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\aITEM 1284315391 -708784824:Bodyguard (Adept)\/a

Dropped by
a Big Bend rat (Big Bend)
a frozen grappler (Frostfang Sea)
a Sablevein digger (Darklight Wood)
a Sablevein stonewalker (Darklight Wood)
a wilderbear (Outpost of the Overlord)
Mabel (Outpost of the Overlord)
The Revenant of Prexus (Sunken City)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Backstab (Master)
   Beatdown (Master)
   Dark Blade (Master)
   Evade (Adept)
   Incinerate (Master)
   Insidious Whisper (Master)
   Knight's Stance (Master)
   Nature's Salve II (Master)
   Painbringer (Master)
   Tenacity (Master)
   Thorncoat (Master)
   Prexian Leggings
   a decomposing zombie organ
   Abandoned Fury (Adept)
   Aegolism (Adept)
   an elemental binding rune
   an elemental essence well
   an elemental fascination rune
   an elemental planar seed
   an elemental summoned core
   Armored (Adept)
   Bash II (Adept)
   Battery and Assault (Adept)
   Bear Skin Boots
   Berserk Rage (Adept)
   Bum Rush (Adept)
   Chains of Torment (Adept)
   Chromatic Storm (Adept)
   Dark Blade (Adept)
   Deadly Shot (Adept)
   Death Swarm (Adept)
   Evade (Adept)
   Flow Like Wind (Adept)
   Forward Charge (Adept)
   Frozen Palm (Adept)
   Harbinger (Adept)
   Harl's Rousing Tune (Adept)
   Hemorrhage (Adept)
   Holdup (Adept)
   Hoop of Prexus
   Ice Spears (Adept)
   Incinerate (Adept)
   Karana's Hold (Adept)
   Knee Break (Adept)
   Knight's Stance (Adept)
   Lucidity (Adept)
   Mabel's Bell
   Mesmerize (Adept)
   Ministration (Adept)
   Mock (Adept)
   Mug (Adept)
   Nature's Salve (Adept)
   Pandemic II (Adept)
   Premonition (Adept)
   Puncture II (Adept)
   Roundhouse Kick (Adept)
   Runic Armor (Adept)
   Slurred Insult II (Adept)
   Smoldering Fists (Adept)
   Solar Flare (Adept)
   Soulrend (Adept)
   Soulrot (Adept)
   Stitched Shawl
   Sylvan Bloom (Adept)
   Tenacity (Adept)
   Thornskin (Adept)
   Torment (Adept)
   Unflinching Will (Adept)
   Vacuum Field (Adept)
   Wellspring Bangle
   Wellspring Belt
   Wellspring Bracelet
   Wellspring Choker
   Wellspring Earring
   Wellspring Hoop
   Wellspring Necklace
   Wellspring Ring
   Wellspring Sash
   Wellspring Signet
   Wrath Stance (Adept)
   Advanced Artisan Volume 4
   Jelly Beans
   a bovine horn
   a crab claw
   a fragment of terrain
   a ground stone
   a vial of bovine blood
   black spider silk
   Cleric's Shaped Plate Boots
   crab meat
   Double-Cross (Adept)
   Druid's Sewn Leather Gloves
   Faith Strike (Adept)
   Fiery Carnelian
   rawhide leather pelt
   rawhide leather pelt
   Shout (Adept)
   Spinechiller Blood (Master)
   Vine Net (Adept)
   Weakened Bear Claw

Item submitted by Yummy on 2009-06-27 03:14:22

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