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\aITEM -148539870 1671421490:Grandmaster's Leggings of the Sun\/a

Dropped by
Crystalline Destroyer (Jarsath Wastes)

No confirmed locations are available yet.

Mob that drops this item also drops
   Cloak of the Traitor's Grace
   Cuirass of the Jarsath
   Flowing Magmatic Choker
   Hoop of Stonehoof
   Opal Bracelet
   Sandals of the Wastes
   Sarnak Earring of Station
   Trooper Scale Boots
   Draconic Boots of Devotion
   Draconic Boots of Fangs
   Draconic Boots of the Nimble
   Draconic Bow of Clouds
   Draconic Bracers of the Tree
   Draconic Buckler of Knowledge
   Draconic Collar of Battle
   Draconic Gauntlets of Knowledge
   Draconic Handguards of the Soldier
   Draconic Pantaloons of Battle
   Draconic Pantaloons of Knowledge
   Draconic Pantaloons of the Nimble
   Draconic Ring of the Stoic
   Draconic Ring of the Sun
   Draconic Robe of Battle
   Draconic Roundshield of Battle
   Draconic Sandals of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Shoulder Pads of Concentration
   Draconic Skullcap of Concentration
   Draconic Sleeves of the Gambler
   Draconic Slippers of Mirrors
   Draconic Spaulders of the Tempest
   Draconic Symbol of Mirrors
   Draconic Towershield of the Iron-heart
   Draconic Vambraces of Concentration
   Draconic Vest of Grace
   Grandmaster's Amulet of Beasts
   Grandmaster's Amulet of Survival
   Grandmaster's Armguards of the Soldier
   Grandmaster's Armguards of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Armguards of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Belt of Grace
   Grandmaster's Bow of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Bracers of Elements
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Breastplate of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Buckler of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Chaps of Storms
   Grandmaster's Collar of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Cowl of Knowledge
   Grandmaster's Dagger of Beasts
   Grandmaster's Dagger of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Dagger of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Earring of Concentration
   Grandmaster's Gauntlets of Battle
   Grandmaster's Gauntlets of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Gauntlets of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Gloves of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Great Spear of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Great Staff of Grace
   Grandmaster's Great-axe of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Great-axe of Survival
   Grandmaster's Great-axe of the Nimble
   Grandmaster's Greaves of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Greaves of Vision
   Grandmaster's Handguards of Knowledge
   Grandmaster's Helm of Clouds
   Grandmaster's Helm of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Helm of Fangs
   Grandmaster's Helm of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Helm of the Iron-heart
   Grandmaster's Hood of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Hood of the Stoic
   Grandmaster's Hood of the Tree
   Grandmaster's Leggings of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Pantaloons of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Pouch of the Gambler
   Grandmaster's Ring of Fangs
   Grandmaster's Robe of Clouds
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of Grace
   Grandmaster's Roundshield of Survival
   Grandmaster's Sabatons of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Sabatons of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Sabatons of the Tempest
   Grandmaster's Shortsword of Light
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of Mirrors
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of Prophets
   Grandmaster's Skullcap of the Sun
   Grandmaster's Spaulders of the Deep
   Grandmaster's Staff of Devotion
   Grandmaster's Staff of the Guardian
   Grandmaster's Symbol of Survival
   Grandmaster's Tunic of the Iron-heart
   Nutty Chocolate Bar
   large solid chunk of jade
   solid jade skull

Item submitted by grintal on 2011-03-23 19:55:06

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