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\aITEM -930235251 -664083947:War Rune: Halcyon\/a

Dropped by
Arch-Magistor Modrfrost (Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends)
General Utehk (Tallon's Stronghold)
Legatus Prime Mikill (Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends)
Mrogr Bloodtaint (Sullon's Spire)
Primus Pilus Gunnr (Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends)

No confirmed locations are available yet.

Mobs that drop this item also drop
   War Rune: Revered Lands
   Battle Warped Wood
   a giant ear
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ancestral Mettle VI (Master)
   Aurora VI (Master)
   Belt of the Diaku Commander
   Black Jack VI (Master)
   Blackguard VI (Master)
   Bloody Ritual VII (Master)
   Castigate III (Master)
   Cestus of Cyclonic Frost
   Cloak of Anger and Fury
   Cloak of Bolstered Confidence
   Cloak of Hemorrhaging Wounds
   Cloak of Kromzek Furiousness
   Cloak of Tainted Blood
   Cloak of Undaunted Confidence
   Cruor-Forged Cuffs
   Cruor-Forged Gauntlets
   Cruor-Forged Gloves
   Cruor-Forged Mitts
   Cunning Defense VI (Master)
   Dead Calm VI (Master)
   Deadly Shot VII (Master)
   Death Mark VI (Master)
   Dogma III (Master)
   Drape of Paroxysm
   Flail of Zealous Blasting
   Flameshield VI (Master)
   Frenzy IV (Master)
   Geotic Rune VII (Master)
   Gore-Imbued Cuffs
   Gore-Imbued Gauntlets
   Gore-Imbued Gloves
   Gore-Imbued Mitts
   Gouge VI (Master)
   Hammer of Crystalized Auras
   Involuntary Gift V (Master)
   Katana of Viral Infestation
   Mantle of the Prime Legatus
   Mikill's Shroud of Blazing Strikes
   Modulated Dominant Bangle of Plagues
   Netherlord IV (Master)
   Odachi of Feverous Advance
   Oration of Sacrifice III (Master)
   Pledge of Armament VI (Master)
   Precise Strike VI (Master)
   Pure Primal Velium Shard
   Raging Blow VIII (Master)
   Raxxyl's Rousing Tune VIII (Master)
   Rejuvenating Celebration V (Master)
   Root VII (Master)
   Sandra's Deafening Strike VIII (Master)
   Silent Threat VIII (Master)
   Snaring Shot IV (Master)
   Spinechiller Blood X (Master)
   Synergism V (Master)
   Tap Veins III (Master)
   Thunderbolt VI (Master)
   Vampire Bats V (Master)
   Villainy VII (Master)
   War Rune: Foundations of Stone
   War Rune: Glacial Deflection
   War Rune: Quenching Stream
   War Rune: Smothering Affliction
   War Rune: Steadfast Resolve
   War Rune: Torrent of Toxins
   War Rune: Velium Dominion
   War Rune: Winds of the Tundra
   War Sword of Elemental Anger
   Warborne Cuffs
   Warborne Gauntlets
   Warden of the Forest VI (Master)
   Will of the Heavens VII (Master)
   Wristguard of Systematic Elimination
   Wristlet of Forced Seizures

Item submitted by blueadept2 on 2015-12-28 21:25:35

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