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\aITEM -1673286787 -717858575:Invigorated Healer's Mantle\/a

Dropped by
a Bloodskull savage (Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold)
a charred magus (The Firemyst Gully)
a Crushbone centurion (Crushbone Keep)
a Firerock giant (The Thundering Steppes)
a Thexian dragoon (Fallen Gate)
an anguished glutton (Fallen Gate)
an earth rumbler (The Thundering Steppes)
Baelhyme (Fallen Gate)

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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Abandoned Fury II (Master)
   Aneurysm II (Master)
   Arcane Symphony (Master)
   Armored II (Master)
   Assault II (Master)
   Atrophy III (Master)
   Backstab III (Master)
   Ball of Fire (Master)
   Berserk Rage III (Master)
   Berserker Onslaught (Master)
   Blighted Horde (Master)
   Bloodlust II (Master)
   Brutality II (Master)
   Call to Arms (Master)
   Calm Tranquility II (Master)
   Caltrops II (Master)
   Condemn III (Master)
   Crescent Strike II (Master)
   Crippling Arrow (Master)
   Curse of Void (Master)
   Cuss (Master)
   Dark Pact II (Master)
   Darksong Blade II (Master)
   Depressing Chant II (Master)
   Dismay (Master)
   Disorientation II (Master)
   Distortion (Master)
   Divine Inspiration II (Master)
   Divine Vengeance II (Master)
   Ego Shock II (Master)
   Ensnare II (Master)
   Entrance III (Master)
   Essence Shift II (Master)
   Eviscerate II (Master)
   Feign Death II (Master)
   Fiery Magician (Master)
   Fire Seed (Master)
   Frostbite (Master)
   Glacial Flames (Master)
   Grim Harbinger II (Master)
   Hangman's Noose II (Master)
   Harm Touch (Master)
   Heal Servant III (Master)
   Hunker Down II (Master)
   Ice Storm III (Master)
   Immobilizing Lunge II (Master)
   Innoruuk's Caress III (Master)
   Instinct (Master)
   Intercept II (Master)
   Intimidate (Master)
   Leatherfoot Kite Shield
   Lifetap (Master)
   Medusa Gaze III (Master)
   Ministration IV (Master)
   Mortal Blade (Master)
   Mortal Embrace (Master)
   Night Strike III (Master)
   Phantasmal Awe (Master)
   Plague III (Master)
   Pure Awe (Master)
   Purifying Flames (Master)
   Rear Shot III (Master)
   Rebuke III (Master)
   Repentance II (Master)
   Rescue (Master)
   Rising Dragon (Master)
   Rob III (Master)
   Rupture III (Master)
   Sentinel (Master)
   Sever II (Master)
   Short Bow of the Deadeye
   Shoulder Charge II (Master)
   Shout IIians Call (Master)
   Signet of Intellect II (Master)
   Sinister Countenance (Master)
   Snap of the Wrist II (Master)
   Spell Curse II (Master)
   Spirits II (Master)
   Street Smarts II (Master)
   Sylvan Bloom V (Master)
   Terror Chant II (Master)
   Thunderbolt (Master)
   Thunderous Overture (Master)
   Torture II (Master)
   Ultraviolet Beam IV (Master)
   Unholy Covenant II (Master)
   Unholy Hunger II (Master)
   Ursine Avatar (Master)
   Verlien's Keen of Despair II (Master)
   Villainy II (Master)
   Waking Dragon III (Master)
   Warden of the Forest (Master)
   Warring Deities (Master)
   Cracked Halfling Skull
   Dark Twisted Ring
   Twisted Leatherfoot Saber
   blackened iron flamberge
   blackened iron sceptre
   Blackened Iron Stiletto
   steel stiletto
   a corrupted zombie brain
   a decomposing zombie organ
   a flesh covered zombie bone
   a giant ear
   a giant finger
   a giant toe
   a giant tooth
   a giant whisker
   a necrotic zombie skin
   a piece of rotted zombie flesh
   a skeleton arm
   a skeleton leg
   a skeleton objurgatory hunger
   a skeleton reanimation rune
   a skeleton sorrow core
   Abandoned Fury II (Adept)
   Abomination II (Adept)
   Absolution (Adept)
   Abuse II (Adept)
   Acid IV (Adept)
   Aggressive Defense III (Adept)
   Alin's Serene Serenade (Adept)
   Allegretto II (Adept)
   Ambush III (Adept)
   an orc ear
   an orc eye
   an orc skin
   an orc spine
   an orc tooth
   Ancestral Savior II (Adept)
   Ancestral Ward III (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud II (Adept)
   Ancient Shroud III (Adept)
   Aneurysm II (Adept)
   Antagonize II (Adept)
   Arcane Symphony (Adept)
   Aria of Magic (Adept)
   Armored II (Adept)
   Aspect of Darkness II (Adept)
   Aspect of Genius II (Adept)
   Atrophy III (Adept)
   Aurora (Adept)
   Autumn's Kiss II (Adept)
   Avoid Blame (Adept)
   Backstab III (Adept)
   Ball of Fire (Adept)
   Bane of Warding (Adept)
   Battle Cry II (Adept)
   Bayberry Sealed Document
   Berserk Rage III (Adept)
   Bewilderment (Adept)
   Bixie Spine
   Black Jack (Adept)
   blackened iron flamberge
   blackened iron leafblade
   Blackened Iron Relic
   blackened iron sceptre
   Blackened Iron Stiletto
   Blaze Kick II (Adept)
   Blessed Weapon II (Adept)
   Blessing of the Paladin (Adept)
   Blighted Horde (Adept)
   Bloodbath II (Adept)
   Bloodcloud II (Adept)
   Bloodlust II (Adept)
   Bloody Reminder II (Adept)
   Bloody Ritual II (Adept)
   Bob and Weave II (Adept)
   Bodyguard II (Adept)
   Boots of the Stout
   Brambles II (Adept)
   Bria's Entrancing Sonnet (Adept)
   brigandine vest of sagacity
   Bruising Spirit (Adept)
   Brutality II (Adept)
   Buckler of the Keep
   Bulwark of Growth Essence
   Call of Shielding (Adept)
   Call to Arms (Adept)
   Calm Tranquility II (Adept)
   Caltrops II (Adept)
   Cannibalize Thoughts (Adept)
   Cap of the Thaumaturgist
   Cataclysm III (Adept)
   Cease II (Adept)
   Centurian Bulwark
   Centurion's Vambraces
   Ceremonial Blade II (Adept)
   Ceremonial Blade IV (Adept)
   Chainmail Keep Mantle
   Chains of Torment II (Adept)
   Challenge II (Adept)
   Chaos II (Adept)
   Charging Tiger II (Adept)
   Charm III (Adept)
   Chromatic Storm II (Adept)
   Clara's Chaotic Cacophony (Adept)
   Clear Crystal Wand
   Clumped Crystal Necklace
   Concussion II (Adept)
   Condemn III (Adept)
   Controlled Rage (Adept)
   Coral Amulet
   Coral Scrying Stone
   Crescent Strike II (Adept)
   Crushbone Conscript Helmet
   Crushbone Emissary Garment
   Crushbone Fighting Band
   Crushbone Jubilee Bracers
   Crushbone Jubilee Earring
   Crushbone Loyalist Tiki
   Crushbone Slicer
   Crystal Blast IV (Adept)
   Crystal Fighting Baton
   Crystallize Soul (Adept)
   Cuirass of the Weaponsmith
   cuirboilli leather pelt
   Curse of Void (Adept)
   Cuss (Adept)
   Cut Quartz Cuirass
   Daelis' Dance of Blades IV (Adept)
   dandelion fiber
   Daring Advance II (Adept)
   Dark Arcanist Wristwraps
   Dark Blade II (Adept)
   Dark Invoker's Girdle
   Dark Nebula II (Adept)
   Dark Pact II (Adept)
   Dark Pyre II (Adept)
   Darksong Blade II (Adept)
   Daro's Dull Blade II (Adept)
   Dashing Swathe (Adept)
   Dawnstrike III (Adept)
   Dead Calm (Adept)
   Death Cloud II (Adept)
   Death Mark (Adept)
   Deny II (Adept)
   Depressing Chant II (Adept)
   Destructive Rage (Adept)
   Devious Evasion (Adept)
   Devout Sacrament (Adept)
   Dire Balm V (Adept)
   Disheartening Descant (Adept)
   Dismay (Adept)
   Disorientation II (Adept)
   Dissolve V (Adept)
   Distortion (Adept)
   Divine Inspiration II (Adept)
   Divine Smite III (Adept)
   Divine Strike III (Adept)
   Divine Vengeance II (Adept)
   Double-Cross II (Adept)
   Earring of Captive Labor
   Earthen Avatar III (Adept)
   ebony engraved bone buckler
   Echoes of the Ancients (Adept)
   Echoes of the Ancients III (Adept)
   Ego Shock II (Adept)
   Elemental Aspect II (Adept)
   Emberstrike III (Adept)
   Encase II (Adept)
   Enchanted Training Lance
   Enrage II (Adept)
   Ensnare II (Adept)
   Entangle (Adept)
   Entrance III (Adept)
   Essence Shift II (Adept)
   Eviscerate II (Adept)
   Extract Mana II (Adept)
   Fae Ear Necklace
   Faith Strike III (Adept)
   Fanatic's Faith II (Adept)
   Fanatical Healing III (Adept)
   Favor of the Wild (Adept)
   Feign Death II (Adept)
   Feysteel Relic
   Fiery Annihilation III (Adept)
   Fiery Annihilation IV (Adept)
   Fiery Magician (Adept)
   fighting batons of the warlord
   Filth Encrusted Ring
   Fire Seed (Adept)
   Flameshield (Adept)
   Flash of Brilliance (Adept)
   Flow Like Wind II (Adept)
   Flurry of Blades (Adept)
   Forced Hesitation II (Adept)
   Forced Obedience (Adept)
   Fortify Elements II (Adept)
   Forward Charge II (Adept)
   Friendship Bracelet
   Frostbite (Adept)
   Frozen Palm II (Adept)
   Fuliginous Whip (Adept)
   Garsin's Funeral March (Adept)
   Gaudy Diamond Ring
   Gaudy Emerald Earring
   Gaudy Ruby Band
   Gel Sealed Document
   Geotic Rune II (Adept)
   Giant Idol
   Glacial Flames (Adept)
   Glacial Wind (Adept)
   Grasp of Bertoxxulous II (Adept)
   Grasping Bones (Adept)
   Greaves of the Duelist
   Gribein's Silent Gloves
   Grim Harbinger II (Adept)
   Grim Sorcerer (Adept)
   Grobien's Cuirass of Dark Power
   Growth Fused Tunic
   Grybeins Silent Shoes
   Gut Kick II (Adept)
   Hamstring (Adept)
   Hangman's Noose II (Adept)
   Harbinger II (Adept)
   Harl's Rousing Tune III (Adept)
   Harm Touch (Adept)
   Hateful Slam II (Adept)
   Haze III (Adept)
   Head Crush (Adept)
   Head Shot (Adept)
   Healing Fate (Adept)
   Heretic's Doom III (Adept)
   Hidden Shot (Adept)
   Hold the Line III (Adept)
   Holdup II (Adept)
   Hostage (Adept)
   Howl of the Damned II (Adept)
   Howl of the Damned IV (Adept)
   Hymn of Horror II (Adept)
   Ice Spears III (Adept)
   Ice Storm III (Adept)
   Icefall III (Adept)
   Iceshield (Adept)
   Ignore Pain III (Adept)
   Immolation II (Adept)
   Impale II (Adept)
   Imprecate III (Adept)
   Indicolite Relic
   Indomitable Will II (Adept)
   Indomitable Will IV (Adept)
   Inner Calm II (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress III (Adept)
   Insidious Whisper III (Adept)
   Intercept II (Adept)
   Intimidate (Adept)
   Intimidation II (Adept)
   Invocation III (Adept)
   Invocation IV (Adept)
   Iron Will (Adept)
   Jael's Dreadful Deprivation (Adept)
   Jasper Amulet
   Jasper Scrying Stone
   Judgement III (Adept)
   Jugular Slice (Adept)
   Keep Perforator
   Kidney Stab II (Adept)
   large decaying bone
   Lay on Hands (Adept)
   Leather Bracers of the Keep
   Leather Keep Boots
   Leather Studded Belt
   Legplates of the Keep
   Lifetap (Adept)
   Lightning Strike IV (Adept)
   Lockdown II (Adept)
   Lucky Gambit III (Adept)
   Luda's Nefarious Wail III (Adept)
   Makeshift Arrows (Adept)
   Malevolent Diatribe II (Adept)
   Malice III (Adept)
   Manhandle (Adept)
   Massacre (Adept)
   Master of the Hunt (Adept)
   Maul II (Adept)
   Medusa Gaze III (Adept)
   Mend III (Adept)
   Merciless Stomp II (Adept)
   Mesmerize III (Adept)
   Mock IV (Adept)
   Moderate (Adept)
   Mortal Blade (Adept)
   Mortal Embrace (Adept)
   Mortality Mark (Adept)
   Mug II (Adept)
   Murderous Design II (Adept)
   Nature's Elixir III (Adept)
   Nature's Salve V (Adept)
   Necklace of Orcish Superiority
   Necrotic Reconstruction III (Adept)
   Netherous Bind II (Adept)
   Night Strike III (Adept)
   Noxious Symphony (Adept)
   Nullify II (Adept)
   Obliterated Psyche (Adept)
   Opal Amulet
   Opal Scrying Stone
   Oracle Chainmail Leggings
   Orc Planner Shoulders
   Orc Pugilist Shoulder Pads
   Orc Smuggler Requisition
   Orc Weapon Pouch
   Orcish Charm Bracelet
   Orcish Flayed Sleeves
   Orcish Medic Spaulders
   Orcish Padded Sandals
   Orcish Wrap of Genius
   Overpower III (Adept)
   Pandemic III (Adept)
   Paraffin Sealed Document
   Peerless Predator (Adept)
   Penance II (Adept)
   Penance III (Adept)
   Perfect Shrill III (Adept)
   Phantasmal Awe (Adept)
   Photosynthesis V (Adept)
   Plague III (Adept)
   Pledge of Armament (Adept)
   Pledge of Armament II (Adept)
   Power of Mind II (Adept)
   Prayer of Healing II (Adept)
   Premonition III (Adept)
   Primal Fury (Adept)
   Pummel III (Adept)
   Puncture IV (Adept)
   Pure Awe (Adept)
   Purifying Flames (Adept)
   Putrefy III (Adept)
   Quartermaster's Vest
   Quicksand II (Adept)
   Raging Blow III (Adept)
   Ranger's Blade II (Adept)
   Rapidity (Adept)
   Raxxyl's Rousing Tune III (Adept)
   Razor Edge II (Adept)
   Rebuke III (Adept)
   Regrowth II (Adept)
   Regrowth V (Adept)
   Rescue (Adept)
   Riana's Relentless Tune II (Adept)
   Righteousness II (Adept)
   Ring of Orcish Mysticism
   Rising Phoenix II (Adept)
   Ro's Blade II (Adept)
   Root II (Adept)
   rough jasper
   Roundhouse Kick II (Adept)
   Ruin II (Adept)
   Rune of Thought II (Adept)
   Runic Armor II (Adept)
   Rupture III (Adept)
   Sacred Armor II (Adept)
   Sacred Armor III (Adept)
   Savage Crushbone Hatchet
   scarred ivy etched gloves
   scarred ivy etched leggings
   Scribbled Notes of the Planner
   Searing Shot II (Adept)
   Sentinel (Adept)
   Sever II (Adept)
   Severed Fir
   Shackle II (Adept)
   Shadow Slip (Adept)
   Shanghai III (Adept)
   Shattered Earth (Adept)
   Shenanigans (Adept)
   Shift Mana II (Adept)
   Shoulder Charge II (Adept)
   Shoulder Charge IV (Adept)
   Shoulders of Captive Harmonies
   Shout II (Adept)
   Shout IIians Call (Adept)
   Shroud of Armor II (Adept)
   Shroud of Bertoxxulous (Adept)
   Sign of Pacification II (Adept)
   Silent Threat III (Adept)
   silver banded round shield
   Simple Minds II (Adept)
   Singing Shot II (Adept)
   Sinister Countenance (Adept)
   Siphon Strike II (Adept)
   Slam (Adept)
   small decaying bone
   small meaty bone
   small polished bone
   Smoldering Fists II (Adept)
   Snap of the Wrist II (Adept)
   Sneak Attack II (Adept)
   Soiled Apron
   Solar Flare IV (Adept)
   Solar Flare V (Adept)
   Song of Magic III (Adept)
   Soulrend II (Adept)
   Soulrot V (Adept)
   Sparkling Gold Inlaid Gem
   Speechless II (Adept)
   Spirits II (Adept)
   Star Sapphire Amulet
   Star Sapphire Scrying Stone
   steel cluster
   Steel Relic
   steel stiletto
   Storm of Lightning II (Adept)
   Striking Cobra II (Adept)
   Striking Cobra IV (Adept)
   Sword of the Keep
   Sylvan Bloom III (Adept)
   Sylvan Bloom V (Adept)
   symbol of hatred
   Tallow Sealed Document
   Tarven's Crippling Crescendo II (Adept)
   Teachings of the Underworld II (Adept)
   Tempest III (Adept)
   Tenacity III (Adept)
   Terror Chant II (Adept)
   Thexian Dragoon Boots
   Thexian Dragoon Breastplate
   Thexian Dragoon Gauntlets
   Thexian Dragoon Greaves
   Thexian Dragoon Helm
   Thexian Dragoon Mantle
   Thorncoat III (Adept)
   Thornskin III (Adept)
   Thunderbolt (Adept)
   Thunderous Overture (Adept)
   Tonlets of the Weapon Smith
   Torment III (Adept)
   Torpor (Adept)
   Torture II (Adept)
   Trick Shot (Adept)
   Triple Shot (Adept)
   Tyrant's Pact II (Adept)
   Ultraviolet Beam V (Adept)
   Umbral Warding II (Adept)
   Undead Knight III (Adept)
   Unflinching Will III (Adept)
   Unholy Blessing II (Adept)
   Unholy Covenant II (Adept)
   Unholy Hunger II (Adept)
   Unholy Strength (Adept)
   Ursine Avatar (Adept)
   Vacuum Field III (Adept)
   Velocity (Adept)
   Verlien's Keen of Despair II (Adept)
   Virtue (Adept)
   Viscerate III (Adept)
   Vital Transfer II (Adept)
   Waking Dragon III (Adept)
   War Cry (Adept)
   Warden of the Forest (Adept)
   Warring Deities (Adept)
   Willow Wisp II (Adept)
   Winds of Velious (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 2
   Advanced Adornments Volume 3
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 20
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 21
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 22
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 23
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 24
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 25
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 26
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 27
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 30
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 54
   Advanced Armorer Volume 20
   Advanced Armorer Volume 22
   Advanced Armorer Volume 23
   Advanced Armorer Volume 24
   Advanced Armorer Volume 25
   Advanced Armorer Volume 26
   Advanced Armorer Volume 27
   Advanced Armorer Volume 28
   Advanced Armorer Volume 29
   Advanced Armorer Volume 30
   Advanced Armorer Volume 52
   Advanced Armorer Volume 55
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 20
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 21
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 22
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 23
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 24
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 25
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 26
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 27
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 30
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 31
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 53
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 54
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 55
   advanced craftsman volume 14
   advanced craftsman volume 15
   advanced craftsman volume 16
   advanced craftsman volume 18
   advanced craftsman volume 19
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 20
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 21
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 22
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 23
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 24
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 25
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 26
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 27
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 28
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 29
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 31
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 33
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 54
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 55
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 11
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 15
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 16
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 17
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 18
   Advanced Outfitter Volume 19
   Advanced Sage Volume 20
   Advanced Sage Volume 21
   Advanced Sage Volume 22
   Advanced Sage Volume 23
   Advanced Sage Volume 24
   Advanced Sage Volume 26
   Advanced Sage Volume 27
   Advanced Sage Volume 28
   Advanced Sage Volume 29
   Advanced Sage Volume 55
   Advanced Scholar Volume 15
   Advanced Scholar Volume 16
   Advanced Scholar Volume 17
   Advanced Scholar Volume 18
   Advanced Scholar Volume 19
   Advanced Tailor Volume 20
   Advanced Tailor Volume 21
   Advanced Tailor Volume 22
   Advanced Tailor Volume 23
   Advanced Tailor Volume 24
   Advanced Tailor Volume 25
   Advanced Tailor Volume 26
   Advanced Tailor Volume 27
   Advanced Tailor Volume 30
   Advanced Tailor Volume 53
   Advanced Tailor Volume 54
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 20
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 21
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 23
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 24
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 25
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 26
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 27
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 28
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 29
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 31
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 32
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 54
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 20
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 21
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 23
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 24
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 25
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 26
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 27
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 28
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 29
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 30
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 31
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 53
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 54
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 55
   Blueprint: Safety Recaller
   Enigma of the Alchemist Volume 2
   Enigma of the Alchemist Volume 6
   Enigma of the Armorer Volume 6
   Enigma of the Carpenter Volume 2
   Enigma of the Jeweler Volume 2
   Enigma of the Jeweler Volume 3
   Enigma of the Provisioner Volume 2
   Enigma of the Provisioner Volume 6
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 2
   Enigma of the Sage Volume 3
   Enigma of the Tailor Volume 2
   Enigma of the Tailor Volume 3
   Enigma of the Weaponsmith Volume 2
   Enigma of the Woodworker Volume 2
   Enigma of the Woodworker Volume 3
   Gummy Worms
   lustrous mineral cluster
   Orb of Spirit Harnessing
   Peanut Brittle
   seared boiled gloves
   Arcanist's Gloves
   Instructor's Silverspun Hand Wraps of Perfection
   a broken military pick
   a giants beard
   a scorched wooden staff
   a snapped ring
   Advancer's Chain Gloves
   agate bracelet
   agate earring
   agate necklace
   agate ring
   aged platinum symbol
   Amends (Adept)
   ancient copper coin
   ancient decorated chalice
   ancient silver coin
   application for citizenship
   Armband of the Desert
   Armband of the Forest
   Armband of the Plains
   Armor of Seasons II (Adept)
   badge of honor
   bag of bone dust
   Band of Cast Magics
   Band of Direct Opposition
   Band of Tainted Life
   Barrage II (Adept)
   Battle Tactics (Adept)
   Believer's Plate Barbute of Devotion
   Believer's Plate Boots of Devotion
   Believer's Plate Greaves of Devotion
   Believer's Plate Pauldrons of Devotion
   Bertoxxulan Spectre Activator
   black face paint
   blade leaf
   Blocker of the Lost Curate
   blood flower
   blood red gem
   Bloodstained Cane
   boiled leather belt
   bone buckler
   Brainshock III (Adept)
   bride's promise
   brides promise
   Bum Rush II (Adept)
   carbonite brigandine handguards
   carbonite brigandine shoulder pads
   carbonite chainmail coif
   carbonite girdle
   carbonite short spear
   carved bone trinket
   carved ivory cameo
   Chilling Claws (Adept)
   Conserver's Bands of Wisdom
   Conserver's Leather Boots of Wisdom
   Conserver's Leather Pants of Wisdom
   Conserver's Shoulder Pads of Wisdom
   Conserver's Tunic of Wisdom
   Cracked Halfling Skull
   cracked iron stein
   Crushbone Ceremonial Boots
   Crushbone Ceremonial Bracers
   Crushbone Ceremonial Breastplate
   Crushbone Ceremonial Gloves
   Crushbone Ceremonial Leggings
   Crushbone Ceremonial Pauldrons
   Crushbone Chain Boots
   Crushbone Chain Leggings
   Crushbone Chain Mitts
   Crushbone Chain Sleeves
   Crushbone Chain Tunic
   Crushbone Chain Wrists
   crystal bottle of perfume
   cuirboilli leather pelt
   Damaged Jambiya
   dark elf hard candy
   Dark Heart (Adept)
   Death Swarm III (Adept)
   Disciple's Blade
   Divine Brotherhood Coin
   Double Throw (Adept)
   Earhoop of Blazen Flight
   Earstud of Touched Ambition
   Effigy of the Awakened Arts
   Emblem of Kept Tempo
   Encase (Adept)
   Energized Defender's Veil
   Energized Medium's Beads
   Energized Stalker's Beads
   Essence of the Great Bear (Adept)
   Evade II (Adept)
   Exemplar's Plate Gloves
   Exquisite Bracelet
   Exquisite Choker
   Exquisite Girdle
   Exquisite Locket
   Exquisite Manacle
   Exquisite Sash
   eye of vul
   Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0243
   Fateseer's Hallowed Hauberk
   Fateseer's Hallowed Spaulders
   Finely Sanded Shaft
   flask of pond water
   flask of pure water
   flask of rancid water
   flask of stale water
   foggy globe
   fragmented stone
   fragmented stone
   From Daughter to Father - Page 12
   From Daughter to Father - Page 3
   From Daughter to Father - Page 4
   From Daughter to Father - Page 7
   gem-encrusted bangle
   gem-encrusted golden ring
   giant hard candy
   giant meat
   Glacial Lance IV (Adept)
   gold band
   gold bangle
   gold hoop
   gold inlaid jade bangle
   gold jade hoop
   gold torque
   Great Mace of the Trainee
   Griffin Bone Bangle
   Griffin Claw Bangle
   Griffin Feather Bangle
   Griffin Talon Bangle
   Holdup II (Master)
   Holey Stone Bracelet
   Holy Armor II (Adept)
   Hoop of Blazen Flight
   Hoop of Sickened Souls
   Hostage (Master)
   Idol of Reflection
   Idol of the Edge
   Iksar Skeleton (Brigand)
   intricate metal bowl
   intricately carved acorn
   Invigorated Defender's Beads
   Invigorated Defender's Mantle
   Invigorated Healer's Beads
   Invigorated Medium's Beads
   Invigorated Medium's Mantle
   Invigorated Stalker's Mantle
   Iridescent Crystal
   iron spear
   Knee Break II (Adept)
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lookout's Chain Leggings of Agility
   Lookout's Chain Shoes of Agility
   Lookout's Chain Spaulders of Agility
   Lookout's Vambraces of Agility
   Loop of Added Bolstering
   Loop of Direct Opposition
   Mace of the Truespirits
   Mantle of Madness
   medal of valor
   Medium's Chain Boots of the Insightful
   Medium's Chain Cuffs of the Insightful
   Medium's Chausses of the Insightful
   Medium's Spaulders of the Insightful
   Meteor Fist II (Adept)
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Muck Covered Boots
   Murmuring Reactant
   Mysterious Pouch of Poisoned Stars
   Natural Selection (Adept)
   Nature's Embrace III (Adept)
   Never Surrender (Adept)
   old silver coin
   old tinkered clock
   One Hundred Hand Punch (Adept)
   orc love note
   Orc-Crushbone (Paladin)
   Orc-Snow (Assassin)
   Orc-Snow (Bruiser)
   Orc-Snow (Conjuror)
   Orc-Snow (Fury)
   Orc-Snow (Guardian)
   Orc-Snow (Inquisitor)
   Orc-Snow (Mystic)
   Orc-Snow (Necromancer)
   Orc-Snow (Ranger)
   Orc-Snow (Shadowknight)
   Orc-Snow (Templar)
   Orc-Snow (Troubador)
   Orc-Snow (Warlock)
   Partisan's Bracers of Strength
   Partisan's Breastplate of Strength
   Partisan's Legplates of Strength
   Partisan's Pauldrons of Strength
   Partisan's Sabatons of Strength
   pearl earring
   Pirate Captain's Faulty Compass
   plain crystal shard
   Pouch of Miscellaneous Junk
   pouch of peat
   Primal Reflexes II (Adept)
   Primal Reflexes II (Master)
   Prodigy's Runed Robe
   Prophetic Wand
   Pugilist's Steadfast Arm Wraps
   Pupil's Arm Wraps of Ability
   Pupil's Foot Wraps of Ability
   Pupil's Skullcap of Ability
   Purse of Offering
   Quick Swipe IV (Adept)
   Quick Swipe VII (Adept)
   Radiant Bracelet
   Radiant Wristlet
   Rector's Revered Plate Pauldrons of Principle
   Resolute Faith (Adept)
   Ring of Displaced Teleportation
   Ringlet of Kept Tempo
   Rotted Feir'Dal Relic
   Roundhouse II (Adept)
   Ruby Pendant
   Runic Brawler Staff
   Runic Scythe
   Rush IV (Adept)
   Rush IV (Master)
   rustic brigandine chestguard
   rustic brigandine wristguards
   Scorched Breastplate
   Scrapper's Hand Wraps
   Shrug Off (Adept)
   Signet of Displaced Teleportation
   Signet of Kept Tempo
   simple arcane formula
   Skeleton (Shadowknight)
   Sliver of Power
   small bag of ammonia sulphate
   small bag of ammonium nitrate
   small bag of ammonium sulfate
   small bag of muriate of potash
   small disk of metal
   small kerran doll
   Snuffing the Fireknight - Page 1
   Snuffing the Fireknight - Page 2
   Snuffing the Fireknight - Page 3
   Soldier's Gauntlets
   Soldier's Katana
   Songster's Luck II (Adept)
   Spiked Earring of Bone Shards
   Spinechiller Blood IV (Adept)
   strange dark powder
   Stud of Blazen Flight
   Stud of Touched Ambition
   Student's Cuffs of Intelligence
   Student's Leggings of Intelligence
   Student's Robe of Intelligence
   Tender's Leather Gloves
   The Treaty for Treasure
   Thundering Mace
   Timorous Blocker
   Timorous Defender's Strap
   Timorous Healer's Strap
   Timorous Medium's Strap
   Timorous Stalker's Strap
   Tower Shield of Ancient Formations
   Trinket of Fluid Actions
   Velium Winds III (Adept)
   Venerable Focus Wand
   Veteran's Glinting Bracers
   Veteran's Glinting Breastplate
   Wanderer's Ornate Shield
   Widowmaker's Ulak
   Woodsman Bow of Power
   zombie love note

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