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\aITEM -1042545339 -368949414:Pummel VII (Adept)\/a

Dropped by
a malicious technomagus (Erudin Research Halls)
a tortured Zekling (The Vigilant: Infiltration)
an unfathomable horror (Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs)
Prime-Kedon Kelv (The Vigilant: Rescue)

Confirmed Locations
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Mobs that drop this item also drop
   Demonstration of Faith VII (Master)
   Branded Gnomish Slave's Band
   Clockwork-modified Spirit Talisman
   Enslaved Tinkerer's Toolbelt
   a golem animating force
   a golem obedience chain
   Amber Amulet
   Amber Scrying Stone
   Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document
   Titanium Relic
   a crimson sash
   Acid VIII (Adept)
   an Erudin amulet
   Battle Cry VII (Adept)
   Blackguard VI (Adept)
   Brutality VII (Master)
   Buckler of Planar Tearing
   Cacophony of Blades III (Adept)
   Dark Pyre VII (Adept)
   Deadly Focus IV (Adept)
   golem core
   Heretic's Doom VI (Adept)
   Hoop of Unfathomable Horrors
   Ice Spears VIII (Adept)
   Innoruuk's Caress VIII (Adept)
   Intimidate VI (Adept)
   Lesser Essence of Fire
   Lesser Essence of Ice
   Lesser Essence of Shadow
   Malevolent Diatribe VII (Adept)
   Mana Sieve III (Adept)
   Massacre VI (Adept)
   Meliorate IX (Adept)
   Moderate Essence of Fire
   Moderate Essence of Nature
   Moderate Essence of Radiance
   Moderate Essence of Runes
   Nature's Embrace VIII (Adept)
   Night Strike VIII (Adept)
   polished amber orb
   Rending V (Adept)
   Ring of Fire III (Adept)
   Ritual Healing VIII (Master)
   Shattered Earth VI (Adept)
   Snipe VII (Adept)
   Theorems V (Adept)
   Thunderbolt VI (Master)
   Ursine Avatar VI (Adept)
   Vital Transfer VII (Adept)

Item submitted by Adaefia on 2014-04-04 20:08:12

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