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\aITEM -2052042478 -468426370:put down\/a

Dropped by
a blacktimber treant (Nektulos Forest)
a deathbloom treant (Nektulos Forest)
a Dragoon lieutenant (Nektulos Forest)
a Dragoon sentinel (Nektulos Forest)
a dusk dart (Nektulos Forest)
a firelight shriller (Nektulos Forest)
a forest leaper (Nektulos Forest)
a mist grinnin savage (Nektulos Forest)
a mottled kodiak (Nektulos Forest)
a Nerius marauder (Nektulos Forest)
a Nerius scoundrel (Nektulos Forest)
a Nerius vandal (Nektulos Forest)
a Nightfall giant (Nektulos Forest)
a quetzanek (Nektulos Forest)
a rotheart treant (Nektulos Forest)
a rotting follower of Grelkor (Nektulos Forest)
a shadowed man (Nektulos Forest)
a shoreline shark (Nektulos Forest)
an elder ash owlbear (Nektulos Forest)
Dragoon E`Brona (Nektulos Forest)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Armor of Nature III (Master)
   Communion (Master)
   Essence Shift V (Master)
   Frostbite (Master)
   Glacial Wind II (Master)
   Mana Trickle (Master)
   Taunting Blow III (Master)
   Vampire-Forged Plate Gussets
   Boar Toothed Wristy
   Boar's Meat Satchel
   Marrowgut's Slicer
   Robes of the Gathering
   Runnyeye Buckler
   Sand Blasted Helm
   Sand Blasted Leather Cap
   jasper orb
   steel crescent axe
   electrum idol
   feyiron knuckles
   a corrupted zombie brain
   a decomposing zombie organ
   a flesh covered zombie bone
   a giant ear
   a giant finger
   a giant toe
   a giant tooth
   a giant whisker
   a goblin claw
   a goblin ear
   a goblin eye
   a goblin spine
   a goblin tooth
   a necrotic zombie skin
   a piece of rotted zombie flesh
   a shadowman aspect of shadow
   a shadowman planar fiber
   a shadowman swirling shadow
   a shadowman void kernel
   a shadowman vortex ripple
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   a treant bark
   a treant branch
   a treant eye
   a treant leaf
   a treant root
   Aggressive Defense III (Adept)
   Alin's Serene Serenade (Adept)
   Alleviation II (Adept)
   Alleviation VI (Adept)
   Ancestral Mettle II (Adept)
   Ancestral Savior IV (Adept)
   Ancestral Ward III (Adept)
   Ancient Amulet of Mirrors
   Ancient Amulet of the Tempest
   Ancient Armguards of the Oceans
   Ancient Band of the Knight
   Ancient Boots of Battle
   Ancient Boots of Devotion
   Ancient Bow of Prophets
   Ancient Bow of the Deep
   Ancient Chaps of Storms
   Ancient Chaps of the Tree
   Ancient Great Spear of the Deep
   Ancient Greaves of Devotion
   Ancient Handguards of Fangs
   Ancient Sabatons of the Tree
   Ancient Shroud III (Adept)
   Aneurysm II (Adept)
   Antagonize II (Adept)
   Apophelli Wax Sealed Document
   Arctic Blast II (Adept)
   Aria of Magic (Adept)
   Armored III (Adept)
   Asylum II (Adept)
   Asylum V (Adept)
   Atrophy III (Adept)
   Aurora (Adept)
   Autumn's Kiss II (Adept)
   Backstab III (Adept)
   Ball of Fire (Adept)
   Barroom Negotiation VI (Adept)
   Battery and Assault III (Adept)
   Battle Cry II (Adept)
   Beg for Mercy (Adept)
   Bladeweaver II (Adept)
   Blaze Kick II (Adept)
   Blighted Horde (Adept)
   Bloodcloud II (Adept)
   Bloodlust II (Adept)
   Bob and Weave II (Adept)
   Bracers of the Dejected
   Brainshock IV (Adept)
   Brambles II (Adept)
   Brambles V (Adept)
   Breeze II (Adept)
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad II (Adept)
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad V (Adept)
   Brutality II (Adept)
   Call of Shielding (Adept)
   Caltrops II (Adept)
   Ceremonial Blade II (Adept)
   Chains of Torment III (Adept)
   Challenge II (Adept)
   Charging Tiger II (Adept)
   Chromatic Shower III (Adept)
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony (Adept)
   Condemn III (Adept)
   Crystal Blast V (Adept)
   cuirboilli leather tunic
   Curse of Darkness (Adept)
   Curse of Void (Adept)
   Daelis' Dance of Blades V (Adept)
   Daring Advance II (Adept)
   Dark Blade III (Adept)
   Dark Nebula II (Adept)
   Dark Pyre II (Adept)
   Darksong Blade II (Adept)
   Daro's Dull Blade III (Adept)
   Deadly Shot III (Adept)
   Death's Door II (Adept)
   Deklium Relic
   Disheartening Descant II (Adept)
   Disorientation II (Adept)
   Distortion (Adept)
   Divide and Conquer (Adept)
   Divine Inspiration II (Adept)
   Divine Strike III (Adept)
   Divine Vengeance II (Adept)
   Dragon Rage V (Adept)
   Earthen Avatar III (Adept)
   Echoes of the Ancients IV (Adept)
   Ego Shock II (Adept)
   electrum idol
   Emberstrike III (Adept)
   Emerald Amulet
   Ensnare II (Adept)
   Entrance III (Adept)
   Essence Shift II (Adept)
   Fabric Patch
   fabricator's cap
   Faith Strike III (Adept)
   Fanatic's Faith II (Adept)
   Feast (Adept)
   Feysteel Relic
   Fire Seed (Adept)
   firwood cudgel
   firwood round shield
   Flash of Brilliance (Adept)
   Flash of Steel IV (Adept)
   Focus Aim (Adept)
   Focused Intervention III (Adept)
   Forced Obedience II (Adept)
   Fortify Elements II (Adept)
   Fortify Elements III (Adept)
   Forward Charge II (Adept)
   Frostbite (Adept)
   Fuliginous Whip (Adept)
   Gel Sealed Document
   Geotic Rune II (Adept)
   Giant Idol
   Glacial Flames (Adept)
   Goblin Territory Marker
   Grave Sacrament (Adept)
   Grisly Protection II (Adept)
   Gushing Wound III (Adept)
   Hangman's Noose II (Adept)
   Harl's Rousing Tune III (Adept)
   Harmony II (Adept)
   Harvest Mana V (Adept)
   Haze III (Adept)
   Healstorm II (Adept)
   Hidden Shot (Adept)
   Holy Aid II (Adept)
   Holy Armor III (Adept)
   Hostage (Adept)
   Howl of Death (Adept)
   Howl of the Damned II (Adept)
   Hunter's Instinct II (Adept)
   Hunter's Instinct V (Adept)
   Hymn of Horror III (Adept)
   Ice Spears VI (Adept)
   Icefall III (Adept)
   Immolation II (Adept)
   Impale V (Adept)
   Improvised Weapon (Adept)
   Infernal Necklace of Nightfall
   Infernal Symbol of Nightfall
   Inner Calm II (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress III (Adept)
   Instinct IV (Adept)
   Intercept III (Adept)
   Intimidation II (Adept)
   Iron Will (Adept)
   Jael's Mysterious Mettle II (Adept)
   Jasper Amulet
   jasper orb
   Jasper Scrying Stone
   Judgement III (Adept)
   Knight's Stance III (Adept)
   Kris of the Neonate
   Kunzite Amulet
   Kunzite Scrying Stone
   large decaying bone
   Lightning Strike IV (Adept)
   Linked Boots of Daybreak
   Lucidity III (Adept)
   Lullaby II (Adept)
   Maelstrom II (Adept)
   Magma Chamber III (Adept)
   Malevolent Diatribe V (Adept)
   Malice VI (Adept)
   Manhandle (Adept)
   Maul II (Adept)
   Mesmerize III (Adept)
   Moonstone Amulet
   Mortal Blade (Adept)
   Mortality Mark (Adept)
   Murderous Design II (Adept)
   Nature's Elixir IV (Adept)
   Nature's Renewal III (Adept)
   Necrotic Reconstruction III (Adept)
   Neonate Bracelet of the Risen
   Neonate Cloth Cape
   Neonate Cloth Hat
   Neonate Cloth Shoes
   Neonate Silk Cuffs
   Neonate Silk Slippers
   Neonate Symbol of the Risen
   Nightmare II (Adept)
   Nightmare VI (Adept)
   Nullify II (Adept)
   Opal Amulet
   Opal Scrying Stone
   Pandemic III (Adept)
   Paranoia VI (Adept)
   Peel (Adept)
   Peerless Predator II (Adept)
   Petrify II (Adept)
   Phantasmal Awe (Adept)
   Photosynthesis III (Adept)
   Photosynthesis VI (Adept)
   Plague III (Adept)
   Premonition III (Adept)
   Puncture IV (Adept)
   Putrefy III (Adept)
   Raging Blow II (Adept)
   Raging Blow III (Adept)
   Ranger's Blade II (Adept)
   Raxxyl's Rousing Tune III (Adept)
   Rebuke III (Adept)
   Regrowth III (Adept)
   Rejuvenating Celebration (Adept)
   Rescue (Adept)
   Resolute Faith II (Adept)
   Rising Phoenix II (Adept)
   Ritual Healing IV (Adept)
   Rob III (Adept)
   ruckas sash
   ruckas shawl
   Ruin II (Adept)
   Rune of Thought II (Adept)
   Sandra's Deafening Strike IV (Adept)
   Shadow Coil (Adept)
   Shadow Stompers
   Shattered Earth (Adept)
   Shield Bash VI (Adept)
   Shout IIians Call (Adept)
   Shroud of Armor III (Adept)
   Signet of Intellect II (Adept)
   Silence II (Adept)
   Siphon Strike II (Adept)
   Skyfire Band of the Stoic
   Skyfire Band of the Tree
   Skyfire Belt of Battle
   Skyfire Boots of Devotion
   Skyfire Boots of the Deep
   Skyfire Bow of Light
   Skyfire Bracers of Concentration
   Skyfire Bracers of the Sun
   Skyfire Bracers of Vision
   Skyfire Breastplate of Storms
   Skyfire Buckler of Devotion
   Skyfire Collar of Light
   Skyfire Dagger of Beasts
   Skyfire Earring of the Gambler
   Skyfire Gloves of Mirrors
   Skyfire Great Staff of Survival
   Skyfire Great Staff of the Tree
   Skyfire Greaves of Elements
   Skyfire Greaves of Mirrors
   Skyfire Greaves of the Gambler
   Skyfire Greaves of the Guardian
   Skyfire Greaves of the Stoic
   Skyfire Hood of the Gambler
   Skyfire Knuckles of the Gambler
   Skyfire Knuckles of the Tree
   Skyfire Mantle of Fangs
   Skyfire Mantle of the Gambler
   Skyfire Mitts of Concentration
   Skyfire Mitts of Prophets
   Skyfire Pantaloons of Mirrors
   Skyfire Pouch of the Iron-heart
   Skyfire Robe of Devotion
   Skyfire Sabatons of the Oceans
   Skyfire Sabatons of the Stoic
   Skyfire Sabatons of Vision
   Skyfire Sandals of Clouds
   Skyfire Sleeves of Devotion
   Skyfire Sleeves of the Oceans
   Skyfire Slippers of the Gambler
   Skyfire Spaulders of Beasts
   Skyfire Staff of Battle
   Skyfire Symbol of Storms
   Skyfire Towershield of Survival
   Skyfire Vest of Survival
   small polished bone
   Song of Magic III (Adept)
   Soulrend III (Adept)
   Spirits II (Adept)
   steel brigandine helm
   steel crescent axe
   steel girdle
   steel platemail helm
   Steel Relic
   Street Smarts II (Adept)
   Street Smarts V (Adept)
   Striking Cobra II (Adept)
   Stupefy II (Adept)
   Tallow Sealed Document
   Taunting Blow III (Adept)
   Teachings of the Underworld II (Adept)
   Tease (Adept)
   Tempest III (Adept)
   Terror Chant II (Adept)
   Terror Chant V (Adept)
   Thieves Guild (Adept)
   Thorncoat III (Adept)
   Thornskin III (Adept)
   Thuri's Doleful Thrust IV (Adept)
   Torment III (Adept)
   Torture II (Adept)
   Transference Directive
   Trick Shot (Adept)
   Triple Shot (Adept)
   Triple Shot IV (Adept)
   Tyrant's Pact II (Adept)
   Ultraviolet Beam V (Adept)
   Undead Knight III (Adept)
   Unending Agony VI (Adept)
   Unholy Covenant II (Adept)
   Unholy Hunger II (Adept)
   Untamed Regeneration VI (Adept)
   Vacuum Field III (Adept)
   Vampirism (Adept)
   Verlien's Keen of Despair II (Adept)
   Villainy II (Adept)
   Villainy V (Adept)
   Virtue IV (Adept)
   Vital Intercession III (Adept)
   Vital Transfer II (Adept)
   Waking Dragon III (Adept)
   War Cry (Adept)
   Warden of the Forest II (Adept)
   Warring Deities (Adept)
   Willow Wisp II (Adept)
   Winds of Healing V (Adept)
   Winds of Healing VI (Adept)
   Word of Redemption II (Adept)
   Wristwraps of Shadowy Strikes
   a damaged medium quality shark skin
   a damaged medium quality snake skin
   Advanced Adornments Volume 3
   Advanced Adornments Volume 4
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 21
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 22
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 23
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 24
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 25
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 26
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 27
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 28
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 29
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 30
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 32
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 34
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 68
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 69
   Advanced Armorer Volume 21
   Advanced Armorer Volume 22
   Advanced Armorer Volume 23
   Advanced Armorer Volume 24
   Advanced Armorer Volume 25
   Advanced Armorer Volume 26
   Advanced Armorer Volume 27
   Advanced Armorer Volume 28
   Advanced Armorer Volume 29
   Advanced Armorer Volume 30
   Advanced Armorer Volume 31
   Advanced Armorer Volume 32
   Advanced Armorer Volume 33
   Advanced Armorer Volume 34
   Advanced Armorer Volume 68
   Advanced Armorer Volume 69
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 21
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 23
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 24
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 25
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 26
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 27
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 28
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 29
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 30
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 31
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 33
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 34
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 69
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 21
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 22
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 23
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 24
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 25
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 26
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 27
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 28
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 29
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 30
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 32
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 33
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 34
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 69
   Advanced Sage Volume 23
   Advanced Sage Volume 24
   Advanced Sage Volume 25
   Advanced Sage Volume 26
   Advanced Sage Volume 27
   Advanced Sage Volume 28
   Advanced Sage Volume 29
   Advanced Sage Volume 31
   Advanced Sage Volume 32
   Advanced Sage Volume 69
   Advanced Tailor Volume 23
   Advanced Tailor Volume 24
   Advanced Tailor Volume 25
   Advanced Tailor Volume 27
   Advanced Tailor Volume 28
   Advanced Tailor Volume 30
   Advanced Tailor Volume 32
   Advanced Tailor Volume 33
   Advanced Tailor Volume 34
   Advanced Tailor Volume 69
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 21
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 22
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 23
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 24
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 25
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 26
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 27
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 28
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 30
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 31
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 33
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 34
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 68
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 69
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 22
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 23
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 24
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 25
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 26
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 27
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 30
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 33
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 34
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 69
   Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole
   Blueprint: Magnetized Generator
   Blueprint: Reconstructor
   Chocolate Buttons
   Enigma of the Alchemist Volume 4
   Enigma of the Alchemist Volume 8
   Enigma of the Armorer Volume 3
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 3
   Enigma of the Provisioner Volume 4
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 3
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 4
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 8
   Enigma of the Tailor Volume 4
   Enigma of the Weaponsmith Volume 3
   Enigma of Transmuting Advanced Volume 3
   Gummy Worms
   Licorice Candy
   Licorice Rope
   Peanut Brittle
   a bat ear
   a bat eye
   a chunk of timber
   a chunk of timber
   a clump of fungus
   a clump of fungus
   a cold kukri
   a finely hammered blade
   a fish eye
   a fish meat
   a fishman scale amulet
   a giants beard
   a goblin ear
   a mangled necklace of fangs
   a poison gland
   a poison gland
   a shattered skull
   a vial of darkness
   a vial of darkness
   a vial of gloomy liquid
   a vial of gloomy liquid
   amber charm
   an arachnid leg
   an old key
   an opaque hand
   an opaque hand
   an opaque hand
   ancient copper coin
   ancient decorated chalice
   ancient silver coin
   application for citizenship
   ashwood bo
   ashwood kite shield
   bag of bone dust
   bargainer's gloves
   Bear (Berserker)
   Bear Claw
   bear eyes
   beaver cap
   bejeweled miniature dagger
   Big Boombottom Buckler
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part I - Page 10
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part I - Page 12
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part I - Page 7
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part I - Page 8
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part II - Page 10
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part II - Page 12
   Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part II - Page 6
   black face paint
   Blight Minion Boots
   Blight Minion Gauntlets
   Blight Minion Robe
   Blight Minion Sleeves
   boiled leather boots
   boiled leather pelt
   boiled woven sleeves
   briarwood long bow
   broadcloth cuffs
   broadcloth mitts
   broadcloth pantaloons
   broadcloth slippers
   broken kneepads
   Broken Vessel
   Buckler of Crashing Cries
   canvas blouse
   canvas cap
   canvas mitts
   carbonite bardiche
   carbonite battle axe
   carbonite crescent axe
   carbonite hatchet
   carbonite sceptre
   carbonite scimitar
   carbonite scourge
   carbonite stiletto
   carbonite tomahawk
   Charred Bone - Left Femur
   Charred Bone - Left Tibia
   Charred Bone - Ribcage
   Charred Bone - Right Femur
   Charred Bone - Right Tibia
   clipped owlbear feather
   Colorful Bat Fruit
   Crumpled Map
   Crusade II (Adept)
   crystal bottle of perfume
   Cutthroat's Studded Chain Tunic
   Decree III (Adept)
   Dire Bear (Brigand)
   Dire Bear (Fury)
   Dire Bear (Guardian)
   Dire Bear (Inquisitor)
   Dire Bear (Swashbuckler)
   Disciple's Blade
   Disorientation V (Adept)
   Enervated Dirk of Erudin
   etched leather pelt
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 09
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 11
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 4
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 7
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands L - Z - Page 4
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands L - Z - Page 12
   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands L - Z - Page 6
   feyiron brigandine handguards
   feyiron brigandine helm
   feyiron brigandine leggings
   feyiron brigandine shoulder pads
   feyiron cutlass
   feyiron dagger
   feyiron executioners axe
   feyiron flail
   feyiron knuckles
   feyiron sai
   feyiron tower shield
   feyiron warhammer
   flask of pond water
   flask of stale water
   foggy globe
   giant hard candy
   giant meat
   Gladiator's Etched Manacle
   glass eye
   glass flower
   Goblin (Berserker)
   Goblin (Brigand)
   Goblin (Mystic)
   goblin love note
   Goblin-Aqua (Brigand)
   Goblin-Aqua (Coercer)
   Goblin-Sand (Dirge)
   Goblin-Sand (Guardian)
   Goblin-Sand (Templar)
   gold torque
   heavy briarwood bow
   human love note
   Iksar Skeleton (Necromancer)
   iron hatchet
   Legends of Norrath Raid Card: Shadowy Thief
   Legends of Norrath: Shu Fang Qui
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Pestilence
   Lookout's Chain Leggings of Agility
   medal of valor
   Moderate Essence of Pestilence
   noise complaint
   one too many
   opaline earring
   opaline necklace
   Painful Lamentations II (Adept)
   Pirate Earring
   polished lapis lazuli orb
   Primal Reflexes II (Adept)
   Pugilist's Steadfast Arm Wraps
   Pugilist's Steadfast Gi
   Pupil's Skullcap of Ability
   Quick Swipe V (Adept)
   Reclaimer's Sun Etched Bands
   Ring of Displaced Teleportation
   Ringlet of Warring Minds
   Rush IV (Adept)
   rusted armbrace
   Shadow Rose
   shark tooth
   silver-plated kite shield
   Simmering Reactant
   simple arcane formula
   small bag of ammonia sulphate
   small bag of ammonium sulfate
   small bag of muriate of potash
   small disk of metal
   Spider (Coercer)
   Spider (Ranger)
   Spider (Shadowknight)
   steel vanguard gauntlets
   strange dark powder
   Strong Bear Claw
   tentacle statue
   The Storm Shepherds - Darnalithenis of Felwithe - Page 9
   The Storm Shepherds - Gremius Hazzengrav - Page 10
   The Storm Shepherds - Gremius Hazzengrav - Page 11
   The Storm Shepherds - Tammin Whipperwillow - Page 3
   The Storm Shepherds - The Downpour - Page 12
   The Wall - Page 11
   The Wall - Page 5
   The Wall - Page 6
   Three Black Rings
   Transcendent Focus
   treant hard candy
   Treespirit Earthcaller Activator
   velium hoop
   Vital Intercession VI (Adept)
   web-covered blouse
   web-covered cap
   web-covered cowl
   web-covered cuffs
   web-covered maul
   web-covered mitts
   web-covered pantaloons
   web-covered slippers
   Wood Elemental (Bruiser)
   Wood Elemental (Inquisitor)
   woven etched gloves
   woven etched skullcap
   woven etched wristpads
   zombie love note

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