (Berserker)
   Goblin (Brigand)
   Goblin (Mystic)
   goblin love note
   Goblin-Aqua (Brigand)
   Goblin-Aqua (Coercer)
   Goblin-Sand (Dirge)
   Goblin-Sand (Guardian)
   Goblin-Sand (Templar)
   golem core
   golem core
   golem hard candy
   Graceful Avoidance VII (Master)
   Great Shelf Cap
   Great Shelf Hood
   Greaves of Recollected Vengeance
   Greensteel Hammer
   Grotesque Thick-Banded Belt
   Gut Kick VIII (Adept)
   Hangman's Noose VII (Adept)
   Hangman's Noose VII (Master)
   Harbinger VII (Adept)
   Hawk Attack III (Adept)
   Healing Fate VI (Master)
   Hidden Shot VI (Adept)
   Holy Armor VIII (Master)
   Hunter's Steelweave Leggings
   Iceshield VI (Master)
   Icy Adornment of Defense
   Iksar Skeleton (Berserker)
   Iksar Skeleton (Conjuror)
   Iksar Skeleton (Templar)
   Immaculate Gold Beryl
   Immaculate Nephrite
   Intimidation VII (Master)
   Jun'Rah Prayer Necklace
   Lanet's Excruciating Scream VII (Master)
   large solid chunk of clay
   Lesser Essence of Acid
   Lesser Essence of Electricity
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lesser Essence of Illusion
   Lesser Essence of Nature
   Lesser Essence of Pestilence
   Lesser Essence of Radiance
   Lesser Essence of Shadow
   Lich (Necromancer)
   Lightning Fists VI (Adept)
   Loaminess Keeper Activator
   Maddening Swarm IV (Adept)
   Maddening Swarm V (Master)
   Major Essence of Electricity
   Master of the Hunt VI (Adept)
   Meliorate X (Master)
   Ministration IX (Adept)
   Miracle Shot VI (Master)
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Moderate Essence of Illusion
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Nature's Pack IV (Adept)
   Nature's Renewal V (Master)
   Netherlord IV (Adept)
   Nightshade's Choker of Stealth
   Noxious Efflux VII (Master)
   Oberon IV (Master)
   One Hundred Hand Punch IV (Adept)
   Orc-Snow (Necromancer)
   Paralyzing Strike V (Adept)
   Peaceful Link V (Adept)
   Peaceful Link VI (Master)
   Pearlescent Stoneshard
   Peerless Predator VI (Master)
   Perfection of the Maestro III (Master)
   Personae Reflection IX (Master)
   Plague VIII (Adept)
   pointy wasp stinger
   polished amber orb
   Power of Mind VIII (Adept)
   Precise Strike VI (Master)
   Primal Velium Shard
   Pristine Chrysoberyl
   Pristine Moonstone
   pristine orc femur
   pristine orc rib cage
   pristine orc skull
   Protoflame V (Adept)
   Ranger's Blade VII (Master)
   Rapidity IV (Adept)
   Rapidity IV (Master)
   rawhide leather pelt
   Redhaze Chain Gauntlets
   Redhaze Chain Leggings
   Redhaze Chain Shoulders
   Redhaze Chain Tunic
   Refined Adamantite
   Refined Topaz
   Regrowth VIII (Adept)
   Regrowth VIII (Master)
   Rejuvenating Celebration V (Adept)
   Rejuvenating Celebration VI (Master)
   Rejuvenation IX (Adept)
   relucent wasp wing
   Rising Phoenix V (Adept)
   Roaring Flames V (Adept)
   Rob IX (Master)
   Roundhouse Kick VIII (Adept)
   Rune: Crit Bonus
   Rune: Damage Per Second
   Rune: Doublecast
   Rune: Fighter's Potency
   Rune: Flurry
   Rune: Potency
   Rune: Power
   Runic Armor VIII (Adept)
   runic book
   Rush X (Adept)
   Sarnak-Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Sash of Strange Symbols
   Sash of the Spurned
   Schriber's Shadowfang
   Scourge of the Drill Master
   Sentry Sledgehammer
   Shadow Sergeant's Morning Star
   Shank VI (Master)
   Shattered High Keep Heartstone
   Shroud of Armor VII (Adept)
   Sibyl's Ill Omen Spaulders
   Signet of the League Arcanists
   Signet of the League Guardians
   Silent Threat VIII (Adept)
   Singing Shot VI (Adept)
   Siphon Strength VI (Master)
   Siphon Strike V (Adept)
   Siphoning of Souls IV (Master)
   Skeletal Stratagem
   Skeleton (Assassin)
   Skeleton (Guardian)
   Skeleton (Mystic)
   Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Skeleton (Templar)
   Sky Warden's Wand
   Slam VI (Master)
   small bag of compost
   solid clay skull
   spirit essence
   Starnova V (Adept)
   statue of Veeshan
   statue of Xegony
   Stoneshard Recipe: Aerakyn Guardian Stone
   Stoneshard Recipe: Jun'Rah Seer's Crystal
   Stoneshard Recipe: Pickclaw Trickster's Gemstone
   Stratagem of the Departed
   Stud of Unfathomable Terror
   Sublime Prismatic Adornment Dislodger
   Sundered Pendant
   Surge of Ro V (Adept)
   Sword of Readiness
   Tap Veins IV (Adept)
   tattered pegasus cloak
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 10
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 3
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 4
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 5
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 7
   Teachings of Master Wu - Page 8
   Tenacity VII (Adept)
   Tenacity VIII (Master)
   The Voevoda's Trinket
   thickened root horror sap
   Tranquility III (Master)
   Transfer Life VI (Adept)
   Twice-Traded Beads
   Unholy Strength VI (Adept)
   Untamed Regeneration VII (Master)
   Vampire (Berserker)
   Vampire (Necromancer)
   vampire love note
   Vampire-Greater (Coercer)
   Vampire-Greater (Guardian)
   Vampire-Greater (Ranger)
   Vampire-Greater (Wizard)
   Vector of Life III (Adept)
   Viswin's Hunting Chaps
   void-soaked flower
   war fist
   Waxformed Amulet
   white lotus seeds
   white satin glove
   Wild Ethertouched Rune Pattern
   Willow Wisp VII (Master)
   Winds of Velious IV (Adept)
   Winter's Frozen Essence
   Worn Compound Bow
   Zongshi's Fallen Leaves Arm Wraps

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