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\aITEM -620806333 -416974548:Emperor's Vambraces of Storms\/a

Dropped by
a skeletal scryer (Karnor's Castle)
an elite C-9 unit (Kunzar Jungle)

No confirmed locations are available yet.

Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Black Jack V (Master)
   Hangman's Noose VI (Master)
   Templar's Medallion of Wrath
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   Abhorrent Seal III (Adept)
   Act of War IV (Adept)
   Ambush VII (Adept)
   Arcane Boots of Battle
   Arcane Bracers of Concentration
   Arcane Bracers of Devotion
   Arcane Earring of Knowledge
   Arcane Earring of Prophets
   Arcane Earring of the Sun
   Arcane Gloves of Survival
   Arcane Gloves of the Tempest
   Arcane Mitts of the Deep
   Arcane Pantaloons of Clouds
   Arcane Ring of Devotion
   Arcane Sandals of Light
   Arcane Shortsword of Clouds
   Arcane Sleeves of Grace
   Assault VI (Adept)
   Beatdown VI (Adept)
   Beryllium Relic
   Black Jack V (Adept)
   Bloodbath VI (Adept)
   Dismay V (Adept)
   Emerald Amulet
   Emerald Scrying Stone
   Emperor's Breastplate of Elements
   Emperor's Cowl of the Knight
   Emperor's Great Spear of Concentration
   Emperor's Great Spear of Vision
   Emperor's Knuckles of the Nimble
   Emperor's Mantle of Fangs
   Emperor's Pouch of the Gambler
   Emperor's Spaulders of the Sun
   Faywax Sealed Document
   Flow Like Wind VI (Adept)
   Fortify Elements VI (Adept)
   Frigid Gift IV (Adept)
   Glacial Wind V (Adept)
   Healing Grove II (Adept)
   Holdup VI (Adept)
   Holy Circle VI (Adept)
   large meaty bone
   Lifetap V (Adept)
   Mug VI (Adept)
   Night Strike VII (Adept)
   Obliterated Psyche V (Adept)
   Peaceful Link IV (Adept)
   Regenerating Spores IV (Adept)
   Roaring Flames IV (Adept)
   Rob VII (Adept)
   Root VI (Adept)
   Shout VI (Adept)
   Skyfire Chaps of Light
   Skyfire Leggings of the Nimble
   Smoldering Fists VI (Adept)
   Spiritual Circle II (Adept)
   Tarven's Crippling Crescendo VI (Adept)
   Undergrowth III (Adept)
   Unholy Covenant VI (Adept)
   Unholy Hunger VI (Adept)
   Vexing Verses VI (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 8
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 75
   Advanced Armorer Volume 75
   Advanced Armorer Volume 76
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 75
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 75
   Advanced Sage Volume 75
   Advanced Sage Volume 76
   Advanced Tailor Volume 75
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 75
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 76
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 75
   Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 8
   Chokidai (Dirge)
   Chokidai (Monk)
   Double-Cross VI (Adept)
   flask of enchanted water
   iksar hard candy
   intact chokidai armor plate
   intact chokidai tail spike
   Legends of Norrath: Blabbering Zombie
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Phenomenal Reactant
   Plainstrider's Ivy Etched Shoulder Pads
   Sibyl's Ill Omen Hauberk
   small bag of compost
   Soldier's Badge of Honor
   statue of Veeshan
   tattered pegasus cloak
   war fist

Item submitted by bucky168 on 2010-03-24 06:19:19

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