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\aITEM -1173106074 579758701:Weapon Counter II (Master)\/a

Dropped by
a Tae Ew protector (The Temple of Cazic-Thule)
Digmaster Pechpooka (Steamfont Mountains)
Lava Born (Maiden's Gulch)
Toxiferious (The Temple of Cazic-Thule)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Battery and Assault IV (Master)
   Bria's Inspiring Ballad III (Master)
   Daro's Sorrowful Dirge II (Master)
   Disorientation III (Master)
   Entangle II (Master)
   Essence of the Great Bear III (Master)
   Feign Death III (Master)
   Fiery Annihilation V (Master)
   Five Rings III (Master)
   Indomitable Will III (Master)
   Knight's Stance IV (Master)
   Ministration VI (Master)
   Necrotic Reconstruction IV (Master)
   Pledge of Armament III (Master)
   Primal Fury II (Master)
   Regalia (Master)
   Resolute Flagellant (Master)
   Riana's Relentless Tune III (Master)
   Sandra's Deafening Strike V (Master)
   Sandstorm (Master)
   Scaled Scimitar
   Street Smarts III (Master)
   Uppercut II (Master)
   Vehement Skin (Master)
   Whirling Blades III (Master)
   Boots of Dark Reflection
   Lizardskin Cazecite Pantaloons
   Shoulder Pads of Dark Reflection
   Tunic of Dark Reflection
   a kobold ear
   a kobold fang
   a kobold paw
   a lizardman claw
   a lizardman eye
   a lizardman scale
   a lizardman tail
   a lizardman tooth
   Absolute Corruption II (Adept)
   Aery Hunter II (Adept)
   Allegretto III (Adept)
   an elemental binding rune
   an elemental planar seed
   Ancestral Avenger (Adept)
   Ancestral Savior (Adept)
   Ancestral Ward IV (Adept)
   Archer's Fury III (Adept)
   Arctic Blast III (Adept)
   Arrow Rip II (Adept)
   Aspect of the Forest IV (Adept)
   augmented leather pelt
   Avoid Blame III (Adept)
   Bane of Warding II (Adept)
   Battle Tactics III (Adept)
   Beeswax Sealed Document
   Befuddle III (Adept)
   Beg for Mercy II (Adept)
   Blackguard III (Adept)
   Blaze of Faith II (Adept)
   Bloodcloud III (Adept)
   Bloodcoil V (Adept)
   Brainburst V (Adept)
   Brainshock V (Adept)
   Bruising Spirit II (Adept)
   cedarwood round shield
   Censer of Anguish
   Chaos III (Adept)
   Charm V (Adept)
   Concussion III (Adept)
   Construct of Order II (Adept)
   Crouching Tiger IV (Adept)
   Crystallize Soul II (Adept)
   Daring Advance III (Adept)
   Dark Blade IV (Adept)
   Dawnstrike V (Adept)
   Deadly Shot IV (Adept)
   Deceit (Adept)
   Defensive Haven III (Adept)
   Demonstration of Faith III (Adept)
   Disarming Grin II (Adept)
   Divine Judegment (Adept)
   Double Throw III (Adept)
   Dreadful Wrath (Adept)
   Earthquake III (Adept)
   ebon cluster
   Ebon Relic
   Encase III (Adept)
   Entangle II (Adept)
   Evade IV (Adept)
   Everburning Flame II (Adept)
   Faith Strike IV (Adept)
   Fanatic's Faith III (Adept)
   Fancy Footwork III (Adept)
   Favor of the Wild III (Adept)
   Feast II (Adept)
   Feign Death III (Adept)
   Feral Tenacity (Adept)
   feywood great staff
   Fiery Annihilation V (Adept)
   figwart root
   Firestorm III (Adept)
   Flameshield III (Adept)
   Flash of Steel V (Adept)
   Flurry of Blades II (Adept)
   Forward Charge IV (Adept)
   Frenzy (Adept)
   Frozen Palm IV (Adept)
   fused loam
   Gift of Bertoxxulous II (Adept)
   Glory (Adept)
   Graceful Avoidance III (Adept)
   Grasping Bones III (Adept)
   Grave Sacrament II (Adept)
   Harvest Mana II (Adept)
   Hateful Slam III (Adept)
   Heal Servant IV (Adept)
   Hemorrhage VI (Adept)
   Heroic Dash III (Adept)
   Hidden Shot II (Adept)
   Holy Intercession III (Adept)
   Holy Strike II (Adept)
   Ice Spears IV (Adept)
   Incinerate V (Adept)
   Inquest (Adept)
   Insidious Whisper V (Adept)
   Invocation V (Adept)
   Iron Will II (Adept)
   Jael's Dreadful Deprivation III (Adept)
   large polished bone
   Leyfire Choker
   linen shawl
   Lucidity IV (Adept)
   Magma Chamber IV (Adept)
   magma forged greatflail
   magma forged greatsword
   magma forged tower shield
   Makeshift Arrows III (Adept)
   Malice IV (Adept)
   Mark of Divinity III (Adept)
   Master of the Hunt III (Adept)
   Meteor Fist IV (Adept)
   Mock V (Adept)
   Mutilate III (Adept)
   Nature's Elixir V (Adept)
   Nature's Embrace V (Adept)
   Necrotic Reconstruction IV (Adept)
   Nightshade II (Adept)
   One Hundred Hand Punch III (Adept)
   Paranoia IV (Adept)
   Pechpike Gloves
   Petrify III (Adept)
   Photosynthesis IV (Adept)
   Pledge of Armament III (Adept)
   Precise Strike II (Adept)
   Prismatic Chaos II (Adept)
   Quick Strike V (Adept)
   Razor Edge III (Adept)
   Rear Shot IV (Adept)
   Regalia (Adept)
   Regrowth IV (Adept)
   Rejuvenating Celebration II (Adept)
   Rending (Adept)
   Restoration V (Adept)
   rhodium cluster
   Ridged Stiletto
   Ring of Ice (Adept)
   Ritual Healing V (Adept)
   Rock Skin (Adept)
   rough ruby
   Ruby Amulet
   Ruby Scrying Stone
   Sandstorm (Adept)
   Searing Shot IV (Adept)
   severed cedar
   Shank II (Adept)
   Shield of Faith II (Adept)
   Shift Mana III (Adept)
   Shoulder Charge III (Adept)
   Shrug Off III (Adept)
   Silent Threat V (Adept)
   Singing Shot III (Adept)
   Siphon Strength II (Adept)
   Song of Magic IV (Adept)
   Songster's Luck IV (Adept)
   Speechless III (Adept)
   Spirit of the Mammoth III (Adept)
   Starnova II (Adept)
   Steelsung Hauberk
   Stunning Blow II (Adept)
   Stupefy III (Adept)
   Sucker Punch II (Adept)
   Surge of Ro II (Adept)
   Survival Instincts III (Adept)
   Sylvan Bloom VI (Adept)
   Taunting Assault (Adept)
   Teachings of the Underworld III (Adept)
   Tenacity IV (Adept)
   Thulian Puzzle Box
   Thuri's Doleful Thrust V (Adept)
   Toxic Battle Axe
   Transcendence III (Adept)
   Triple Shot II (Adept)
   Ultraviolet Beam VI (Adept)
   Umbral Warding III (Adept)
   Unyielding Benediction (Adept)
   Vacuum Field IV (Adept)
   Vehement Skin (Adept)
   Velium Winds V (Adept)
   Verdant Whisper (Adept)
   Villainy III (Adept)
   Vital Transfer III (Adept)
   Void Contract III (Adept)
   Wall of Rage III (Adept)
   Whirling Blades III (Adept)
   Winds of Permafrost II (Adept)
   Wrath Stance IV (Adept)
   Advanced Adornments Volume 5
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 44
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 45
   Advanced Alchemist Volume 46
   Advanced Armorer Volume 40
   Advanced Armorer Volume 45
   Advanced Armorer Volume 46
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 41
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 44
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 45
   Advanced Carpenter Volume 46
   Advanced Jeweler Volume 46
   Advanced Sage Volume 42
   Advanced Sage Volume 44
   Advanced Sage Volume 45
   Advanced Sage Volume 46
   Advanced Tailor Volume 40
   Advanced Tailor Volume 44
   Advanced Tailor Volume 45
   Advanced Tailor Volume 46
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 44
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 45
   Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 46
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 44
   Advanced Woodworker Volume 46
   Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots
   Cutthroat's Thickened Vambraces
   Fateseer's Sacred Chain Cuffs
   Prodigy's Marked Cuffs
   Pugilist's Balanced Wrist Wraps
   Reclaimer's Moon Etched Bands
   Veteran's Polished Bracers
   Votary's Ordained Wristguard
   "How to Serve Mortals - Flowing Thoughts"
   "How to Serve Mortals - Slow Thoughts"
   "The Amygamalion - The Four That Are We"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Map"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Seafury Buccaneers"
   "The Pirate Queen and the Temple"
   a flame licked stone
   a thulzite gem
   an arachnid leg
   ancient gold coin
   ancient note of runes
   battle worn trinket
   Calcium Caked Commander's Circlet
   Calcium Caked Confessor's Circlet
   Calcium Caked Conjuror's Circlet
   Calcium Caked Conniver's Circlet
   charred tinder
   Crest of Slyness
   Cutthroat's Thickened Vambraces
   diamondine band
   Disciple's Arm Wraps of the Swiftstriker
   Divine Smite V (Adept)
   Diviner's Spaulders of the Dreamwalker
   exquisite burnt silk sash
   Fateseer's Sacred Chain Cuffs
   flask of fresh water
   golden emblem
   Highwayman's Silver-Trimmed Chain Tunic of Silent Death
   Kobold (Assassin)
   Kobold (Paladin)
   lizardman hard candy
   Loop of Slyness
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Ice
   Old Telescopic Lens
   Prodigy's Marked Cuffs
   Pugilist's Balanced Wrist Wraps
   Quick Swipe VI (Adept)
   Reclaimer's Moon Etched Bands
   Redemption (Adept)
   seared cog
   Skirmisher's Pauldrons of the Grandwarrior
   small bag of diatomaceous earth
   Spider (Assassin)
   Spider (Paladin)
   Spider (Shadowknight)
   Statuette of Satrinah
   strengthened leather belt
   strengthened leather tunic
   Theurgist's Plate Pauldrons of the Gloryspeaker
   Veteran's Polished Bracers
   Votary's Ordained Wristguard
   Wandering Stalker's Torque
   Watcher's Shoulder Pads of the Lifebringer
   Woven Arcane Armband

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