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\aITEM -532764794 -607940530:a clockwork web caster Dungeon Maker Spawner\/a

Dropped by
a clockwork machinist (Klak'Anon)
a clockwork metalsmith (Klak'Anon)
a clockwork ore smasher (Klak'Anon)
a heavy metal decimator (Klak'Anon)
a klakdroid fortress guardian (Court of Innovation)
a klakdroid tunnel guard (Klak'Anon)
a klakdyne eliminator DCCC (Klak'Anon)
a mechnamagica battle drone (Klak'Anon)
a mechnamagica battler (Klak'Anon)
a mechnamagica hunter-seeker (Klak'Anon)
a primeval clockwork miner (Klak'Anon)
a security bot (McScroogle Corp. HQ)
an activated clockwork sentry (Court of Innovation)
clockwork worker (The Clockwork Workshop)
Court Guardian Chromtok (Court of Innovation)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Abomination IV (Master)
   Antagonize IV (Master)
   Blaze Kick IV (Master)
   Bob and Weave IV (Master)
   Brutality IV (Master)
   Curse of Void III (Master)
   Divine Strike V (Master)
   Doom Judgment II (Master)
   Evade IV (Master)
   Flames of Velious II (Master)
   Grave Sacrament III (Master)
   Mesmerize V (Master)
   Putrefy V (Master)
   Signet of Intellect IV (Master)
   Spell Curse II (Master)
   Thunderous Overture III (Master)
   Vital Intercession V (Master)
   Clockwork Spidersilk Cap
   Clockwork Spidersilk Cowl
   Clockwork Spidersilk Cuffs
   Clockwork Spidersilk Gloves
   Clockwork Spidersilk Pantaloons
   Clockwork Spidersilk Robe
   Clockwork Spidersilk Slippers
   Gauntlets of the Chrome Guardian
   Watchman's Spidersilk Boots
   Watchman's Spidersilk Gloves
   Watchman's Spidersilk Leggings
   Watchman's Spidersilk Shoulder Pads
   Watchman's Spidersilk Skullcap
   Watchman's Spidersilk Tunic
   Watchman's Spidersilk Wristguards
   a bottle of clockwork grease
   a clockwork fuel cell
   a clockwork occular device
   a clockwork ocular device
   a clockwork spring
   a clockwork thingamajig
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ambush V (Adept)
   Amends III (Adept)
   Ancestral Ward V (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud V (Adept)
   Ancient Terror II (Adept)
   Aneurysm IV (Adept)
   Antagonize IV (Adept)
   Apocalypse (Adept)
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Apply Poison (Adept)
   Aqueous Swarm III (Adept)
   Aria of Magic III (Adept)
   Aspect of Genius IV (Adept)
   Assassinate (Adept)
   Asylum IV (Adept)
   Atrophy V (Adept)
   Aurora III (Adept)
   Autumn's Kiss IV (Adept)
   Awaken Grave II (Adept)
   Awestruck (Adept)
   Awestruck II (Adept)
   Back into the Fray (Adept)
   Backstab V (Adept)
   Ball of Fire III (Adept)
   Bane of Warding III (Adept)
   Battle Cry IV (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   Beeswax Sealed Document
   Beg for Mercy III (Adept)
   Berserker Onslaught III (Adept)
   Beryllium Relic
   Blackened Iron Relic
   Blaze Kick IV (Adept)
   Blighted Horde III (Adept)
   Bloodlust IV (Adept)
   Bloodmetal Rapier
   Bloody Reminder IV (Adept)
   Bob and Weave IV (Adept)
   Bruising Spirit III (Adept)
   Brutality IV (Adept)
   Call to Arms IV (Adept)
   Calm Tranquility IV (Adept)
   Caltrops IV (Adept)
   Carrion Warding IV (Adept)
   Cataclysm V (Adept)
   Cease IV (Adept)
   Cease V (Adept)
   Ceremonial Blade IV (Adept)
   Chaos IV (Adept)
   Controlled Rage III (Adept)
   Curse of Darkness III (Adept)
   Dark Pact IV (Adept)
   Darksong Blade III (Adept)
   Darksong Blade IV (Adept)
   Daro's Dull Blade IV (Adept)
   Deadly Focus II (Adept)
   Death Swarm IV (Adept)
   Deceit II (Adept)
   Defeater's Steel Blade
   Deklium Relic
   Demolish II (Adept)
   Demonstration of Faith IV (Adept)
   Deny IV (Adept)
   Depressing Chant IV (Adept)
   Devoted Resolve III (Adept)
   Devour Vitae III (Adept)
   Devouring Mist (Adept)
   Devout Sacrament III (Adept)
   Disarming Grin III (Adept)
   Dismay III (Adept)
   Distortion III (Adept)
   Divine Strike V (Adept)
   Divine Vengeance IV (Adept)
   Doom Judgment II (Adept)
   Double-Cross IV (Adept)
   Dragon Rage III (Adept)
   Dreadful Wrath II (Adept)
   Ebbing Spirit II (Adept)
   Ebon Relic
   Echoes of the Ancients III (Adept)
   Ego Shock IV (Adept)
   Elemental Aspect IV (Adept)
   Emerald Amulet
   Emerald Scrying Stone
   Ensnare IV (Adept)
   Entangle III (Adept)
   Entrance V (Adept)
   Eviscerate IV (Adept)
   Faywax Sealed Document
   Feysteel Relic
   Firestorm IV (Adept)
   Flames of Velious II (Adept)
   Flash of Brilliance III (Adept)
   Flow Like Wind IV (Adept)
   Flurry of Blades III (Adept)
   Frostbite III (Adept)
   Garsin's Funeral March III (Adept)
   Geotic Rune IV (Adept)
   Glacial Wind (Adept)
   Grasp of Bertoxxulous IV (Adept)
   Grave Sacrament III (Adept)
   Grim Sorcerer III (Adept)
   Gushing Wound V (Adept)
   Hangman's Noose IV (Adept)
   Heal Servant V (Adept)
   Hidden Shot III (Adept)
   Hold the Line III (Adept)
   Holdup IV (Adept)
   Hostage III (Adept)
   Howl of Death III (Adept)
   Howl of the Damned IV (Adept)
   Hurricane (Adept)
   Hymn of Horror II (Adept)
   Ice Comet (Adept)
   Icefall V (Adept)
   Iceshield III (Adept)
   Incarcerate II (Adept)
   Incinerate V (Adept)
   Indicolite Relic
   Inner Calm IV (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress V (Adept)
   Insolence (Adept)
   Involuntary Gift II (Adept)
   Iron Will III (Adept)
   Irongear Helm
   Jasper Scrying Stone
   Judgement V (Adept)
   Killing Instinct II (Adept)
   Klak'Anon Ironguard Leggings
   Klakdyne Legplates
   Klakdyne Skullcap
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   Lamenting Soul II (Adept)
   large decaying bone
   large meaty bone
   large polished bone
   Lifetap II (Adept)
   Lightning Fists IV (Adept)
   Lucky Gambit V (Adept)
   Luda's Nefarious Wail V (Adept)
   Maelstrom (Adept)
   Magicasteel Buckler
   Magicasteel Handguards
   Magma Chamber IV (Adept)
   Mail of Souls (Adept)
   Mana Cloak II (Adept)
   Maul IV (Adept)
   Merciless Stomp IV (Adept)
   Metalheart Cap
   Misfortune's Kiss V (Adept)
   Moderate III (Adept)
   Moonstone Amulet
   Mortal Embrace III (Adept)
   Mortality Mark III (Adept)
   Mountain Stance II (Adept)
   Mug IV (Adept)
   Murderous Design IV (Adept)
   Necromantic Pact IV (Adept)
   Null Caress (Adept)
   Oberon (Adept)
   Opal Amulet
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Penance V (Adept)
   Percussion of Stone (Adept)
   Perfect Finesse II (Adept)
   Perfect Shrill V (Adept)
   Photosynthesis V (Adept)
   Plague V (Adept)
   Porcupine (Adept)
   Precise Strike III (Adept)
   Primal Fury III (Adept)
   Primal Reflexes IV (Adept)
   Primeval Metalloidal Wristguards
   Prismatic Chaos III (Adept)
   Prophetic Ward (Adept)
   Pure Awe III (Adept)
   Putrefy V (Adept)
   Rampage (Adept)
   Ranger's Blade IV (Adept)
   Refusal of Atonement II (Adept)
   Regalia II (Adept)
   Regenerating Spores II (Adept)
   Regrowth V (Adept)
   Reinforcement (Adept)
   Rending II (Adept)
   Requiem of Reflection (Adept)
   Resolute Flagellant II (Adept)
   Retaliate II (Adept)
   Reverence (Adept)
   Righteousness IV (Adept)
   Ring of Ice II (Adept)
   Rising Phoenix IV (Adept)
   Ro's Blade IV (Adept)
   Root IV (Adept)
   Ruby Amulet
   Ruby Scrying Stone
   Ruin IV (Adept)
   Rune of Thought IV (Adept)
   Sacrificial Restoration V (Adept)
   Savage Assault (Adept)
   Savante (Adept)
   Shadow Coil III (Adept)
   Shanghai V (Adept)
   Shattered Earth III (Adept)
   Sigil of Heroism (Adept)
   Sign of Pacification IV (Adept)
   Signet of Intellect IV (Adept)
   Silverguard Shield
   Simple Minds IV (Adept)
   Siphon Strike IV (Adept)
   Skeletal Grasp II (Adept)
   small decaying bone
   small meaty bone
   Smite Corruption II (Adept)
   Smoldering Fists II (Adept)
   Snap of the Wrist IV (Adept)
   Soul Cannibalize (Adept)
   Spirit of the Bat II (Adept)
   Stalk IV (Adept)
   Star Sapphire Amulet
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   Stealth Assault III (Adept)
   Steel Relic
   Steelcore Earrings
   Steelguard Buckler
   Stunning Blow II (Adept)
   Surge of Ro II (Adept)
   Synergism II (Adept)
   Teachings of the Underworld IV (Adept)
   Tempest V (Adept)
   Thorncoat V (Adept)
   Thornskin V (Adept)
   Thunderbolt III (Adept)
   Thunderous Overture III (Adept)
   Titanium Relic
   Torment V (Adept)
   Torture IV (Adept)
   Tunare's Watch (Adept)
   Tyrant's Pact IV (Adept)
   Ultraviolet Beam VI (Adept)
   Unending Agony IV (Adept)
   Unholy Blessing IV (Adept)
   Unholy Hunger IV (Adept)
   Vampire Bats III (Adept)
   Vehement Skin II (Adept)
   Verdant Whisper II (Adept)
   Verlien's Keen of Despair IV (Adept)
   Virtue III (Adept)
   Vital Intercession V (Adept)
   Void Contract (Adept)
   War Cry III (Adept)
   Wild Accretion IV (Adept)
   Willow Wisp IV (Adept)
   Winds of Healing IV (Adept)
   Zander's Choral Rebuff II (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 5
   Advanced Adornments Volume 6
   Advanced Adornments Volume 8
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 26
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 46
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 49
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 50
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 51
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 52
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 53
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 54
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 56
   Advanced Armorer Volume 30
   Advanced Armorer Volume 50
   Advanced Armorer Volume 51
   Advanced Armorer Volume 52
   Advanced Armorer Volume 53
   Advanced Armorer Volume 54
   Advanced Armorer Volume 56
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 29
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 50
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 51
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 52
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 53
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 54
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 55
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 56
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 68
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 30
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 46
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 49
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 50
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 51
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 52
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 54
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 55
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 56
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 16
   Advanced Sage Volume 48
   Advanced Sage Volume 49
   Advanced Sage Volume 50
   Advanced Sage Volume 52
   Advanced Sage Volume 53
   Advanced Sage Volume 54
   Advanced Sage Volume 61
   Advanced Scholar Volume 17
   Advanced Tailor Volume 49
   Advanced Tailor Volume 50
   Advanced Tailor Volume 51
   Advanced Tailor Volume 52
   Advanced Tailor Volume 53
   Advanced Tailor Volume 54
   Advanced Tailor Volume 55
   Advanced Tailor Volume 56
   Advanced Tailor Volume 63
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 30
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 32
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 50
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 51
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 52
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 53
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 54
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 55
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 56
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 21
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 29
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 40
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 49
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 50
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 51
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 52
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 53
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 54
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 56
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 61
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Doom Judgement II
   Ancient Teachings of: Essence of Doom Judgment II
   Ancient Teachings of: Flames of Velious II
   Ancient Teachings of: Mana Cloak II
   Ancient Teachings of: Rune of Zander's Choral Rebuff II
   Ancient Teachings of: Smite Corruption II
   Ancient Teachings of: Vampire Bats II
   Ancient Teachings of: Vampire Bats III
   Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer
   Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots
   Blueprint: Hovering Device
   Blueprint: Safety Recaller
   Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands
   Enigma of the Armorer Volume 2
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 2
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 6
   Enigma of the Tailor Volume 2
   Enigma of the Weaponsmith Volume 2
   Enigma of the Woodworker Volume 6
   Enigma of Transmuting Advanced Volume 5
   Aberrant Reactant
   aged platinum symbol
   Allegretto VII (Adept)
   an Erudin amulet
   ancient decorated chalice
   ancient gold coin
   Ancient Teachings of: Spirit of the Bat II
   application for citizenship
   Assassinate IV (Adept)
   Asylum VII (Adept)
   Ball Lightning II (Adept)
   Barroom Negotiation VII (Master)
   Battery and Assault V (Adept)
   battle worn trinket
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   blade leaf
   blood flower
   Bloodbath IV (Adept)
   Body Like Mountain III (Adept)
   brightly glowing tome
   broken sword hilt
   carved bone trinket
   carved ivory cameo
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony III (Adept)
   Clockwork Assembler (Templar)
   Clockwork Bixie (Ranger)
   Clockwork Bixie (Swashbuckler)
   Clockwork Copter (Assassin)
   Clockwork Copter (Bruiser)
   Clockwork Copter (Monk)
   Clockwork Copter (Templar)
   Clockwork Eye (Conjuror)
   Clockwork Eye (Defiler)
   Clockwork Eye (Warlock)
   Clockwork Eye (Wizard)
   Clockwork Gnome (Assassin)
   Clockwork Gnome (Assassin)
   Clockwork Gnome (Shadowknight)
   Clockwork Gnome (Shadowknight)
   clockwork love note
   Clockwork Warrior (Berserker)
   Clockwork Warrior (Bruiser)
   Clockwork Warrior (Fury)
   Clockwork Warrior (Paladin)
   Conjuror's Pact VII (Adept)
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crooked crimped cog
   crystal bottle of perfume
   Debilitate IV (Adept)
   Decree IV (Adept)
   Destructive Mind VI (Adept)
   Devouring Mist IV (Adept)
   Earhoop of Fancy Symbols
   Empowered Pouch of the Sunset
   Etched Treant Bark Circlet
   exquisite burnt silk sash
   Exquisitely Carved Stone Club
   Eye Gouge VI (Adept)
   eye of vul
   Faerie Ally II (Adept)
   Fanaticism IV (Adept)
   Fatal Followup II (Adept)
   Feign Death IV (Adept)
   Feral Tenacity V (Adept)
   flask of enchanted water
   flask of fresh water
   flask of pond water
   flask of pure water
   flask of rancid water
   flask of stale water
   Forced Obedience IV (Adept)
   Glacial Lance VII (Adept)
   glass flower
   glowing stone eye
   Grisly Protection VII (Adept)
   Highwayman's Silver-Trimmed Chain Tunic of Silent Death
   Holy Strike VI (Adept)
   Hoop of the Enlightened
   Instinct III (Adept)
   Instinct III (Master)
   Instructor's Silverspun Arm Wraps of the Serpent
   intricate metal bowl
   Iridescent Crystal
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   kinked clockwork key
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Loop of Slyness
   medal of valor
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Myrmidon's Steel Reinforced Breastplate of the Sentinel
   Mystical Bow of the Fallen
   Mystical Chainlinked Neckguard
   Mystical Imbued Gem
   Mystical Metalic Rosary
   Necrotic Reconstruction VIII (Adept)
   Nightmare VII (Adept)
   Oberon IV (Adept)
   old silver coin
   old tinkered clock
   Orb of Diamondine Gems
   Orb of Water Elementals
   Outward Calm (Adept)
   Ovate's Dream Seeker Hauberk of Manifestation
   Ovate's Dream Seeker Spaulders of Manifestation
   polished amber orb
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   pouch of peat
   Prismatic Chaos VI (Adept)
   Rector's Revered Plate Cuirass of Principle
   Repent II (Adept)
   Ring of the Fiend
   runic book
   Runic Foil of the Feral Mage
   Rush VII (Adept)
   Sea-Worn Cutlass
   seared cog
   Sever VII (Adept)
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of compost
   small bag of diatomaceous earth
   small bag of muriate of potash
   Songster's Luck II (Adept)
   Sphere of Aquatic Divination
   Sphere of Loyal Health
   Spiritwalker's Spirit Fury Handguards of Summons
   Stalk VII (Adept)
   Statuette of Satrinah
   Storm of Arrows IV (Adept)
   Sturdy Earhoop of Defense
   tattered pegasus cloak
   tentacle statue
   Tome of the Intelligent Gnome
   Transcendence VII (Adept)
   Ulak of the Unambiguous Threat
   Untamed Regeneration VII (Adept)
   Vampirism II (Adept)
   vial of wind
   void-soaked flower
   white satin glove
   Wild Accretion VII (Adept)
   Word of Redemption VII (Adept)
   Woven Arcane Armband
   Woven Darkened Armband
   Woven Martial Armband

Item submitted by monsieursean on 2011-12-02 00:02:33

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