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\aITEM 13314344 1661729154:Bangle of Seamless Strikes\/a

Dropped by
Sara Greenheart (Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory)

Confirmed Locations
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Mob that drops this item also drops
   Bangle of Dying Woods
   Blood Channeled Bracelet
   Bracelet of Removed Lands
   Cap of Might and Mind
   Chain of Deathly Blows
   Helm of Altered States
   Helm of Refined Destruction
   Hood of Definitive Power
   Battle Warped Wood
   Void Warped Wood
   Amber Amulet
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   Abandoned Fury VII (Master)
   Acid Storm II (Master)
   Act of War V (Master)
   Allegretto VII (Master)
   Alleviation VII (Master)
   Amnesia III (Master)
   Ancestral Avenger V (Master)
   Ancestral Mettle VI (Master)
   Ancestral Sentry II (Master)
   Ancient Terror V (Master)
   Ancient Wrath VII (Master)
   Apocalypse IV (Master)
   Apply Poison III (Master)
   Aqueous Swarm VI (Master)
   Arctic Blast VI (Master)
   Armor of Nature VII (Master)
   Arrow Rip V (Master)
   Aspect of Darkness VII (Master)
   Assassinate IV (Master)
   Asylum VII (Master)
   Autumn's Kiss VII (Master)
   Avoid Blame VI (Master)
   Awestruck V (Master)
   Ball Lightning II (Master)
   Barroom Negotiation VII (Master)
   Bash VIII (Master)
   Berserker Onslaught VI (Master)
   Black Jack VI (Master)
   Bladeweaver VII (Master)
   Blazing Avatar IV (Master)
   Blighted Horde VI (Master)
   Bloodcloud VI (Master)
   Bob and Weave VII (Master)
   Body Like Mountain VI (Master)
   Boon of the Damned VI (Master)
   Bracelet of Dedication
   Bracelet of Proofing
   Brambles VII (Master)
   Breeze VI (Master)
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet VI (Master)
   Bruising IV (Master)
   Brutality VII (Master)
   Bum Rush VII (Master)
   Call of Storms III (Master)
   Cease VII (Master)
   Challenge VII (Master)
   Chromatic Shower IV (Master)
   Coif of Rigorous Striking
   Coif of Worshipped Will
   Communion II (Master)
   Condemn VIII (Master)
   Consecrate III (Master)
   Crippling Arrow VI (Master)
   Dark Blade VII (Master)
   Deadly Shot VII (Master)
   Death Blow III (Master)
   Deathward II (Master)
   Debilitate IV (Master)
   Decimate III (Master)
   Decree IV (Master)
   Defile III (Master)
   Demoralizing Processional III (Master)
   Destructive Mind VI (Master)
   Devious Blade V (Master)
   Devour Vitae VI (Master)
   Devouring Mist IV (Master)
   Dire Balm IX (Master)
   Dispatch III (Master)
   Divide and Conquer II (Master)
   Doppelganger II (Master)
   Doppleganger II (Master)
   Double Throw VI (Master)
   Dragon Rage VI (Master)
   Earthquake VI (Master)
   Ensnare VII (Master)
   Essence Shift VII (Master)
   Extract Mana VII (Master)
   Faerie Ally II (Master)
   Fanaticism IV (Master)
   Fancy Footwork VI (Master)
   Fear VI (Master)
   Firestorm VII (Master)
   Flash of Brilliance VI (Master)
   Flurry of Blades VI (Master)
   Focused Intervention IV (Master)
   Forced Obedience VI (Master)
   Forward Charge VII (Master)
   Fuliginous Whip VI (Master)
   Garsin's Funeral March VI (Master)
   Grasp of Bertoxxulous VII (Master)
   Grasping Bones VI (Master)
   Grisly Protection VII (Master)
   Harvest Mana VI (Master)
   Heal Servant VIII (Master)
   Helm of Altered Remedies
   Hidden Shot VI (Master)
   Hierophantic Genesis IV (Master)
   Holy Strike VI (Master)
   Hood of Visionary Being
   Howl of Death VI (Master)
   Howl of the Damned VII (Master)
   Hunter's Instinct VII (Master)
   Ice Comet IV (Master)
   Ice Storm VIII (Master)
   Iceshield VI (Master)
   Immobilizing Lunge VII (Master)
   Imprecate VIII (Master)
   Inner Calm VII (Master)
   Inquisition II (Master)
   Inspired Daring IV (Master)
   Iron Will VI (Master)
   Jael's Dreadful Deprivation VI (Master)
   Karana's Hold VII (Master)
   Kidney Stab VII (Master)
   Lich IV (Master)
   Litany V (Master)
   Lucidity VII (Master)
   Lucky Gambit VIII (Master)
   Lullaby IV (Master)
   Maelstrom IV (Master)
   Magma Chamber VII (Master)
   Mark of Divinity VI (Master)
   Masked Strike VII (Master)
   Mesmerize VIII (Master)
   Mind's Eye IV (Master)
   Ministration IX (Master)
   Miracle Shot V (Master)
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Mutilate VII (Master)
   Necromantic Pact VII (Master)
   Necrotic Reconstruction VIII (Master)
   Netherealm III (Master)
   Netherlord IV (Master)
   Night Strike VIII (Master)
   Nightmare VII (Master)
   Noxious Efflux VI (Master)
   Noxious Symphony VI (Master)
   Oberon IV (Master)
   Oration of Sacrifice III (Master)
   Outward Calm III (Master)
   Overpower VII (Master)
   Paralyzing Strike V (Master)
   Peel II (Master)
   Penance VIII (Master)
   Penitent Kick VII (Master)
   Personae Reflection VIII (Master)
   Photosynthesis VIII (Master)
   polished amber orb
   Porcupine IV (Master)
   Prismatic Chaos VI (Master)
   Rampage IV (Master)
   Rays of Disintegration II (Master)
   Rebuke VIII (Master)
   Redemption V (Master)
   Regrowth VIII (Master)
   Rejuvenating Celebration V (Master)
   Repent II (Master)
   Riana's Relentless Tune VII (Master)
   Rob VIII (Master)
   Roundhouse Kick VII (Master)
   Rupture VII (Master)
   Savage Assault IV (Master)
   Seal of Arad
   Searing Shot VII (Master)
   Shank V (Master)
   Shock Wave IV (Master)
   Shoulder Charge VII (Master)
   Shout VII (Master)
   Shroud of Bertoxxulous VI (Master)
   Sign of Pacification VII (Master)
   Signet of Intellect VII (Master)
   Silent Palm IV (Master)
   Siphoning of Souls III (Master)
   Sleight of Hand II (Master)
   Snap of the Wrist VII (Master)
   Snipe VII (Master)
   Spirit of the Bat IV (Master)
   Stealth Assault VI (Master)
   Storm of Arrows IV (Master)
   Striking Cobra VII (Master)
   Sylvan Bloom IX (Master)
   Symbol of Marzin VI (Master)
   Tap Essence VI (Master)
   Taunting Blow VIII (Master)
   Thorny Trap III (Master)
   Torment VIII (Master)
   Transcendence VII (Master)
   Transfer Life V (Master)
   Triple Shot VI (Master)
   Unending Agony VII (Master)
   Unswerving Hammer III (Master)
   Untamed Regeneration VII (Master)
   Uppercut V (Master)
   Ursine Avatar VI (Master)
   Vampirism II (Master)
   Void Contract VII (Master)
   Wail of the Banshee IV (Master)
   Waking Dragon VII (Master)
   Weapon Counter V (Master)
   Wild Accretion VII (Master)
   Word of Redemption VII (Master)
   Wrath Stance VII (Master)
   Wristlet of Shaded Worlds

Item submitted by Xede on 2010-04-23 13:24:09

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