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\aITEM 104109272 -1611468480:a chokidai warhound Dungeon Maker Spawner\/a

Dropped by
a C-9 unit (Kunzar Jungle)
a chokidai alpha (Sebilis)
a chokidai bloodhound (Chardok)
a chokidai bonesnapper (Kylong Plains)
a chokidai gnawer (Chardok)
a chokidai mongrel (Sebilis)
a chokidai pup (Sebilis)
a chokidai sniffer (Jarsath Wastes)
a chokidai warhound (Chardok)
a decaying hunter (Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha)
a feral chokidai scavenger (Kunzar Jungle)
a scaled hunter (Fens of Nathsar)
a wild chokidai (Timorous Deep)
an elite C-9 unit (Kunzar Jungle)
Grassgalor (Timorous Deep)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Black Jack V (Master)
   Blasphemy VI (Master)
   Bloodletter (Master)
   Bruising Spirit V (Master)
   Glacial Flames V (Master)
   Hemorrhage III (Master)
   Slothful Spirit II (Master)
   Storming Tempest II (Master)
   Stunning Blow IV (Master)
   Thorncoat VII (Master)
   Assassin's Stud
   Bathezid Brigade Greaves
   Crystalline Short Sword
   Force Hoop
   Fulgent Armguards of Sagacity
   Fur Lined Slippers
   Hardened Marrow Necklace
   Iksar Bone Loop
   Mutegenica Manacle
   Polished Deklium Chestplate
   Sarnak Hide Buckler
   Sebilite Croaking Dirk
   Silver Entwined Pendant
   Soulsiphon Leggings
   Star of Morning's Glory
   Strengthened Twine Necklace
   Abandoned Fury VI (Adept)
   Abhorrent Seal III (Adept)
   Absolute Corruption IV (Adept)
   Acid Storm (Adept)
   Act of War IV (Adept)
   Adventurer's Amulet of Elements
   Adventurer's Armguards of Devotion
   Adventurer's Armguards of Grace
   Adventurer's Armguards of the Iron-heart
   Adventurer's Belt of Grace
   Adventurer's Belt of the Oceans
   Adventurer's Boots of Elements
   Adventurer's Bow of Knowledge
   Adventurer's Bow of Storms
   Adventurer's Breastplate of Knowledge
   Adventurer's Breastplate of the Soldier
   Adventurer's Buckler of the Oceans
   Adventurer's Chaps of the Oceans
   Adventurer's Chaps of the Stoic
   Adventurer's Collar of the Knight
   Adventurer's Dagger of the Stoic
   Adventurer's Gauntlets of the Soldier
   Adventurer's Gloves of Devotion
   Adventurer's Gloves of Knowledge
   Adventurer's Gloves of Storms
   Adventurer's Great Staff of the Iron-heart
   Adventurer's Great-axe of Grace
   Adventurer's Great-axe of the Stoic
   Adventurer's Greaves of Elements
   Adventurer's Greaves of the Stoic
   Adventurer's Handguards of Clouds
   Adventurer's Hood of Clouds
   Adventurer's Hood of Knowledge
   Adventurer's Knuckles of Knowledge
   Adventurer's Mitts of Clouds
   Adventurer's Pantaloons of Devotion
   Adventurer's Pantaloons of the Oceans
   Adventurer's Pouch of Clouds
   Adventurer's Ring of Fangs
   Adventurer's Shoulder Pads of Devotion
   Adventurer's Sleeves of Grace
   Adventurer's Slippers of Elements
   Adventurer's Slippers of the Soldier
   Adventurer's Spaulders of the Stoic
   Adventurer's Staff of Knowledge
   Adventurer's Staff of Storms
   Adventurer's Symbol of the Stoic
   Adventurer's Tunic of Clouds
   Adventurer's Tunic of Concentration
   Adventurer's Tunic of the Knight
   Adventurer's Tunic of the Tree
   Adventurer's Vambraces of the Knight
   Adventurer's Vest of Clouds
   Adventurer's Vest of Devotion
   Ancestral Avatar III (Adept)
   Ancestral Savior IV (Adept)
   Ancestral Ward (Adept)
   Ancient Amulet of Clouds
   Ancient Amulet of the Stoic
   Ancient Armguards of Clouds
   Ancient Band of Clouds
   Ancient Band of Knowledge
   Ancient Band of the Stoic
   Ancient Belt of the Tempest
   Ancient Bow of the Sun
   Ancient Breastplate of Concentration
   Ancient Buckler of Mirrors
   Ancient Chaps of Concentration
   Ancient Chaps of Prophets
   Ancient Chaps of Storms
   Ancient Chaps of the Guardian
   Ancient Chaps of the Iron-heart
   Ancient Collar of Devotion
   Ancient Dagger of Beasts
   Ancient Earring of Devotion
   Ancient Earring of Survival
   Ancient Gauntlets of Fangs
   Ancient Gauntlets of Knowledge
   Ancient Gloves of the Gambler
   Ancient Gloves of the Guardian
   Ancient Great Spear of Survival
   Ancient Great Spear of the Deep
   Ancient Great Spear of the Gambler
   Ancient Great Staff of Storms
   Ancient Great Staff of the Tempest
   Ancient Great-axe of Battle
   Ancient Great-axe of Devotion
   Ancient Great-axe of Mirrors
   Ancient Greaves of the Knight
   Ancient Greaves of the Tree
   Ancient Handguards of Battle
   Ancient Handguards of Fangs
   Ancient Helm of Storms
   Ancient Knuckles of Devotion
   Ancient Knuckles of Mirrors
   Ancient Knuckles of the Tempest
   Ancient Leggings of Grace
   Ancient Leggings of Storms
   Ancient Mitts of Vision
   Ancient Pantaloons of Beasts
   Ancient Pantaloons of Grace
   Ancient Pantaloons of the Nimble
   Ancient Pouch of Grace
   Ancient Pouch of the Gambler
   Ancient Ring of the Nimble
   Ancient Sabatons of Devotion
   Ancient Sabatons of the Knight
   Ancient Sandals of Concentration
   Ancient Sandals of the Iron-heart
   Ancient Sandals of the Knight
   Ancient Shortsword of Elements
   Ancient Shoulder Pads of the Knight
   Ancient Shroud VII (Adept)
   Ancient Sleeves of Prophets
   Ancient Sleeves of the Gambler
   Ancient Slippers of the Guardian
   Ancient Slippers of the Oceans
   Ancient Staff of the Soldier
   Ancient Staff of the Tree
   Ancient Symbol of the Tempest
   Ancient Terror IV (Adept)
   Ancient Towershield of Concentration
   Ancient Towershield of the Iron-heart
   Ancient Towershield of the Tree
   Ancient Vambraces of Concentration
   Ancient Vambraces of the Gambler
   Ancient Vambraces of the Nimble
   Ancient Vest of the Deep
   Ancient Vest of the Guardian
   Aneurysm VI (Adept)
   Arcane Amulet of Light
   Arcane Amulet of the Gambler
   Arcane Amulet of the Knight
   Arcane Amulet of the Nimble
   Arcane Amulet of the Tree
   Arcane Armguards of Battle
   Arcane Armguards of Elements
   Arcane Armguards of the Tempest
   Arcane Band of Clouds
   Arcane Band of Fangs
   Arcane Band of Knowledge
   Arcane Band of Light
   Arcane Band of the Guardian
   Arcane Band of the Nimble
   Arcane Belt of Devotion
   Arcane Belt of Storms
   Arcane Belt of Survival
   Arcane Belt of the Guardian
   Arcane Belt of the Oceans
   Arcane Belt of the Sun
   Arcane Boots of Battle
   Arcane Boots of Beasts
   Arcane Boots of Elements
   Arcane Boots of Knowledge
   Arcane Boots of the Tree
   Arcane Bow of the Deep
   Arcane Bow of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Bow of the Stoic
   Arcane Bracers of Concentration
   Arcane Bracers of Devotion
   Arcane Bracers of Fangs
   Arcane Bracers of Knowledge
   Arcane Bracers of Mirrors
   Arcane Bracers of Storms
   Arcane Bracers of the Deep
   Arcane Breastplate of Clouds
   Arcane Breastplate of Survival
   Arcane Breastplate of the Gambler
   Arcane Breastplate of the Tempest
   Arcane Buckler of Fangs
   Arcane Buckler of the Soldier
   Arcane Chaps of Clouds
   Arcane Chaps of Devotion
   Arcane Chaps of Fangs
   Arcane Chaps of Storms
   Arcane Chaps of the Sun
   Arcane Chaps of Vision
   Arcane Collar of Battle
   Arcane Collar of Elements
   Arcane Collar of the Deep
   Arcane Collar of the Nimble
   Arcane Collar of the Soldier
   Arcane Collar of the Sun
   Arcane Collar of the Tempest
   Arcane Collar of the Tree
   Arcane Cowl of Concentration
   Arcane Cowl of Devotion
   Arcane Cowl of the Sun
   Arcane Cowl of the Tempest
   Arcane Cowl of Vision
   Arcane Dagger of Concentration
   Arcane Dagger of Grace
   Arcane Earring of Concentration
   Arcane Earring of Grace
   Arcane Earring of Knowledge
   Arcane Earring of Prophets
   Arcane Earring of the Soldier
   Arcane Earring of the Sun
   Arcane Gauntlets of Elements
   Arcane Gauntlets of Light
   Arcane Gauntlets of the Nimble
   Arcane Gloves of Survival
   Arcane Gloves of the Oceans
   Arcane Gloves of the Stoic
   Arcane Gloves of the Tempest
   Arcane Great Spear of Storms
   Arcane Great Spear of the Gambler
   Arcane Great Staff of Fangs
   Arcane Great Staff of Prophets
   Arcane Great Staff of the Deep
   Arcane Great Staff of the Guardian
   Arcane Great Staff of the Knight
   Arcane Great-axe of Battle
   Arcane Great-axe of Beasts
   Arcane Great-axe of Fangs
   Arcane Great-axe of the Gambler
   Arcane Great-axe of the Guardian
   Arcane Great-axe of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Great-axe of the Tempest
   Arcane Greaves of Beasts
   Arcane Greaves of Elements
   Arcane Greaves of Fangs
   Arcane Greaves of the Deep
   Arcane Greaves of the Tempest
   Arcane Handguards of Fangs
   Arcane Handguards of Light
   Arcane Handguards of Mirrors
   Arcane Handguards of the Soldier
   Arcane Helm of Fangs
   Arcane Helm of Grace
   Arcane Helm of the Deep
   Arcane Helm of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Helm of the Soldier
   Arcane Helm of the Tempest
   Arcane Helm of Vision
   Arcane Hood of Mirrors
   Arcane Hood of the Oceans
   Arcane Hood of the Tempest
   Arcane Knuckles of Devotion
   Arcane Knuckles of Fangs
   Arcane Knuckles of Mirrors
   Arcane Knuckles of Prophets
   Arcane Knuckles of the Stoic
   Arcane Knuckles of the Tempest
   Arcane Leggings of Clouds
   Arcane Leggings of Mirrors
   Arcane Mantle of Concentration
   Arcane Mantle of Prophets
   Arcane Mantle of Survival
   Arcane Mantle of the Gambler
   Arcane Mantle of the Nimble
   Arcane Mitts of Survival
   Arcane Mitts of the Deep
   Arcane Mitts of Vision
   Arcane Pantaloons of Beasts
   Arcane Pantaloons of Clouds
   Arcane Pantaloons of Elements
   Arcane Pantaloons of Grace
   Arcane Pantaloons of the Deep
   Arcane Pouch of Beasts
   Arcane Pouch of Prophets
   Arcane Pouch of the Soldier
   Arcane Pouch of Vision
   Arcane Ring of Devotion
   Arcane Ring of Prophets
   Arcane Ring of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Ring of the Nimble
   Arcane Robe of Concentration
   Arcane Robe of Devotion
   Arcane Robe of the Tempest
   Arcane Roundshield of the Oceans
   Arcane Roundshield of the Stoic
   Arcane Sabatons of Battle
   Arcane Sabatons of Storms
   Arcane Sabatons of Survival
   Arcane Sabatons of the Sun
   Arcane Sandals of Elements
   Arcane Sandals of Light
   Arcane Sandals of Survival
   Arcane Sandals of the Gambler
   Arcane Sandals of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Shortsword of Clouds
   Arcane Shortsword of Concentration
   Arcane Shortsword of Knowledge
   Arcane Shortsword of Storms
   Arcane Shortsword of the Tree
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of the Knight
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of the Nimble
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of the Stoic
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of the Tree
   Arcane Shoulder Pads of Vision
   Arcane Skullcap of Battle
   Arcane Skullcap of Fangs
   Arcane Sleeves of Elements
   Arcane Sleeves of Grace
   Arcane Sleeves of Knowledge
   Arcane Sleeves of the Knight
   Arcane Sleeves of the Nimble
   Arcane Sleeves of the Sun
   Arcane Slippers of Concentration
   Arcane Slippers of Grace
   Arcane Spaulders of Battle
   Arcane Spaulders of Clouds
   Arcane Spaulders of the Gambler
   Arcane Spaulders of the Guardian
   Arcane Spaulders of the Oceans
   Arcane Spaulders of the Stoic
   Arcane Spaulders of Vision
   Arcane Staff of Beasts
   Arcane Staff of Elements
   Arcane Symbol of Beasts
   Arcane Symbol of Concentration
   Arcane Symbol of Mirrors
   Arcane Symbol of the Sun
   Arcane Towershield of Beasts
   Arcane Towershield of Mirrors
   Arcane Towershield of Prophets
   Arcane Towershield of the Iron-heart
   Arcane Towershield of the Nimble
   Arcane Tunic of Light
   Arcane Vambraces of Battle
   Arcane Vambraces of Knowledge
   Arcane Vambraces of Light
   Arcane Vambraces of the Gambler
   Arcane Vambraces of the Soldier
   Arcane Vest of Concentration
   Arcane Vest of Storms
   Arcane Vest of the Sun
   Aria of Magic V (Adept)
   Armor of Nature VI (Adept)
   Armor of Seasons VI (Adept)
   Aspect of Genius VI (Adept)
   Assault VI (Adept)
   Aura of Void IV (Adept)
   Awaken Grave IV (Adept)
   Awestruck IV (Adept)
   Ball Lightning (Adept)
   Ball of Fire V (Adept)
   Battery and Assault VII (Adept)
   Beatdown VI (Adept)
   Berserk Rage VII (Adept)
   Black Jack V (Adept)
   Bladeweaver VI (Adept)
   Blaze Kick VI (Adept)
   Blessing of the Paladin V (Adept)
   Blighted Horde V (Adept)
   Blood Rage V (Adept)
   Bloodbath VI (Adept)
   Bloodletter (Adept)
   Bloodlust VI (Adept)
   Bloody Reminder VI (Adept)
   Bloody Ritual VI (Adept)
   Bob and Weave (Adept)
   Body Check VI (Adept)
   Body Like Mountain V (Adept)
   Brambles VI (Adept)
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet V (Adept)
   Bum Rush VI (Adept)
   Call of Storms II (Adept)
   Call to Arms VI (Adept)
   Cataclysm VII (Adept)
   Cease VI (Adept)
   Challenge VI (Adept)
   Chaos (Adept)
   Chaos VI (Adept)
   Charm VII (Adept)
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony V (Adept)
   Consecrate II (Adept)
   Consumption II (Adept)
   Control Undead II (Adept)
   Controlled Rage V (Adept)
   Crescent Strike VI (Adept)
   Crippling Arrow V (Adept)
   Crystallize Soul IV (Adept)
   Curse of Darkness V (Adept)
   Cuss V (Adept)
   Dancing Blade VI (Adept)
   Daring Advance VI (Adept)
   Dark Nebula VI (Adept)
   Dark Pact (Adept)
   Dark Pyre VI (Adept)
   Darksong Blade VI (Adept)
   Daro's Dull Blade VI (Adept)
   Dashing Swathe V (Adept)
   Dead Calm V (Adept)
   Deadly Shot VI (Adept)
   Death Blow II (Adept)
   Death Cloud VI (Adept)
   Death Mark V (Adept)
   Deathreaver's Leather Boots
   Deathreaver's Leather Forearms
   Deathreaver's Leather Gloves
   Deathreaver's Leather Leggings
   Deathreaver's Leather Shoulder
   Deathreaver's Leather Shoulder Gaurd
   Deathreaver's Leather Shoulder Guard
   Deathreaver's Leather Shoulder Pads
   Deathreaver's Leather Vest
   Decimate II (Adept)
   Defensive Haven VI (Adept)
   Demolish IV (Adept)
   Demoralizing Processional II (Adept)
   Deny VI (Adept)
   Destructive Mind V (Adept)
   Devouring Mist III (Adept)
   Dismay V (Adept)
   Divine Vengeance VI (Adept)
   Draconic Amulet of Concentration
   Draconic Armguards of Fangs
   Draconic Armguards of the Stoic
   Draconic Band of Clouds
   Draconic Band of Fangs
   Draconic Band of the Guardian
   Draconic Belt of Beasts
   Draconic Belt of the Gambler
   Draconic Belt of Vision
   Draconic Boots of Beasts
   Draconic Boots of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Bow of Battle
   Draconic Bow of Devotion
   Draconic Bow of Fangs
   Draconic Bow of the Deep
   Draconic Bracers of Concentration
   Draconic Bracers of the Knight
   Draconic Breastplate of Fangs
   Draconic Buckler of Elements
   Draconic Buckler of Survival
   Draconic Buckler of the Gambler
   Draconic Chaps of Fangs
   Draconic Chaps of the Sun
   Draconic Collar of Knowledge
   Draconic Collar of Light
   Draconic Collar of the Soldier
   Draconic Cowl of Grace
   Draconic Dagger of Prophets
   Draconic Dagger of the Knight
   Draconic Gauntlets of Beasts
   Draconic Gauntlets of Knowledge
   Draconic Gloves of Clouds
   Draconic Gloves of Knowledge
   Draconic Great Spear of Concentration
   Draconic Great Spear of the Stoic
   Draconic Great Staff of the Gambler
   Draconic Great Staff of the Soldier
   Draconic Great-axe of Concentration
   Draconic Great-axe of Elements
   Draconic Great-axe of Knowledge
   Draconic Great-axe of the Oceans
   Draconic Greaves of Devotion
   Draconic Greaves of the Nimble
   Draconic Greaves of the Sun
   Draconic Greaves of Vision
   Draconic Handguards of the Soldier
   Draconic Handguards of the Tree
   Draconic Handguards of Vision
   Draconic Helm of the Nimble
   Draconic Helm of Vision
   Draconic Knuckles of Clouds
   Draconic Knuckles of the Guardian
   Draconic Leggings of Concentration
   Draconic Leggings of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Leggings of the Soldier
   Draconic Leggings of Vision
   Draconic Mantle of Fangs
   Draconic Mitts of the Sun
   Draconic Pantaloons of Devotion
   Draconic Pouch of the Knight
   Draconic Pouch of the Tempest
   Draconic Ring of Devotion
   Draconic Ring of the Sun
   Draconic Ring of the Tree
   Draconic Robe of Elements
   Draconic Robe of Fangs
   Draconic Robe of the Gambler
   Draconic Robe of the Soldier
   Draconic Roundshield of Devotion
   Draconic Roundshield of Knowledge
   Draconic Roundshield of Mirrors
   Draconic Roundshield of the Tree
   Draconic Sabatons of Mirrors
   Draconic Sabatons of the Tree
   Draconic Sandals of Knowledge
   Draconic Sandals of the Tempest
   Draconic Shortsword of Prophets
   Draconic Shortsword of Survival
   Draconic Shortsword of the Sun
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of Clouds
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of the Knight
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of the Tree
   Draconic Skullcap of Battle
   Draconic Skullcap of Survival
   Draconic Skullcap of the Soldier
   Draconic Sleeves of the Knight
   Draconic Sleeves of the Stoic
   Draconic Slippers of Knowledge
   Draconic Slippers of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Slippers of the Tempest
   Draconic Spaulders of Devotion
   Draconic Spaulders of Elements
   Draconic Spaulders of the Tempest
   Draconic Staff of Survival
   Draconic Staff of the Deep
   Draconic Symbol of Beasts
   Draconic Symbol of Devotion
   Draconic Symbol of Elements
   Draconic Symbol of Knowledge
   Draconic Symbol of Light
   Draconic Symbol of the Gambler
   Draconic Symbol of the Nimble
   Draconic Symbol of Vision
   Draconic Towershield of Knowledge
   Draconic Tunic of the Guardian
   Draconic Tunic of the Soldier
   Draconic Vambraces of Beasts
   Draconic Vambraces of Grace
   Draconic Vest of Beasts
   Draconic Vest of the Tempest
   Earthen Avatar VII (Adept)
   Elemental Aspect VI (Adept)
   Emberstrike VII (Adept)
   Emperor's Armguards of Concentration
   Emperor's Armguards of Prophets
   Emperor's Band of Devotion
   Emperor's Band of Prophets
   Emperor's Belt of Beasts
   Emperor's Belt of Grace
   Emperor's Belt of the Nimble
   Emperor's Belt of the Stoic
   Emperor's Boots of Light
   Emperor's Boots of Vision
   Emperor's Bow of Concentration
   Emperor's Bow of Fangs
   Emperor's Bow of the Deep
   Emperor's Bow of the Tempest
   Emperor's Breastplate of Elements
   Emperor's Breastplate of Knowledge
   Emperor's Buckler of Mirrors
   Emperor's Buckler of Prophets
   Emperor's Buckler of Survival
   Emperor's Buckler of the Guardian
   Emperor's Chaps of Survival
   Emperor's Chaps of the Deep
   Emperor's Collar of Prophets
   Emperor's Collar of the Gambler
   Emperor's Collar of the Stoic
   Emperor's Collar of the Tree
   Emperor's Cowl of the Deep
   Emperor's Cowl of the Knight
   Emperor's Cowl of the Stoic
   Emperor's Dagger of Beasts
   Emperor's Dagger of the Knight
   Emperor's Dagger of the Soldier
   Emperor's Earring of Light
   Emperor's Earring of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Gauntlets of Beasts
   Emperor's Gauntlets of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Gloves of Fangs
   Emperor's Gloves of the Guardian
   Emperor's Gloves of the Nimble
   Emperor's Great Spear of Concentration
   Emperor's Great Spear of the Tree
   Emperor's Great Spear of Vision
   Emperor's Great Staff of Clouds
   Emperor's Great Staff of the Gambler
   Emperor's Great-axe of Devotion
   Emperor's Great-axe of the Tree
   Emperor's Greaves of Mirrors
   Emperor's Greaves of Prophets
   Emperor's Greaves of the Soldier
   Emperor's Handguards of the Knight
   Emperor's Handguards of the Oceans
   Emperor's Hood of Prophets
   Emperor's Knuckles of Survival
   Emperor's Knuckles of the Sun
   Emperor's Knuckles of Vision
   Emperor's Leggings of Elements
   Emperor's Leggings of the Nimble
   Emperor's Mantle of Fangs
   Emperor's Mantle of Light
   Emperor's Mantle of Survival
   Emperor's Pantaloons of Light
   Emperor's Pantaloons of Storms
   Emperor's Pantaloons of Survival
   Emperor's Pantaloons of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Pouch of the Gambler
   Emperor's Pouch of the Sun
   Emperor's Ring of Battle
   Emperor's Ring of Beasts
   Emperor's Ring of Grace
   Emperor's Ring of Prophets
   Emperor's Ring of the Gambler
   Emperor's Robe of the Knight
   Emperor's Roundshield of Vision
   Emperor's Sabatons of Grace
   Emperor's Sabatons of the Stoic
   Emperor's Sabatons of the Sun
   Emperor's Sandals of Knowledge
   Emperor's Sandals of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Shortsword of Clouds
   Emperor's Shortsword of Devotion
   Emperor's Shortsword of Light
   Emperor's Shortsword of the Guardian
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of the Nimble
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of the Soldier
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of the Stoic
   Emperor's Shoulder Pads of the Tempest
   Emperor's Skullcap of Fangs
   Emperor's Skullcap of the Gambler
   Emperor's Skullcap of the Oceans
   Emperor's Sleeves of Light
   Emperor's Sleeves of Storms
   Emperor's Slippers of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Slippers of the Tree
   Emperor's Spaulders of Concentration
   Emperor's Spaulders of Mirrors
   Emperor's Spaulders of Survival
   Emperor's Spaulders of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Spaulders of the Oceans
   Emperor's Spaulders of the Stoic
   Emperor's Staff of Clouds
   Emperor's Staff of Elements
   Emperor's Symbol of Fangs
   Emperor's Symbol of the Guardian
   Emperor's Symbol of the Nimble
   Emperor's Towershield of Storms
   Emperor's Towershield of the Gambler
   Emperor's Tunic of Elements
   Emperor's Tunic of the Nimble
   Emperor's Vambraces of Elements
   Emperor's Vambraces of Storms
   Emperor's Vambraces of the Iron-heart
   Emperor's Vambraces of the Oceans
   Emperor's Vest of Light
   En Garde II (Adept)
   Entrance II (Adept)
   Entrance VII (Adept)
   Essence Shift VI (Adept)
   Fae Fire IV (Adept)
   Fear V (Adept)
   Feast IV (Adept)
   Feral Tenacity IV (Adept)
   Fervent Faith II (Adept)
   Fiery Magician V (Adept)
   Firestorm VI (Adept)
   Five Rings V (Adept)
   Flash of Brilliance V (Adept)
   Flow Like Wind VI (Adept)
   Forced Obedience V (Adept)
   Fortify Elements VI (Adept)
   Frigid Gift IV (Adept)
   Frostbite V (Adept)
   Fuliginous Whip V (Adept)
   Furnace of Ro II (Adept)
   Garsin's Funeral March V (Adept)
   Glacial Wind V (Adept)
   Glory III (Adept)
   Grandmaster's Armguards of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Bow of Storms
   Grandmaster's Bow of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of Fangs
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of Knowledge
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Buckler of Storms
   Grandmaster's Collar of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Collar of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Cowl of the Tempest
   Grandmaster's Earring of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Earring of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Gauntlets of Elements
   Grandmaster's Gauntlets of Light
   Grandmaster's Gloves of Grace
   Grandmaster's Great Spear of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Great Staff of Clouds
   Grandmaster's Great Staff of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Great Staff of the Knight
   Grandmaster's Great-axe of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Greaves of the Knight
   Grandmaster's Handguards of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Handguards of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Helm of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Hood of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Knuckles of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Leggings of Grace
   Grandmaster's Mitts of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Pantaloons of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Pouch of Beasts
   Grandmaster's Pouch of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Pouch of Vision
   Grandmaster's Robe of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of Elements
   Grandmaster's Sandals of Beasts
   Grandmaster's Sandals of Knowledge
   Grandmaster's Shoulder Pads of Light
   Grandmaster's Shoulder Pads of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Sleeves of Storms
   Grandmaster's Sleeves of the Tempest
   Grandmaster's Sleeves of Vision
   Grandmaster's Slippers of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Spaulders of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Towershield of the Tempest
   Grandmaster's Towershield of Vision
   Grandmaster's Tunic of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Tunic of Survival
   Grandmaster's Vambraces of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Vambraces of the Oceans
   Grandmaster's Vest of Vision
   Grave Sacrament V (Adept)
   Gravitas (Adept)
   Grim Harbinger VI (Adept)
   Gushing Wound VII (Adept)
   Gut Kick VI (Adept)
   Harm Touch V (Adept)
   Head Shot V (Adept)
   Heal Servant VII (Adept)
   Healing Fate V (Adept)
   Heretic's Doom V (Adept)
   Hibernation II (Adept)
   Hidden Shot V (Adept)
   Hierophantic Genesis III (Adept)
   Holdup VI (Adept)
   Holy Armor VI (Adept)
   Holy Circle VI (Adept)
   Ice Storm VII (Adept)
   Iceshield V (Adept)
   Illusory Allies II (Adept)
   Immolation VI (Adept)
   Inner Calm VI (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress II (Adept)
   Instinct V (Adept)
   Intimidate V (Adept)
   Invocation VII (Adept)
   Involuntary Gift IV (Adept)
   Kidney Stab VI (Adept)
   Knee Break VI (Adept)
   Lanet's Excruciating Scream V (Adept)
   Lay on Hands V (Adept)
   Lich III (Adept)
   Litany IV (Adept)
   Luda's Nefarious Wail VII (Adept)
   Maddening Swarm III (Adept)
   Makeshift Arrows V (Adept)
   Malevolent Diatribe VI (Adept)
   Malice VII (Adept)
   Mana Cloak III (Adept)
   Mana Intromission IV (Adept)
   Mana Trickle IV (Adept)
   Manatap IV (Adept)
   Manhandle V (Adept)
   Masked Strike VI (Adept)
   Merciless Stomp VI (Adept)
   Mind's Eye III (Adept)
   Misfortune's Kiss VII (Adept)
   Mortality Mark V (Adept)
   Mountain Stance IV (Adept)
   Mug VI (Adept)
   Netherlord III (Adept)
   Nomad's Armguards of the Deep
   Nomad's Belt of Clouds
   Nomad's Boots of Clouds
   Nomad's Bow of the Deep
   Nomad's Breastplate of Elements
   Nomad's Breastplate of the Soldier
   Nomad's Dagger of Storms
   Nomad's Great-axe of the Tree
   Nomad's Hood of Concentration
   Nomad's Knuckles of Clouds
   Nomad's Ring of Storms
   Nomad's Slippers of Concentration
   Nomad's Spaulders of the Knight
   Nomad's Towershield of Grace
   Oberon III (Adept)
   Peaceful Link IV (Adept)
   Penance VII (Adept)
   Penitent Kick VI (Adept)
   Perfect Shrill VII (Adept)
   Personae Reflection VII (Adept)
   Photosynthesis (Adept)
   Plague VII (Adept)
   Porcupine III (Adept)
   Power of Mind VI (Adept)
   Precise Strike V (Adept)
   Protoflame III (Adept)
   Purifying Flames V (Adept)
   Ranger's Blade VI (Adept)
   reflective smoldering shard
   Refusal of Atonement IV (Adept)
   Regalia IV (Adept)
   Regenerating Spores IV (Adept)
   Regrowth VII (Adept)
   Rending IV (Adept)
   Retaliate IV (Adept)
   Riana's Relentless Tune VI (Adept)
   Rift II (Adept)
   Righteousness VI (Adept)
   Ring of Fire II (Adept)
   Ring of Ice IV (Adept)
   Rising Dragon V (Adept)
   Roaring Flames IV (Adept)
   Rob VII (Adept)
   Roundhouse Kick VI (Adept)
   Sacred Armor VI (Adept)
   Savage Assault III (Adept)
   Sever VI (Adept)
   Shanghai VII (Adept)
   Shattered Earth V (Adept)
   Shock Wave III (Adept)
   Shroud of Armor VI (Adept)
   Simple Minds VI (Adept)
   Skyfire Amulet of Prophets
   Skyfire Amulet of the Gambler
   Skyfire Amulet of the Soldier
   Skyfire Armguards of Knowledge
   Skyfire Armguards of the Deep
   Skyfire Band of the Oceans
   Skyfire Band of the Soldier
   Skyfire Band of the Tree
   Skyfire Belt of the Guardian
   Skyfire Belt of the Sun
   Skyfire Boots of Concentration
   Skyfire Boots of Knowledge
   Skyfire Boots of the Soldier
   Skyfire Boots of the Sun
   Skyfire Boots of the Tempest
   Skyfire Bow of Devotion
   Skyfire Bow of the Knight
   Skyfire Bracers of Battle
   Skyfire Bracers of Grace
   Skyfire Bracers of Storms
   Skyfire Bracers of the Guardian
   Skyfire Bracers of the Iron-heart
   Skyfire Bracers of the Stoic
   Skyfire Buckler of Battle
   Skyfire Buckler of Beasts
   Skyfire Buckler of the Nimble
   Skyfire Buckler of Vision
   Skyfire Chaps of the Deep
   Skyfire Chaps of the Soldier
   Skyfire Chaps of the Stoic
   Skyfire Collar of Fangs
   Skyfire Collar of the Soldier
   Skyfire Cowl of Beasts
   Skyfire Cowl of Grace
   Skyfire Cowl of the Deep
   Skyfire Cowl of the Gambler
   Skyfire Cowl of the Soldier
   Skyfire Cowl of the Stoic
   Skyfire Dagger of Knowledge
   Skyfire Earring of Clouds
   Skyfire Earring of the Deep
   Skyfire Gauntlets of the Iron-heart
   Skyfire Gauntlets of the Tempest
   Skyfire Gloves of Concentration
   Skyfire Gloves of Survival
   Skyfire Gloves of the Stoic
   Skyfire Gloves of Vision
   Skyfire Great Spear of Storms
   Skyfire Great Spear of the Iron-heart
   Skyfire Great Staff of Clouds
   Skyfire Great Staff of Mirrors
   Skyfire Great-axe of Mirrors
   Skyfire Great-axe of Survival
   Skyfire Great-axe of the Knight
   Skyfire Greaves of Devotion
   Skyfire Handguards of Fangs
   Skyfire Handguards of Vision
   Skyfire Helm of Prophets
   Skyfire Helm of Storms
   Skyfire Helm of Survival
   Skyfire Hood of Grace
   Skyfire Hood of Knowledge
   Skyfire Hood of the Sun
   Skyfire Knuckles of Battle
   Skyfire Knuckles of Prophets
   Skyfire Leggings of Battle
   Skyfire Leggings of Elements
   Skyfire Leggings of Fangs
   Skyfire Leggings of the Nimble
   Skyfire Leggings of the Tree
   Skyfire Mantle of Devotion
   Skyfire Mantle of Storms
   Skyfire Mantle of the Oceans
   Skyfire Mantle of the Tree
   Skyfire Mitts of Mirrors
   Skyfire Mitts of Storms
   Skyfire Pantaloons of Mirrors
   Skyfire Pantaloons of the Gambler
   Skyfire Pantaloons of the Nimble
   Skyfire Pouch of Battle
   Skyfire Pouch of Beasts
   Skyfire Pouch of Clouds
   Skyfire Pouch of Devotion
   Skyfire Pouch of Grace
   Skyfire Pouch of Mirrors
   Skyfire Ring of Clouds
   Skyfire Ring of Survival
   Skyfire Ring of the Knight
   Skyfire Ring of the Oceans
   Skyfire Ring of the Stoic
   Skyfire Ring of the Tempest
   Skyfire Robe of Mirrors
   Skyfire Robe of the Soldier
   Skyfire Roundshield of Fangs
   Skyfire Sabatons of Light
   Skyfire Sabatons of Survival
   Skyfire Sabatons of the Oceans
   Skyfire Sabatons of the Sun
   Skyfire Sabatons of the Tree
   Skyfire Sandals of Mirrors
   Skyfire Sandals of Survival
   Skyfire Sandals of the Guardian
   Skyfire Shortsword of Beasts
   Skyfire Shortsword of Clouds
   Skyfire Shortsword of Grace
   Skyfire Shortsword of the Deep
   Skyfire Shortsword of the Soldier
   Skyfire Shoulder Pads of Devotion
   Skyfire Shoulder Pads of Prophets
   Skyfire Skullcap of Clouds
   Skyfire Skullcap of Devotion
   Skyfire Skullcap of Elements
   Skyfire Skullcap of Survival
   Skyfire Sleeves of Fangs
   Skyfire Sleeves of Light
   Skyfire Sleeves of the Iron-heart
   Skyfire Sleeves of the Oceans
   Skyfire Sleeves of the Sun
   Skyfire Slippers of Clouds
   Skyfire Slippers of Light
   Skyfire Slippers of the Knight
   Skyfire Slippers of the Sun
   Skyfire Spaulders of the Sun
   Skyfire Staff of Beasts
   Skyfire Staff of Devotion
   Skyfire Staff of the Deep
   Skyfire Symbol of Beasts
   Skyfire Symbol of Concentration
   Skyfire Symbol of Devotion
   Skyfire Symbol of the Stoic
   Skyfire Symbol of the Tempest
   Skyfire Towershield of Battle
   Skyfire Towershield of Devotion
   Skyfire Towershield of Fangs
   Skyfire Towershield of Prophets
   Skyfire Towershield of the Deep
   Skyfire Towershield of the Tree
   Skyfire Tunic of Beasts
   Skyfire Tunic of Survival
   Skyfire Vambraces of the Iron-heart
   Skyfire Vambraces of the Knight
   Skyfire Vest of the Sun
   Slam V (Adept)
   Slothful Spirit II (Adept)
   Smite Corruption III (Adept)
   Smoldering Fists VI (Adept)
   Snap of the Wrist VI (Adept)
   Snipe VI (Adept)
   Solar Flare III (Adept)
   Sonic Punch II (Adept)
   Soulrend VI (Adept)
   Soulrot III (Adept)
   Spell Curse IV (Adept)
   Starnova IV (Adept)
   Storm of Lightning VI (Adept)
   Storm of Steel II (Adept)
   Storming Tempest II (Adept)
   Street Smarts VI (Adept)
   Striking Cobra VI (Adept)
   Synergism IV (Adept)
   Tarven's Crippling Crescendo VI (Adept)
   Terror Chant VI (Adept)
   Thorncoat VII (Adept)
   Thunderbolt V (Adept)
   Thunderous Overture V (Adept)
   Tormenting Conversion III (Adept)
   Tranquility II (Adept)
   Transcendence VI (Adept)
   Transfer Life IV (Adept)
   Trick Shot V (Adept)
   Undead Knight II (Adept)
   Undergrowth III (Adept)
   Unholy Blessing (Adept)
   Unswerving Hammer II (Adept)
   Ursine Avatar V (Adept)
   Vacuum Field VII (Adept)
   Vehement Skin IV (Adept)
   Verlien's Keen of Despair VI (Adept)
   Vexing Verses VI (Adept)
   Villainy VI (Adept)
   Virtue V (Adept)
   Vital Intercession VII (Adept)
   Vital Transfer VI (Adept)
   Voice of the Ancestors II (Adept)
   Willow Wisp VI (Adept)
   Winds of Healing VI (Adept)
   Winds of Permafrost IV (Adept)
   Word of Redemption VI (Adept)
   Wrath of the Ancients IV (Adept)
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 72
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 74
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 75
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 76
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 77
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 78
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 79
   Advanced Armorer Volume 74
   Advanced Armorer Volume 75
   Advanced Armorer Volume 76
   Advanced Armorer Volume 77
   Advanced Armorer Volume 78
   Advanced Armorer Volume 79
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 72
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 74
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 75
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 76
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 77
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 78
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 79
   advanced craftsman volume 12
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 71
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 72
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 74
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 75
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 76
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 77
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 78
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 79
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 12
   Advanced Sage Volume 71
   Advanced Sage Volume 72
   Advanced Sage Volume 74
   Advanced Sage Volume 75
   Advanced Sage Volume 76
   Advanced Sage Volume 77
   Advanced Sage Volume 78
   Advanced Sage Volume 79
   Advanced Scholar Volume 12
   Advanced Tailor Volume 72
   Advanced Tailor Volume 74
   Advanced Tailor Volume 75
   Advanced Tailor Volume 76
   Advanced Tailor Volume 77
   Advanced Tailor Volume 78
   Advanced Tailor Volume 79
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 72
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 74
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 75
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 76
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 77
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 78
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 79
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 74
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 75
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 76
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 77
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 78
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 79
   Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer
   Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole
   a tattered scrap of paper
   Absolution V (Adept)
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 84
   Advanced Armorer Volume 84
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 84
   Advanced Sage Volume 84
   Advanced Tailor Volume 84
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 84
   Amnesia III (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud (Adept)
   Armor of Seasons VII (Adept)
   Battle Cry (Adept)
   Beholder Petrifed Eyeball
   Blaze of Faith V (Adept)
   Box of Nil Space
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet VI (Adept)
   Chimera Feathered Armband
   Chimera Feathered Bangle
   Chimera Feathered Shackle
   Chimera Feathered Wristlet
   Chokidai (Bruiser)
   Chokidai (Dirge)
   Chokidai (Fury)
   Conqueror's Sigil Etched Breastplate
   cracked chokidai armor plate
   cracked chokidai tail spike
   Crest of the Warring Mind
   Dancing Blade VII (Adept)
   Dashing Swathe VI (Adept)
   Debilitate III (Adept)
   Decree III (Adept)
   Double-Cross VI (Adept)
   Enlightened One's White Lotus Arm Wraps
   Fae Fire V (Adept)
   Focus of Secret Doors
   Frontier Monk's Pouch of Destruction
   Geotic Rune (Adept)
   Glacial Lance X (Adept)
   Gushing Wound II (Adept)
   Gut Kick VII (Adept)
   Impure Kunzar Essence
   Inner Calm (Adept)
   intact chokidai armor plate
   intact chokidai tail spike
   Jagged Ritual Blade
   large intact chokidai armor plate
   large intact chokidai tail spike
   Legends of Norrath Forsworn Booster Pack
   Legends of Norrath Raid Card: Deal With Me First
   Legends of Norrath Raid Card: Locked Door
   Legends of Norrath: Blabbering Zombie
   Legends of Norrath: Crushbone Officer
   Legends of Norrath: Elddar Fury
   Legends of Norrath: Freeport Captain
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Radiance
   Lesser Essence of Runes
   Luda's Nefarious Wail II (Adept)
   Luminary's Jaundiced Bone Hauberk
   Luminary's Jaundiced Bone Spaulders
   Mana Intromission V (Adept)
   Master's Intervention IV (Adept)
   Mesmerize II (Adept)
   Moderate Essence of Acid
   Moderate Essence of Electricity
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Moderate Essence of Shadow
   Nomad's Great Spear of Concentration
   Nomad's Greaves of the Deep
   Nomad's Staff of the Soldier
   Phenomenal Reactant
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Shoulder Pads
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Tunic
   Protoflame IV (Adept)
   Quick Swipe III (Adept)
   Radiant Bangle
   Radiant Bauble
   Radiant Stickpin
   Radiant Stone
   Rob VIII (Adept)
   Sacred Armor VII (Adept)
   Savant's Phantasmic Silk Epaulets
   Savant's Phantasmic Silk Robe
   Sibyl's Ill Omen Hauberk
   Silent Threat VII (Adept)
   Skyfire Staff of Mirrors
   Soldier's Badge of Honor
   Spinechiller Blood IX (Adept)
   Sundered Choker
   Sundered Medallion
   Tyrant's Pact (Adept)
   Ultera's Band of Defense
   Ultera's Band of Destruction
   Ultera's Band of Silence
   Ulteran Shortbow
   Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Tunic
   Vigilant's Bow
   Vine Net VIII (Adept)
   Weighted Buckler
   Weighted Dagger
   Weighted Rod
   Weighted Sword
   Winds of Permafrost V (Adept)

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