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The LootDB is a community-contributed EverQuest II item database with stats, mobs and zone information. The project started in 2007 as a spare time project and has become one of the most popular websites used by EverQuest II gamers on everyday basis. The core of the LootDB is a small client program that lives in the system tray and monitors the EQ2 logs for item links from chat channels, chest and body drops as well as harvested goods. No private information is collected, so players' personal communications stored in the log files are ignored.

You can contribute to the LootDB by enabling the in-gaming logging ('/log') and running the LootDB client while you play, or parse your logs offline when you're done. To get started, register an account and download the latest version of the LootDB item collector. The client executable can be stored anywhere on your hard disk, just run the client, enter your username and password that you have registered with and click "OK". To start the process of parsing your log files, point the client to one and click the "Trace" button to collect the information as you play, or the "Parse" button to parse an earlier log file. You can also submit items manually if you prefer not to install the client for some reason.

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   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Spaulders
   Advancer's Small Link Chain Helmet
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Gloves
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Shoes
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Leggings
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Helmet
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Tunic
   Vicious Advancer's Small Link Vambraces
   Advancer's Chain Spaulders of Courage
   Advancer's Chain Spaulders of Quickness
   Vicious Advancer's Chain Spaulders of the Shadowsneaker
   Scout's Small Link Chain Gloves
   Scout's Small Link Chain Shoes
   Scout's Small Link Chain Leggings
   Scout's Small Link Chain Helmet